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Top 12 Podcasting Newsletters You Should Subscribe To

We’ve all accidentally subscribed to newsletters that don’t really peak our interest. But what about those newsletters that provide only the best that podcasting has to offer? Are you always looking for fresh ideas and new shows to listen to, but have no idea how to find out which ones are actually worth your time? Perhaps a great podcast curation newsletter is exactly what you need!

Of course, most of your favorite podcasters have a newsletter that is complementary to their show. These are often the best places to start to build up your newsletter subscription. However, if you are looking for some new recommendations or even just want to keep up with what’s happening in the podcast industry, you may need to take a look at the list below.

In this article, we go over 11 of the top podcasting newsletters you should subscribe to get the latest in new episodes and stay on top of podcasting news. If you know of any other great ones, let us know in the comments below so we can share with our other podcast listeners out there!

Hot Pod

The Hot Pod Newsletter is run by Nick Quah. It provides analysis, insight, and commentary on the steadily growing podcast industry, and whatever it will become in the years to come. The newsletter is read by and meant for, a wide range of individuals, groups, and companies looking to better understand the growing podcasting and on-demand audio space for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to build things, to invest time and money and resources, to study the ecosystem, to have more ideas about where this all going, or to generally do interesting stuff in the area. The newsletter comes out every Tuesday, for free, and also has a paid subscription option called Hot Pod Insider, which comes out twice a week. Subscription starts at $7/month and Insider subscribers will also have access to a forum that connects readers with each other.

Subscribe here: Hot Pod


Do you love listening to podcasts but are overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices out there? Have you subscribed to way more podcasts than you could ever listen to and don’t want to miss the best episodes? AudioTeller is a weekly newsletter that tells you the can’t-miss episodes that you absolutely need to download. The newsletter is created by tech journalist Simon Owens and provides recommendations sourced from a wide range of contributors.

Subscribe here: AudioTeller


YSLTF, aka ‘You Should Listen to’ Friday, is a weekly round up of some good radio stories that came out this week, or in the past, or quite possibly the future. YSLTF is produced by Sam Greenspan and often includes podcast related content. Sam previously worked for NPR and continues to teach live podcasting courses in San Francisco.

Subscribe here: YSLTF

Sara’s Podcast Newsletter

Sara Weber is a Munich-based technology editor and her newsletter is made for podcast lovers. Every other week (or so), you’ll get the news of the podcast world and some recommendations for great audio shows. Expect a mix of different topics and genres and some awesome GIFs to go with it.

Subscribe here: Sara’s Podcast Newsletter


Stay up to date with Spreaker news, receive podcasting tips, and read about the latest in the podcasting through Spreaker’s newsletter. Their newsletter covers the latest news in the podcasting industry as well as podcasting tips to help you become a better podcaster.

Subscribe here: Spreaker

Podcast Delivery

Podcast Delivery is a new podcast newsletter. Need something new to listen to on your run? Bored at work? If you’re tired of asking friends or Twitter for podcast recommendations, let Podcast Delivery do the hard work for you. Podcast Delivery brings a fresh podcast to your inbox every Monday, so you’re never left without something awesome to listen to. Their mission is to let listeners listen and forget about discovering.

Subscribe here: Podcast Delivery

The Bello Collective

The Bello Collective is a weekly-ish email about podcasts and the audio industry. The goal of the Bello Collective is to bring together writers, journalists, and other voices who share a passion for audio storytelling and podcasts.

Subscribe here: The Bello Collective

Podster Magazine

Podster is a magazine for podcast listeners and serves as a curator for the best of known and unknown podcasts. Each issue features interviews with podcasters about themselves and their shows as well as reviews and roundups so that listeners can learn more about their favorite podcasts and discover new ones.

Subscribe here: Podster Magazine


Potopod is created by Joe Berman and is the ultimate news resource for podcasters. The newsletter is released weekly, focusing mainly on news, trends and events in the podcasting industry. Podtopod also has a Slack group with daily postings including event listings, podcast-related jobs, tools, resources, and podcasting advice.

Subscribe here: Pod to Pod

Podcast Gumbo Newsletter

The Podcast Gumbo Newsletter is created by Paul Kondo. It provides subscribers with three recommended podcast episodes every Wednesday and has a focus on individual episodes. Paul’s mission is to help people succeed, even in the smallest of ways. Did you know that there are something like 400,000 podcasts in existence today? With Paul’s grand scheme to make people listen to more podcasts, he developed the newsletter to sort through the thousands of podcasts out there to bring you only the best recommendations.

Subscribe here: Podcast Gumbo Newsletter

Inside Podcasting

Inside is a website where you can subscribe to newsletters on any number of topics, including podcasting. They believe that email provides an excellent channel to foster sustained readerships. The newsletter gives them the chance to deliver something great to you on a regular basis. They simply hit publish and their stories land in your inbox. They are focused on delivering as much value as possible to you, in every one of their newsletters. Anything they publish goes through a rigorous editorial process and is a polished piece of work that they are proud to send out to their readers.

Subscribe here: Inside Podcasting


Podnews is a daily newsletter curated by James Cridland. With over 28 years in the radio and online business, James offers a truly global view and this daily newsletter is a unique opportunity to contextualize the international podcast landscape. Join 3,230 subscribers worldwide to get a daily briefing in your inbox every weekday about podcasting and on-demand audio. Each newsletter is concise, to the point, and offers a worldview unlike any other.

Subscribe here: Podnews

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