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We Edit Podcasts Favorite Podcast Resources

Let’s talk podcast resources!

These are a few of our favorite podcasting things!

They may not be raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens, but these podcasting resources are pretty great!

And our lives would be far duller and far less fun without them! And so today we’re sharing some of our favorite podcast resources, so that you can enjoy them with us!

There are some obvious ones on the list, but we’re willing to bet you’ll find some new podcast resources that will become your new favorites, too!

Podcast Resources for Your Podcast Process

First up, check out some of our favorite podcast resources we use regularly (read: everyday!) to simply and seriously enhance all the processes that go into creating high-quality podcasts. 

From recording to editing to promoting, these are some of our top picks when it comes to podcast resources for your podcasting process.

Podcast Hosts

The world doesn’t get to enjoy your amazing podcasts without a top-notch podcast host! So podcast hosts definitely have to be on the list of some of our favorite resources. Our industry literally wouldn’t exist without them!

And if you’re in the market for a podcast host, then we have a list dedicated to our top picks when it comes to some of the top podcast hosts out there.

You can check out the list here: A List of the Top Podcast Hosting Sites in 2022


SquadCast is a cloud recording studio for high-quality audio and video content. It’s a software podcasters can use to record remotely, and allows you to record and create high-quality audio and video content. 

It’s one of our favorite podcast resources for a whole host of reasons, but one of the top reasons is all the cool features they offer to make remote recording efficient and of excellent quality. 

We’ve been using SquadCast in our recording studios for the past two years without any hiccups and absolutely love it. 


Another top pick is Alitu, from The Podcast Host.

If you’re looking to save a whole bunch of podcasting time, Alitu is a great choice! They offer effective tools for recording, editing, producing, publishing and hosting. Alitu is a single solution for those who want to streamline their entire podcasting process.

Need to build a website for your podcast? Look no further than helps podcasters launch their podcast website in minutes. Grow your podcast, save time & increase your show’s visibility.

And the best news? There’s no coding required!

To see some of the other brands we love check out our Partners Page. There may also be some special offers, uhm, on offer…

Podcast Directories

The next category of some of our favorite podcast resources are podcast directories.

We’re actually not going to cover podcast listening apps and platforms in detail on this list. 

But for no other reason other than that we have a WHOLE post coming up where we breakdown the pros and cons of the top podcast listening apps.

But for now, we’ll just say that we obviously love our podcast apps! How else would we consume the copious amounts of podcasts we listen to on the daily?! So, they definitely get a spot on a list all about our favorite podcast resources. But we’ll go into some serious detail in a later post…so keep your eyes peeled for that one!

Podcast-Related Newsletters

Next up, newsletters…

No list about all the amazing podcast resources available would be complete without a serious focus on podcast newsletters.


Because there are SO many amazing podcast newsletters! (I should know. I’m pretty sure I’m subscribed to them all.)

Podcast Industry Newsletters

First up, we’ve got our top picks of newsletters focused on the podcasting industry and the audio space in general. 


Podnews is a daily newsletter and podcast that keeps you in the know of all that’s happening in the podcasting industry the world over.

Curated by James Cridland, who has over 28 years of experience in the radio and online business, the Podnews newsletter serves up breaking news, hot exclusives, links to a variety of excellent articles, and there are even some great podcast recommendations thrown in the mix!


Buzzsprout also boasts a really great weekly podcast newsletter. Their newsletters are filled with handy tips to help you reach podcasting success and reviews of all the latest tech.

There’s links to their latest YouTube videos, as well as to articles all podcasters will find helpful, no matter their skill level.

Inside Podcasting

The Inside Podcasting newsletter offers great insights, article recommendations, as well as the lowdown on upcoming podcast events.

They also always give insightful breakdowns of podcasting’s biggest stories in easy-to-follow take-away points.

Podcast Recommendation Newsletters

Besides all the newsletters that keep us in the know, there’s another type of podcast newsletter we love…podcast recommendations newsletters!

These are a fantastic resource for finding new podcasts. And it’s one of the top ways we find our new favorite listens.

Some of our favorites are:

EarBuds Podcast Collective

EarBuds Podcast Collective, founded by Arielle Nissenblatt, shares a great weekly newsletter. It features 5 exciting podcast episodes that have been curated according to a particular theme. And each curated list has been compiled by a different person each week. 

Whenever it hits my inbox, I know I’m going to find at least one new amazing podcast.

Find That Pod

The Find That Pod weekly newsletter is another top newsletter jam-packed with five top podcasts so you’ll definitely find at least one that sparks your interest each week.

There is always a wide variety of great shows. The offerings are incredibly diverse, so no matter your niche of choice, there’s going to be something that intrigues and interests you. 

Related read: 18 of the Best Podcast Newsletters for 2022

Miscellaneous Podcast Resources

To conclude, here are some of our other favorite podcast resources which don’t exactly fit in their own category, but are none-the-less pretty cool!

Podcast Alarm

First up, Podcast Alarm. What could be better than waking up to the soothing sounds of the voices of Ira Glass or Phoebe Judge? (Or, whoever your favorite hosts may be!)

Well, you don’t have to wonder! You can just check out Podcast Alarm! The app allows you to find and pick your favorite podcasts and have these be the first thing you hear when you wake up in the morning. It has all the standard favorites, but it has also curated some great podcast suggestions under a vast variety of really fun headings. 

It’s a super fun, out-of-the-box podcast resource!


Podchaser is like the IMBD of podcasts. Not only does it feature universal ratings of episodes, and both creator and podcast profiles, but the newly released feature The Feed is a content treasure trove, keeping you up-to-date with new releases and re-introducing you to old favorites. 

It’s also a great way to connect with other avid podcast listeners from all over the world through your shared favorite podcasts and episodes.  

Sound Carrot

Sound Carrot is a great podcast resource that landed on our radar this year! Sound Carrot is a passion project of a dad for his podcast-loving kids. And it’s full of kid-friendly podcasts!

It’s a place that makes discoverability of great, kid-friendly podcasts super easy! And it’s a great resource for parents and kids to browse shows that are safe for them to listen to.


Goodpods can be likened to the Instagram of podcasts. Goodpods lets you know what others are listening to and enjoying.

You can bookmark shows to check out later, interact with your favorite podcast hosts, and you can also catch the latest episode on their built-in player. 

In Conclusion

And there you have it! Our favorite podcast resources! We love the podcast industry. And we love the fact that it’s developing to a place where we can have a list of our favorite podcast resources!

We think that’s quite amazing, don’t you?

Did we miss your favorite podcast resources?

Let us know your top picks in the comments! 

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