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Top Podcasts for Teachers

In our humble opinion, teachers are real-world superheroes! Besides tackling the weighty task of teaching all ages all that they need to know from an academic standpoint, they also have to know how to handle and navigate the emotions, moods, and learning styles of each individual placed in their care. Besides taking care of classroom responsibilities, teachers have to wear many hats besides that of “educator”. From sports coach to art teacher, nurse, to referee, teachers definitely have their work cut out for them! And so we want to help ease their load by sharing some great podcasts especially created to help teachers out. There are some truly special podcasts out there created especially for teachers, whether for use in the classroom or as sources of the latest educational information and inspiration. Our mix of podcasts today features four amazing podcasts for teachers to use in the classroom, as well as four outstanding shows that are just for teachers. Armed with these, a teacher’s momentous task should be that much easier.

For The Classroom

1. Julie’s Library

This first podcast is just what teachers need whenever a wonderful story is the order of the day. On Julie’s Library, Julie Andrews, along with her daughter, children’s author, and educator, Emma Walton Hamilton, invite listeners into their home library and share their favorite children’s books. Julie Andrews is a part of so many people’s childhoods – whether from Mary Poppins, the Sound of Music, or The Princess Diaries – and so there is an immediate connection with her voice. And on top of that, every story comes to life with sound, music, and activities, creating a fully immersive, imaginative reading experience. There is also the added bonus of special features from authors, kids, and other special guests, making for a diverse, exciting listen each and every time. If you want to foster a lifelong love of reading and imaginative thinking in young minds, this is the podcast to turn to! 

2. Wow in the World

Wow in the World is a super popular sciencey podcast that takes curious kids (and their teachers!) on a journey of discovering the incredible world in which we live. Together with hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz, you can take your students on crazy science adventures, from the inside of our brains to way out into deep space, as well as learning all about the mindblowing new technological discoveries happening all around the world. It’s a really well-produced, high-quality educational adventure which scientists of all ages will enjoy. Wow in the World has also inspired two “spin-off” episode types. The first one is “Two Whats?! And a Wow,” which is like an interactive, science-based game show getting young minds to do some fun research to spot the fact from the fiction. It’s a great show to add some diversity to learning as well as getting the next generation interested in science research and the process of discovery. “Tinkerclass” has recently launched, and on these episodes, a project-based STEAM activity is shared, and your little scientists can plan, research, experiment, and tinker with whatever is at the center of each project. 

3. Stuff You Missed In History Class

Stuff You Missed In History Class is great for high school students, and not just the ones taking Social Studies! Hosts Holly and Tracy bring their listeners some of the greatest and strangest stuff you would have missed in History Class if it wasn’t for this podcast! Holly and Tracy make every story come alive, and so using this podcast in the classroom is a fantastic resource to help you breathe life into history lessons. The episodes give a well-rounded and holistic view of history and a lot of care and attention has been given to explaining key historical concepts in a thorough, informative, and exciting way. Both you as a teacher, as well as your students, will learn plenty you never knew happened in our planet’s past, and you’ll also gain a better perspective on the current state of the world. Concepts and events are explained in a way that’s easy to understand and will help keep minds engaged and entertained as they journey through history. 

4. Poetry Unbound

Another wonderful podcast for high school English students, and lovers of poetry in general, is Poetry Unbound. It’s a beautifully-crafted podcast that helps the listener immerse themselves in the art of poetry and helps ignite and cultivate an appreciation of this, often misunderstood and undervalued art form. Beautifully guided by Pádraig Ó Tuamahort, the poems are read in a slow and unhurried manner, but this does not mean that they are monotonous or boring by any means! The poems are skillfully read, immensely interesting, and the interpretations are fascinating. These episodes are a fantastic way to make poetry come alive for the next generation. And the deliberate way in which they are read makes them simultaneously energizing while providing the space for contemplation and reflection. This podcast will help foster a love and appreciation for poetry in the next generation and is a wonderful tool to showcase and share the power of poetry. 

