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Top Podcasts for the Aspiring Minimalist

I don’t know about you, but this time spent in lockdown and self-isolation has really made us re-evaluate what is important….and what is not. We’ve learned that our health and that of our family and friends is really what matters most, but for many of us, the extended time spent in our homes has also shown us that we have way more things than we really need. You may have also come to the realization that a lot of the things you have acquired along the way you hardly use, and that someone else out there may need it more than you. The minimalist trend has been on the rise for the last few years, with more and more joining the movement the longer we stay in lockdown. If you’re one of those who recognize the need for simplicity in your life and have aspirations to reach “minimalist status”, this post is for you. We’ve picked our favorite minimalist-focused podcasts to help you live your best, clutter-free life. 

1. Spark Joy

When you think “declutter” the name “Marie Kondo” most likely springs to mind. With her ninja-like organizing skills, now known as the KonMari Method, Marie Kondo would have us weighing up all our possessions to determine if they do, in fact, “spark joy”, and everything that does not make the cut should be boxed up and donated. To help us on our mission to make the world (or at least our homes) less cluttered, KonMari certified consultants Kristy Ivey and Karin Socci host The Spark Joy Podcast. This show is jam-packed with expert opinions, valuable encouragement and great insights to help you feel inspired and empowered to clear out your space and sort out your hoarding habits while you’re social distancing.

2. Minimal-ish: Realistic Minimalism

If you’re looking for a relatable companion on your quest for simpler living, Desirae is your gal! Through her podcast, Minimal-ish: Realistic Minimalism, Desirae’s aim is to help us wield minimalism in a way that actually works for us. She wants to make minimalism realistic as well as fun, and not a competition, by teaching us to focus less on stuff and more on the things that really matter, like our relationships and learning to live intentionally. Along with her variety of guests, she explores the many facets of simple living and shows us how, practicing minimalism, we can make space in our lives for all those things that matter most. 

3. Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Living Daily is a really great concept done really well. For each episode, host Justin Malik and his team search cyberspace for the best online content and, with the author’s permission, present us with the cream of the crop on topics like minimalism, personal development, productivity and way more. This podcast makes it really easy for you to stay up-to-date and right on trend with all that is happening in the world of minimalism, without having to scour the Internet yourself in search of the best articles on the subject at hand. It’s so full of valuable, well-researched content as the original authors have put huge amounts of time and effort into their work. You get exposure to some of the great thinkers of our time, without actually having to do the reading, and all the information is provided in a high-quality podcast. You’re guaranteed to always learn something new, and you’ll come away from each listen feeling inspired and motivated to immediately start applying the principles to your life.  

4. Millenial Minimalists

If you’re just starting out on your journey into the wonderful (but sparingly-decorated) world of minimalism Millenial Minimalists is a great starting point. Lauren and Kelly are our hosts and they are informative, fun (they’ll soon feel like two of your best friends!), and they will really inspire you to live your life simply and with intention. Each episode offers a fresh perspective and great advice and they cover everything from learning to declutter your life to coping mechanisms for anxiety, as well as how to understand and address burnout. If you’re looking to use this time spent in lockdown or isolation to help you clear out your mental, physical, and even digital clutter, this podcast will equip you with tangible strategies and sound advice to get you living your best minimalistic life. 

5. Clear Your Clutter Inside and Out

Julie Coraccio’s podcast, Clear Your Clutter Inside and Out lives up to its name and then some. Julie uses her platform to discuss clutter in every way, shape, and form, covering not only our physical clutter, but also the less-discussed types of clutter, like mental, emotional, and even spiritual clutter, which is so vital right about now! As Julie puts it, clutter can prevent you from creating the life you choose, desire and deserve. Attending to the clutter in our lives, and then dealing with it, enables us to live the lives we are meant to live. Without all the “stuff” in our way, we will have the space to discover, or rediscover, our passions and reconnect with our purpose. Julie is really insightful, her topics are thought-provoking, and her advice is practical and user-friendly, and she will really inspire you to make that positive change in your life. 

