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Podcast Show Notes Services

Experience the power of show notes that enhances your podcast's reach and impact

Overwhelmed by the task of creating show notes for each of your podcast episodes? Our team of skilled writers will create professional show notes that summarize the key points and takeaways from your episode, as well as any relevant links or resources mentioned. Our show notes will not only help improve the discoverability and engagement of your podcast but also give you more time to focus on what you do best: creating engaging and informative audio content.

Why Do I Need Show Notes?

1. Summarize

Show notes provide a summary or overview of the podcast episode, which can be helpful for listeners who want to quickly get the main points or takeaways from the episode.

2. Resources

Show notes can include links to relevant websites or resources mentioned in the episode, which can provide additional context or information for listeners.

3. Discoverability

Show notes can help improve the discoverability of a podcast, as they provide additional context and keywords that can help search engines understand the content of the episode.

4. Engaging

Show notes can be a way for the podcast host to engage with listeners and encourage them to provide feedback or ask questions about the episode.

5. List Building

Show notes can help to build your email list, by including a call-to-action to your sign-up form in the show notes.

6. Subscribers Only

Show notes can offer your Patreon or Membership Platform subscribers a different value-add.

7. Social Sharing

Show notes include tweetables or long form quotes by your guest or host pertaining to the episode.

8. Custom

Show notes shouldn't be restricted based on current trends. The possibilities are endless.

Basic Show Notes Examples

This is a simple format example of what our basic show notes look like. It follows the simple structure outlined with or without timestamps, and includes tweetables and links mentioned.

Premium Show Notes Examples

This is an example of our premium show notes with a more in-depth approach that have extended introductory paragraphs, key points, tweetables, resources and links mentioned. Premium show notes are popular amongst podcasters that use them for their member access areas (Patreon, Supercast, Ghost, etc).

We’ve enjoyed working with We Edit Podcasts for several years. We appreciate their quick turn-around time on audio editing for our podcast, and continue to be impressed with the quality of their written show notes. It’s nice to have WEP in the background as an extension of our team!

Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams

Abagail Pumphrey and Emylee Williams

Strategy Hour Podcast

Customers using our Show Notes Services

We love sharing our customers’ successes. Here are a few shows using our show notes services.

betting on yourself

Ready to Move Forward?

Like what you see and hear? We have numerous options for you to choose from to help you win back time from your podcast so that you can focus on what you do best, create content. Head to the pricing page to build your own package or explore more services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a 48-hour turnaround time on the majority of our services. (This excludes weekends.) If you were to submit multiple episodes at once, they will be processed in the submitted order. 

You most certainly can. We don't offer certain services as stand-alone services though, as there is a base requirement. Feel free to take a look and Start a Trial Episode.

You don't need to sign any contracts when working with us on a month to month basis. We do offer the option of monthly subscriptions or you can purchase a set amount of credits that can be used over an extended period of time.

We do offer a 14-Day money back guarantee if you aren't happy with any of our services.

You can actually have it back within 48-hours if you jump on it right away. The only caveat here would be the weekend. If you were to submit your episode on Friday, you would have your episode back on Tuesday the latest. If you need it on Monday, you can request a rush for the specific episode. 

Please note we are happy to provide any revisions free of charge if we did not follow your instructions carefully and you are unhappy with your episode. We also allow for one set of revisions on audio post-production, these include edits that weren’t part of the original editing notes when submitted. Any revisions thereafter will be charged. Please note that free revisions exclude updates to show notes and transcripts post-production. These would be done at a fee.

You sure can. Whether you already have a show notes structure that you want us to follow or you want to create the first edition, we're happy to help. 

Yes, we're happy to see that our writers complete courses throughout the year to stay relevant with current SEO and marketing trends.

Need Show Notes? Let's Talk.

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