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We Edit Podcasts Celebrates 8th Anniversary

We Edit Podcasts Turns 8! An Interview with Founder and CEO Carli van Heerden

February has been a BIG month here at We Edit Podcasts. Not only did we just launch the Podcasters Platform, but February is We Edit Podcasts birthday month!

And this year, we’re turning 8!

What an incredible adventure these past eight years have been? It’s been an amazing journey. Yes, there’s been ups and downs (like any real journey!) and we’ve come a long way since that first year.

And wow, have we learned a lot!

We’ve also done some incredible things! We’ve worked with some amazing clients, over the years, over 3500+ customers to be exact! And we’ve helped over 1200 of those launch their own podcast!

Not only that, but our team has grown bigger than we ever could have imagined! What started with only 6 people in 2015, has grown into a family of editors, writers, marketers, designers, and more. We’re now a fully distributed team of 60+ people living and working in 9 countries around the world.

It’s been an incredible journey! And we can honestly say we’ve loved every minute of it!

But back to the celebrations…

If you’ve been following us on social media, you’ll have seen we’ve been having a grand ol’ time celebrating both the launch of Podcasters Platform as well as We Edit Podcast’s birthday.

And the great thing about our birthday is that it’s a month-long celebration! So keep an eye on our pages (you can find the links at the bottom of this post) so you don’t miss out on any of the fun!

And as part of our celebrations, we sat down with Carli van Heerden, the Founder and CEO of We Edit Podcasts for a little walk down memory lane as we celebrate 8 great years of We Edit Podcasts.

Jennay: First of all Happy Birthday, We Edit Podcasts! And thanks so much for taking the time for this interview! It’s always so great to sit down for a chat! Let’s take a trip down memory lane and start at the very beginning…Before you started We Edit Podcasts, what made you realize the need for a podcast editing service?

Hey, Jennay! And Happy Birthday We Edit Podcasts! We’ve had so much fun celebrating! And it’s fun to do some reminscining as part of the celebration.

So, how did We Edit Podcasts come to be? My husband and I were traveling through Southeast Asia in 2015, and, at that time, my husband was still doing his podcast full time. Which meant recording, editing, show notes, the works!

And I thought, “Gosh, there’s got to be someone who can do all these things for him so we can have more time to enjoy our trip together!” So we went on a deep dive, looking for someone who offered that kind of service. And at that time there really wasn’t anything available. So I thought, “Hey, why not start a company who can handle all things podcasting?!” And the rest is history!

Jennay: History indeed! What was We Edit Podcasts like way back in the beginning?

In the beginning it was a small operation! We were a six-person well-oiled machine! And we all had on multiple hats – sales department, editor, transcriber, content creator, admin assistant, you name it, we did it…or learned how to do it!

But as we grew, soon team members started trickling in ever so slowly with each new client we landed.

And now we can’t even imagine not having our incredible teams by our side!

Jennay: And now we’re a team of over 60! That’s amazing! What’s something that stands out to you from those early days?

It. Was. Hard. Work!

Day in and day out was spent sending cold emails, taking calls, and meetings with potential clients. All while making sure the work was completed in our competitive time frame. But, in all honesty, the hard work didn’t scare me!

And with each new, successful sign up, the drive, passion, and the desire to keep putting out great work only grew.

Jennay: What was the biggest lesson you learned in those first few years?

Those beginning days of growing a company play such a crucial role in the success of your business down the line. The intricate nature of how closely you work on the seemingly small details of your business and its operations allows you to know your company better than anyone else.

And then, if you can carry those lessons to the team environment, and share all that you’ve learned, you can grow your business on the foundation of all the experiences you had right at the start!

Jennay: That’s such a valuable point! And based on the insight you have now, if you could give Carli of the past some advice, what would it be?

You can do anything you set your mind to! Create the vision, devise a plan, and execute it! Don’t be afraid to step out from behind your limitations.

And then find people that compliment your work style along the way and trust your instincts for what is good for you and your business.

Jennay: Yes! I love that advice! Now, tell us, with all your years in the industry, what’s been something that has surprised you about the podcasting space?

The most surprising thing about the podcasting space was how loyal podcasters were to us as a company. We were (and still are) like their fairy godmother, working hard to make things run smoothly and on schedule.

And we have never taken this role lightly! We love being the ones they can count on to put out a great show!

Jennay: Looking at the podcasting space over the years, how have things changed? How have they stayed the same?

Within the podcasting industry, there are definitely a lot of things that are constantly changing. We can see how global events, such as recessions, trends, and of course pandemics, have all had tangible impacts on the industry.

But then there are other aspects of podcasting that always stay the same. There is this constant demand for podcasts, and I believe this can be attributed to the fact that as individuals, we all have something to share, and others in the world who are interested in hearing it. 

Jennay: Birthdays and anniversaries are often a time of reflection. So as we celebrate 8 years of We Edit Podcasts, what’s something you’re most proud of over the past 8 years?

I would have to say I am most proud of the culture we’ve fostered within the company. We really do try operate as a family, and I think that shows in the longevity of some of our core members. Many have been with us for years, and we love that dynamic!

But I’m also so proud of the example and standard of quality and work ethic we’ve set for our entire industry.

Jennay: And what are you looking forward to over the next 8 years?

As a company, we are looking forward to expanding our teams across the world, and focusing on growing with a strong company culture. We’re also looking forward to working with more amazing clients, so that we can continue with our initial mission, to continue giving podcasters their time back!

But we as we continue to put We Edit Podcasts on the map, we’re also looking forward to giving back. We have some special plans and projects in the pipeline which are community-focused with an aim to give back to different communities, and I’m so looking forward to seeing this happen.

Jennay: I can’t wait for this! That’s so exciting! Finally, what’s your advice to others looking to start their own business?

It’s simple, really. But be clear on what the service or product is that you want to provide. Like really clear! Because all your other decisions flow from this point. Then focus on sales, but, and it’s a big but, be sure you can handle the demand once it comes in! Build your team, equip your team, and then work as a team.

Jennay: Okay, just one more question! I’m sure you’re asked this all the time, but what are your go-to podcast recommendations?

First up, Armchair Expert. This one is for sheer entertainment and a good laugh. But there’s also some great insight that you can glean from the guests.

Next, I often recommend Dr. Death. If nothing else than to pique the interest of your inner journalist. It’s a fascinating yet scary true tale told exceptionally well!

Finally, Raising Good Humans. This one is a new addition to my list, but one that I’m really excited to get into!

Thank you, Carli, for taking the time to reminsce with us about the past eight years of We Edit Podcasts! We can’t wait to see all that the future has in store!

So, here’s to you, We Edit! Happy 8th birthday! And here’s to many more!

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