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Want to know whether we are a good fit? Give us a shot.

Just like how you wouldn’t buy a car without taking it for a spin first, you shouldn’t commit to a podcasting service without giving it a try. Our trial episode allows you to sample our process and quality to see if it’s the right fit for you, without any long-term commitment. Give it a try, and if you like what you hear, we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you.

WEP played a huge role in the launch of the magazine’s podcast. It’s been a pleasure working with them ever since! They work quickly and have impeccable customer service. They make the whole process seamless.

Dorian Reyes

Dorian Reyes

The Aesthetic Report

Simplified Pricing For You To Work With

Click the “Build Your Trial Package” below and choose your own mix of options. Episodes up to 60mins.

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Audio Editing Only - Premium | Learn More


Audio Editing Only - Custom | Learn More


Video Editing Only - Basic | Learn More


Video Editing Only - Premium | Learn More


Show Notes - Basic | Learn More


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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve simplified our trial process to allow you to choose the needed services that you would like to try out. 

— 1 Episode of your selected services.
— Maximum RAW Editing up to 60 minutes per episode.
— Sync multi-track channels in audio or video as selected.
— Adding Intro’s, Outro’s and Sponsored Messages provided by the host.
— Noise Reduction and Audio Cleaning: Umms, aahs, stutters, restarts, etc.
— Volume matching for even sounding playback.
— Cutting host-indicated sections or segments with timestamps.
— Written Show Notes and/or Transcription if selected at checkout.
— Single set of requested revisions.
— 48-HOUR TURNAROUND TIME. (Excludes Weekends).

We do offer launch packages to suit your needs and we’d be happy to help you put your podcast together from the ground up. Please get in touch via email: or give us a call: +1 855 760-3838

We most certainly can and are happy to help. Please give us a call at: +1 855 760-3838 or schedule a call Here for a future date. 

We provide a 48-hour turnaround time on the majority of our services. If you’re only having episodes edited, they will be back within 48-hours, if you have an all in one package with editing, show notes, and transcripts, the audio and assets will be back within 48-hours.

Once payment is processed, you will receive a submission document outlining the steps to setup the shared folders with us. You can either use Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or Pcloud. 

We try and pair an editor with your show to have them get to know your requirements and style of editing. Every podcast is different.

You will communicate with your client manager through email when submitting and providing feedback on episodes. 

We’d be happy to answer those questions for you. Please reach out to us at: +1 855 760-3838 or talk to us over live chat. If it’s after hours, please send us an email to

When you choose your package you’ll be prompted to pay via Credit Card for your subscription or package. We use Stripe as a credit card processor for the majority of our transactions, but also offer Square and PayPal when needed. 

You most certainly can, you aren’t locked into any long-term commitments. 

Just reach out to your client manager and he or she will help you downgrade or upgrade your plan that you have with us. We’re here to help. 

You don’t need to sign any contracts when working with us on a month to month basis.

We do offer a 14-Day money back guarantee if you aren’t happy with our services. 

You can actually have it back within 48-hours if you jump on it right away.

Next steps would be to have you choose your package that suits your needs and then follow the setup instructions after payment has been processed. We are looking forward to having you join the WEP family.

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