For The Teachers

Besides all the great podcasts available to be used as resources in the classroom, there are also some fantastic podcasts just for teachers. Whether you want to stay in-the-know and up-to-date with all the developments taking place in the field, or you’re simply looking for a virtual “teacher’s lounge” so that you can feel like you’re not alone in your quest to mold the minds of the next generation, there are some great educational podcasts especially for teachers to enjoy.   

5. TED Talks Education

TED Talks Education is the podcast to turn to whenever you need a little inspiration in your teaching journey, as well as the place to find out all the phenomenal leaps taking place in the education sphere. These talks address it all! From topics focusing on what future schools could and should look like, to research into how virtual reality is helping to turn students into scientists, or even just fascinating insight into how our brains actually learn, you’ll find all this and more on this podcast. And while TED Talks are always great to watch, by making the content available via their podcast, you can glean tons of information and knowledge in a way that suits your packed schedule. There is a vast array of perspectives by all who partner in the education journey, from experts, some of the world’s greatest educators, parents, and even the kids themselves, and through their talks, they’re working together and exploring the latest thinking on how to build a better school.

6. Teaching Keating with Weston and Molly Kieschnick

Teaching Keating with Weston and Molly Kieschnick is another fantastic podcast for teachers. In each episode, they delve into some iconic teaching moments from movies and television and use these a vehicle to reflect on instructional practice. It’s a wonderful concept which is executed so well!  And both Weston and Molly know what they’re talking about when it comes to teaching. Weston is a former high school teacher and administrator who now works as a Senior Fellow with the International Center for Leadership in Education, and through his work as a keynote speaker, he has had the opportunity to learn alongside teachers and administrators from all 50 states and more than 30 countries around the world! And Molly brings all her experience and insight as a former elementary and middle school teacher to the table, as well as her wealth of knowledge from her work with teens and young adults in parochial education programs. Their podcast is crammed with valuable insights and actionable teaching strategies, and the use of famous movie or television moments makes this podcast all the more enjoyable and a must-have in any teacher’s podcast library. 

7. Google Teacher Podcast

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that knowing how to effectively use technology is what opens up a whole new world of potential and opportunity, particularly in the realm of education! Enter The Google Teacher Podcast! This super-useful podcast equips K-12 educators with practical ideas for using G Suite and other Google tools in classrooms and schools. Hosts Matt Miller (Ditch That Textbook) and Kasey Bell (Shake Up Learning) are fantastic hosts who give loads of great advice, workable strategies, and useful resources in every episode, and they’re also just downright entertaining! You’ll love the variety of topics and you’ll love hearing from so many passionate educators wielding technology effectively in their classrooms. This Google Teacher Tribe will make sure you’re on top of all the latest developments in classroom edtech, and get practical advice on the many Google apps teachers are using in their classroom. You’ll come away armed with fresh new ideas and you’ll always be well-versed in all that’s happening in the ever-changing world of technology.

8. Angela Watson’s Truth for Teachers

This last podcast is especially for teachers who need some encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to keep on going. Truth for Teachers releases a new episode every Sunday, and each episode has been created to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of our educators, and to help them feel energized for the week ahead. It’s easy to see why this podcast is consistently ranked in the top three K-12 podcasts on iTunes, and why it has received over 5 million downloads! Host Angela Watson uses her platform and her experience to share strategies and advice that are both practical and grounded, and, most importantly, actually work! But above all, Angela speaks the truth about what being in education can often be like, and offers her honesty in a way that is open, transparent, and refreshing. You’ll feel equipped for all aspects of your life, not just in the classroom, and you’ll feel empowered by sharing in a space where no aspects of what being a teacher in the real world are left unaddressed. It’s a must for encouragement as well as for practical strategies. 

Closing Thoughts

Teachers are pretty incredible. They have the momentous task of not only educating the next generation of young minds, but in many cases, they will be the ones who inspire the future doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, and even teachers to pursue their career paths and make their own mark on the world. And this is no easy task at the best of times, but it’s particularly difficult now in the uncertainty and unpredictability we all find ourselves in. So whether you’re back in the classroom, teaching from behind a mask or safety screen, or whether you’re doing your teaching remotely, and having to find new and inventive ways to keep your students’ attention and keep them learning, to all the teachers out there, we salute you. And we hope these podcasts help make all you have to do just a little bit easier!

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