6. The Slow Home Podcast

If this year has shown you the value of the simpler things in life, firstly, you’re definitely not alone, and secondly, you should definitely check out The Slow Home Podcast! Hosted by Brooke McAlary, The Slow Home Podcast celebrates the beauty and necessity of living simply, slowing down, opting-out, and learning to say no. Brooke tackles a variety of topics and discusses a whole host of methods you can try to declutter, reduce stress, and just slow everything down. As the tagline says, it’s a show to foster “slow living for a fast world” and it aims to equip you to have better control over your time and learn how to spend that time on the things that really matter to you. Not only will you be inspired and learn a whole lot from Brooke herself, but she also includes some great guests who’ve chosen to cultivate a simpler life and through her podcast, they share their journey, their struggles, as well as their sage wisdom. It’s a really inspiring show, with deep dives into each topic, and the perfect solution for anyone feeling over-worked, over-connected and over-stressed.

7. A Slob Comes Clean

If you’re looking for honest-to-goodness decluttering advice, then Dana K. White’s podcast, A Slob Comes Clean, is the show for you. Dana is real, honest, and authentic and shares her down-to-earth decluttering tips and tricks in a really relatable way. She’s also funny, which makes for a great listen, besides all the sound advice! The great benefit of this podcast is that Dana gives cleaning and decluttering techniques as well as organizing strategies that actually work in the real world, and she makes you feel like you are not alone in the struggles you face along the way. 

8. The Sustainable Minimalists

Another important aspect this pandemic has brought to light for many is that sustainable living should perhaps feature more prevalently in our lives. If at any point during the lockdown you found that essential items like fruit and vegetables were hard to come by, you may have had the uncomfortable realization (like I did) that there are some areas where we may need to become more self-sufficient and sustainable, and this is where The Sustainable Minimalists Podcast comes in. Minimalism and sustainability are such closely aligned topics, and this podcast explores these, as well as other aspects such as zero-waste living, general decluttering and conscious consumerism, with beautiful harmony. Each episode is full of well-researched insight and really dives right in and thoroughly examines the topic at hand. There is a particular focus on incorporating these concepts into family life, so it’s a great resource if you want to find out how to make minimalism and sustainability work realistically with your lifestyle.  

9. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Dan Harris’s initial claim to fame was not a pleasant one. Back in 2004, Dan was a news anchor for ABC…and had a panic attack while live on Good Morning America! That was obviously an incredibly low point in his life, but it was the start of his journey towards greater happiness. He’s now the best-selling author of 10% Happier as well as the host of the podcast Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris. His show explores happiness from every angle, but the main takeaway is that our brain is trainable, meaning we can learn how to acquire mental traits such as happiness, calm, generosity, compassion, and connection. They are skills we can learn to help us live with less-cluttered minds and to cultivate a calmer, more focused life. Dan also interviews some great guests (even the Dalai Lama!) and so there’s a whole scope of perspectives and points of view from which we can learn. 

10. The Minimalists

We simply can’t have a post for the aspiring minimalist without including The Minimalists. If you’ve done any previous research into the “how to’s” of minimalism, chances are the names Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus popped up somewhere. The reason is because they’ve become two of the biggest names in the minimalist movement, having started The Minimalists website way back in 2010. Since then, they’ve guided thousands of people on their quest for living minimalistic lives by focusing on ways we can bring more meaning and less stuff to our lives. The topics cover an array of relative topics, from positive thinking to decluttering and even how to gain financial independence. These two guys have really become experts on the subject, with three books and a documentary (it’s available on Netflix if you’re looking for some visual entertainment) under their belt, they give great guidance on why (rather than how) you should declutter the chaos and simplify your life. 

Closing Thoughts

One of the big lessons we’ve learned during this time in lockdown and self-isolation is that we don’t need half of what we thought we did! You also may have discovered that clutter takes on many forms, and really does not do much to improve our happiness. These podcasts have been a real game-changer in terms of simplifying our lives and helping us focus on what really matters, as well as how we can build a stronger sense of community by spreading that love and kindness to those who need it most. So if you’re wanting to use this time to declutter your earthly possessions, bring order to accumulated chaos, or clear your cluttered mind, these podcasts will inspire, motivate, and guide you on your way to simplified, minimalist living. 

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