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Top Podcasts to Fuel Your Creative Juices

A while back, we shared some of our favorite podcasts for all sorts of makers and creatives (you can check the post out here), which is just bursting with some amazing, crafty and artsy shows, no matter what your creative outlet is. But as I’ve continued listening to some of these shows, as much as I wanted to start on one creative project or another, I just didn’t feel the inspiration I needed to actually get going. Call it writer’s block, creative paralysis, a general lack of inspiration, or whatever you wish, the bottom line is that there comes a time (or two) where your creative juices hit a definite dry spell. This can happen for a variety of reasons, be it a jam-packed schedule, family responsibilities, or stress (we are busy living through a global pandemic, so I would say stress is a very likely suspect!), but the result is the same – you lack the inspiration to do those creative things you love.  And this lack of creative inspiration can make you feel completely overwhelmed, defeated, and even depressed, especially if you rely on your creativity to do your job or to help you destress or to help you process all that’s going on. But, just as there are some amazing podcasts for when you are feeling all fired up and creative, there are some truly inspirational shows that can help you reignite your creative fire and fuel your creative juices. Check out our top creativity-inspiring podcasts which will have you back in your groove in no time!

1. Kick in the Creatives

Kick in the Creatives is one incredible podcast for artists and writers. Hosts Tara and Sandra aim to use their podcast to help artists, writers, and all other creative types build a creative habit and spend more time creating the art they love. The episodes feature discussions about the everyday problems that artists and writers face, as well as some in-depth interviews with totally inspiring creatives. Besides the fact that Tara and Sandra have great chemistry, and really make you feel like you are part of the conversation, each episode is a high-quality audio experience in and of itself, and is jam-packed with super valuable content that will leave you feeling inspired and motivated to get creating. On top of all the audio artsy inspo via the podcast, there is also a website as well as a thriving Facebook community where you get to put all you learn into practice. There are monthly challenges for you to follow, and the Facebook platform provides the space to share your work, and take those necessary practical steps for building your own creative habit. So if you’re floundering for artistic inspiration, perhaps all you need is a kick in the…uh…creatives, to get you doing what you love with renewed passion. 

2. How She Creates

Hosted by Lauren, an adventurer, crafter, and storyteller, How She Creates is a podcast that seeks to help you learn to live a creative lifestyle, tell your story, and explore your world through conversations with artists, adventurers, and good people creating some good in the world. The topics that are covered in the episodes are wonderful and varied, but all look at some facet of what it means to be creative in your daily life. From how to stop self-sabotaging to the relationship between creativity and mental health, you’ll gain so much from hearing how others are getting creative and you’ll glean some wonderful tips as they talk you through their process. Lauren also issues some Kickstart Creative Challenges which are designed to help give your creativity a fresh start, and are a fun, practical way to put your boosted creativity levels to good use. Check out Lauren’s website for some more creative tips or to see and get inspired by some of the fun projects Lauren has tried her hand at. 

3. The Creative Superheroes Podcast

The Creative Superheroes Podcast is another thought-provoking and oh-so insightful podcast focused on filling your creative juices way up again. It’s a wonderfully safe place to gather inspiration and learn from a wide range of Creative Superheroes, from brilliant authors, artists, coaches, and teachers, all who can help you cultivate more courage, more aliveness, and more joy. Host Andrea Scher is passionate about that sweet spot where creativity and personal growth intersect, and her conversations are intimate and inquiring and cover a whole range of topics through the lens of creative thinking. Weighty topics such as anxiety and mental health are explored with kindness and sensitivity, but no matter the topic, you’ll always come away with newfound or renewed inspiration to exercise your creative muscles once again. 

