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EP 17 James Cridland

017: Tracking the Pulse of the Podcasting World with James Cridland

If you’re new to the podcasting scene and seeking a go-to source for the latest industry news and daily updates, Podnews is your ultimate destination. We are so excited to welcome James Cridland to the podcast today. James, editor of Podnews and a seasoned radio futurologist, writer, consultant, and public speaker, has been a prominent figure in the audio industry since 1989. With an impressive track record, he introduced the world’s first streaming radio smartphone app in 2005 for the original Virgin Radio in London, launching daily podcasts earlier in that year. In 2007, he joined the BBC, working on the BBC Player for radio and dramatically increasing the service’s audio quality. After contributing to the foundation of the UK Radioplayer, he worked globally with businesses such as Canada’s Vista Radio, Pure and Frontier Silicon, talkSPORT, ABC, and media companies worldwide. His focus was guiding them on the benefits and challenges that new platforms bring to their business.

As we jump into this incredibly insightful conversation, James shares the story of building Podnews and its success, highlighting lessons learned. We delve into community engagement, the importance of consistency, and James’ advice on effective show monetization. He emphasizes the significance of analyzing show metrics, and podcast trends, and understanding audience behavior. Be sure not to miss out on this great conversation. Thanks for listening!

Podnews Daily, Podnews Weekly Review

Takeaways From This Episode:

James shares his incredible podcasting story, including the reason behind launching his podcasts, and all of the lessons he’s learned on this journey of bringing podcast news to life and building Podnews to its success today.

He emphasizes the benefits he saw when he married his podcast and his newsletter and highlights why the newsletter contains more features and information.  

The importance of consistency in building your audience, keeping in mind your potential new listeners, how Podnews can be utilized by companies, and what it looks like to be embedded in the community that you serve.

Why he believes you should forget about the numbers and focus on the trends when looking at your podcast metrics. James also reminds us to dig deep into the metrics of your podcast, using the tools to your advantage and truly understanding how your audience listens to your show. 

Delve into James’ incredible advice on finding the right partnership for monetizing your show and his thoughts on the future of Podnews and the podcasting industry. 


“When you have a look at podcast hosting companies, it’s interesting spotting those podcast hosting companies where the big bosses, the CEOs are running a podcast and where they’re not.” — @JamesCridland [0:06:49]

“I used to say in the podcast for more than a year, I said, the podcast is good, but the newsletter is better.” — @JamesCridland [0:12:20]

“I think that that is an important thing when it comes to being a newsletter writer, being a daily podcaster. It’s all to do with consistency and making sure that you are always there.” — @JamesCridland [0:14:14]

“Almost every single day, I’m writing for the person that hasn’t got into this industry yet, the person that is just striving to understand.” — @JamesCridland [0:16:39]

“Being involved with that [podcasting] community is important because people will see you as hopefully, not an argumentative person, but hopefully, as a friend who is there to help.” — @JamesCridland [0:18:28]

“If you’re a serious podcaster, I think keeping up to date with the industry is an important thing. Hopefully, we [at Podnews] provide tools that might actually help people do that..” — @JamesCridland [0:31:59]

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