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EP 10 Lauren Teague

010: Utilizing Your Podcast as a Catalyst for Building Brand Affinity with Lauren Teague

In today’s followers-crazy world that’s all about likes and clicks, it’s easy to forget the true power of a fandom, and today’s guest is here to explain why cultivating fans should be the main priority for your brand. We are thrilled to be in conversation with Lauren Teague today, the all-in-one business strategist, speaker, startup founder, and podcast host (to name a few)! Aside from founding FANWAGN and hosting the Brand to Fan Show, Lauren also works with multiple leading brands around the world, namely as the leader of transformation for the PGA Tour and how professional golf connects with fans online. 

In our conversation, we learn about how the Brand to Fan Show came to be and how Lauren curates content for her listeners, including the challenges she’s faced in launching a podcast, how she’s overcome them, and how she ensures that her podcasting is also thriving as a business. Lauren also shares key advice on the magic of AI in podcasting and the value of courage and persistence, so be sure to tune in to soak up her vast knowledge, and be on the lookout for more details on her unique superpower! 

Takeaways From This Episode: 

Lauren explains her work and the many projects that she’s involved in, with details on why she is more focused on building fans for a brand instead of mere followers. 

How a summit for women founders and entrepreneurs inspired Lauren to launch her podcast. At the conference, she learned about the power of podcasting in sharing your ideas with the world, and she was reminded that you don’t have to be an expert to start sharing your thoughts. 

The challenges that Lauren faced in bringing her podcast to fruition, how she overcame them, and the benefits she’s enjoyed from having her own podcast. We also learn about Lauren’s superpower of writing comprehensive notes in real time. 

Exploring how Lauren decides on her podcasting content and how she tailors it for her listeners. She explains who her audience is, what they expect from her, and how she’s meeting their needs.   

The monetization of the Brand to Fan Show: how Lauren ensures that her podcast thrives as a business. And discover the five ways that AI and automation can help you with every episode of your podcast.

Our guest explains why courage has been the trait she’s relied on the most in recent years, why she’ll always ensure that she’s involved in the finer details of her podcast albeit with a little help, and how she enjoys the freedom and mobility that comes with having her own show. 


“I speak, teach, talk, [and] pod about fandom and how actionable affinity sets beloved brands apart from the rest. Everything that I do is geared towards building fans, not followers of a brand.” — @LaurenTTeague [0:04:08]

“I believe that fandom is such a powerful tool that we can actually use it inside our businesses and organizations to create fans from our employees, to then create more stories to tell and invite others to join in that experience.” — @LaurenTTeague [0:04:31]

“You don’t have to have all the answers in order to start sharing. You can share the journey of figuring out the answers – if you have a hypothesis, if you have a question, if you have something that you would like to be known for – you don’t have to be the expert before you start sharing.” — @LaurenTTeague [0:08:11]

“Consistency in the courage to put my own ideas into the world has been the biggest change for me this year – the courage to say my idea is good enough to stand along other good ideas in different ways.” — @LaurenTTeague [0:34:39]

“I would love to talk to the people who have bought into our Savannah Bananas brand, because I think they’re one of the biggest case studies today of how a fan-first culture drives an organization and builds this beloved brand – it’s clearly not an overnight success.” — @LaurenTTeague [0:38:16]

“Podcasting is definitely a long game. Being into it for that time means that people who listen to you, no matter when they get there, have a chance to fall in love with what you’re doing and what you are putting out into the world. I think that is the coolest thing about it.” — @LaurenTTeague [0:41:52]

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‘5 Ways AI and Automation Can Assist With Every Podcast Episode’

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