4. The Jealous Curator: ART FOR YOUR EAR

ART FOR YOUR EAR by the Jealous Curator is a wonderfully artsy podcast that brings you stories from some of host Danielle Krysa’s favorite contemporary artists. Danielle has a wonderful conversational style, and her interviews are always a great mix of intellect and entertainment. You’ll get a fantastic insight into why artists do certain things the way they do, you’ll get a sneak peek at what’s going on in their personal lives, as well as some fascinating behind-the-scenes details about other artists they knew and worked with. This podcast really gives you the inside scoop on some very creative people, and you’ll be totally inspired along the way as you hear how these talented, successful, full-time artists juggle their occupation and passion as well as their everyday life. Danielle (AKA The Jealous Curator) really knows her stuff and is an artist in her own right, but she’s also the author of Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk (GREAT title, right?!), a helpful book all about addressing the self-doubt that is often so deliberating for creatives, making Danielle a true ally when it comes to breathing new life into your creativity. And along with her guests, her podcast will inspire and motivate you to keep creating. 

5. The Accidental Creative

Todd Henry, author of the books The Accidental Creative, Die Empty, Louder Than Words, AND Herding Tigers (WOW!) is also the host of the podcast, The Accidental Creative. This gem of a podcast shares how to build practical, everyday practices that will help you stay prolific, brilliant, and healthy in both life and work. In his episodes, Todd interviews artists, authors, and business leaders, all of whom offer such valuable insight and seriously useful tips for how to thrive in all facets of your life by embracing and celebrating your creativity. The topics are profound, thought-provoking, and will give your mindset the readjusting, or the complete makeover, it needs to get back to utilizing your creativity in new ways. There is a strong focus on creativity and innovation which is exciting and inspiring in no small measure. No matter your line of work, or your sphere of influence, you’ll be completely inspired and invigorated by The Accidental Creative. 

6. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Design Matters with Debbie Millman proudly boasts the accolade of being one of the world’s very first podcasts, and has been broadcasting independently for over 15 years! Impressive! What’s even more impressive is the amazing content Debbie and her guests liberally dish out episode after episode! Each episode of Design Matters introduces us to another fascinating creative, and we gain some truly valuable insight into just how these incredibly creative people design the arc of their lives. Debbie has expertly honed her interviewing skills and does a fantastic job of asking just the right questions for us as listeners to get the most out of each guest. She really strikes a great balance between entertaining and intellectual, making her episodes something to look forward to. She’s thorough, sensitive, knowledgeable, and funny – the whole package where podcast hosting is concerned! This podcast is perfect for any creative – from total novice to the seasoned professional – as there is always something to learn, something to inspire, and something to take your creativity to new heights. Give Design Matters a listen, and it will quickly become one of your go-to sources whenever you’ve hit a creative slump, or you just need a little boost to those juices flowing freely once again. 

7. Daily: Creative

Last on this list, but certainly, not least is Daily: Creative, brought straight to our ears by none other than Todd Henry (this guy really does do it all!) of The Accidental Creative fame. If your schedule is super tight with very little wiggle room, then this is the podcast you and your creativity need in your arsenal! These episodes are super short, no more than 5 minutes, and are basically like super-concentrated, cold-pressed Vitamin shots, but for your creativity. In these daily episodes, Todd shares fresh tips, strategies, and provocations to help you unleash your best work each day. These nuggets of creative wisdom will inject fresh inspiration no matter what challenge you’re tackling, be it in your professional, creative, or everyday life. The advice is succinct, highly valuable, immediately actionable, and so good we’re sure you’ll listen to each episode more than once! Todd is truly a gifted communicator, and his passion and vast knowledge positively gush out of these little sound bites. They’re a quick fix to ward off any creative block and will give you the nudge you need to keep creating. 

Closing Thoughts

Whether you need a kick in the creatives, a little mental push to get you going again, or you just need someone else’s creative passion to get your creative cogs turning again, you’ll find all this and more with the podcasts on this list. A creative block of any kind can be a real downer, and for those whose work requires creativity, or you’re someone who needs a creative outlet to keep you sane, a lack of inspiration or a block in your artistic flow can be especially difficult. Not only can these dry creative spells be super discouraging and disheartening, not to mention a little (perhaps more than a little? Okay, A LOT) stressful,  they can also lead to feelings of depression and the dreaded self-doubt. But thankfully, as with so many things we need help with in life, we can turn to podcasts for some assistance. Any and all of the podcasts on this list will be the perfect remedy for whatever is ailing your creativity. So, subscribe and download, pop in your earphones, pick up your pen or your paintbrush, and let those creative juices flow freely once again!

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