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Top Podcasts for Makers and Creators

From decoupage to paper maché, beadwork to tie-dye, arts and crafts have been a staple in society since the 19th century. Each decade sees a new surge in the Arts and Crafts movement, with a new creative trend making its way to the foreground every couple of years. And now more than ever, people are looking for creative ways to use their leisure time constructively, to up-cycle items in order to reduce waste, or simply looking for alternative ways to generate income and are on the hunt for sources of inspiration and motivation to get their crafty mojo amped up into high gear. And one great source of artsy-crafty inspo is podcasts. Whether you’re in the market for a new hobby, looking for a way to keep the kids entertained and engaged during the summer, or you’re looking for an outlet to help you debrief and de-stress, these arts and crafts inspired podcasts will get your creative juices flowing and your imagination awakened with all sorts of artsy possibilities. So get your art supplies ready as we check out some of our favorite podcasts for makers and creators.

1. The LoveCrafts Show

If you’re mad about crafting or looking for some amazing arts and crafts inspiration then you should check out The LoveCrafts Show. This is a great video and audio podcast and is on the lips of everyone in the crafting world! And it’s easy to see why! The LoveCrafts Show is your monthly craft juice – where hosts Merion, LoveCrafts’ superstar maker, and Jamie, cross-stitch extraordinaire, aka Mr. X Stitch, chat everything crafts related, share news from the making community, and discuss the pure joy that comes from making. Their show is a treat for the ears (and eyes!), besides all the amazing content, as their chemistry and banter will have you smiling through the entire episode. Their enthusiasm and passion for all sorts of arts and crafts will get you up and crafting, and perhaps even trying your hands at something new. The LoveCrafts YouTube Channel takes the crafting to the next level by taking you through the processes of the project in an easy to follow, step-by-step demonstration. With tutorials on how to make the trendy jumbo scrunchie or visually-stunning macrame shopping bags, there’s fun for the whole family with The LoveCrafts Show. 

2. The Crafter’s Box

When it comes to helping you get crafty, there is nothing quite like The Crafter’s Box podcast. First and foremost, the Crafter’s Box is a subscription membership project for those that love to make. When you sign up via The Crafter’s Box website, each month you will receive a Crafter’s Box which features an expert maker and a new crafting technique for you to try at home. Each box is expertly curated by the makers, and it is full of all the materials and tools you’ll need to complete your project. The podcast is a wonderful extension of the box, as with each episode, you’ll get to hear from the creative genius behind each box, and gain insight into their creative process and what inspires them to create. The episodes also delve deeper into the unique materials and specialty tools associated with the craft up for discussion and are so full of interesting tidbits that even if you’re not signed up for that particular Crafter’s Box, you’ll still enjoy hearing from the artist behind the craft. The crafts featured have been wonderfully diverse, from wood-burning to basket weaving, and even some more unique niche crafts such as leatherwork and modern stained glass techniques. The Crafter’s Box is a fantastically creative way to extend your skills and push your creativity to new levels. 

3. Making It with Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto

If you’re looking for a podcast that chronicles the ins and outs of all that goes into being a “maker”, then you should definitely check out Making It with Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett and David Picciuto. This is a weekly audio podcast hosted by the aforementioned Jimmy Diresta, Bob Clagett, and David Picciuto, three different makers with different backgrounds talking about creativity, design, and making things with your bare hands. This show is just really inspiring and a great motivator to get you trying you’re hand at something new or dusting the old cobwebs off those hobbies you’ve neglected. The hosts are super encouraging and share some great insights into all that goes on in the creative mind, but it’s also a realistic look at the struggles, hurdles, and self-doubt that all creatives face at one point or another. This podcast dishes out some valuable introspection into what it means to be a maker and gives you the push you may need to get creating again. 

4. Modern Sewciety

First up, isn’t this name just the best! (You know I love a great pun!) But besides a puntastic title, this is also a fantastic podcast! Regarded by its devoted band of listeners as one of the best quilting podcasts around, Modern Sewciety features interviews and discussions with modern creative bloggers and creators from all manners of creative industries. Host Stephanie skillfully guides the discussions with her guests and through their conversations, you’ll learn more about what drives these creatives in their different fields and what fuels their love of their craft. This podcast is particularly focused on all things quilting, so if that’s a skill you’ll looking to develop, then this show is definitely for you! And if you thought quilting was an outdated and old-fashioned activity, then prepare to have Stephanie change your mind completely with her fresh, and modern take on the craft. But Modern Sewiciety tackles all types of needle-based disciplines, from sewing to knitting and everything in between. Stephanie’s Southern hospitality really shines through, and she provides the space for her guests to divulge fascinating stories and interesting takes from their creative journeys. You’ll certainly learn and you’ll definitely laugh along with Stephanie and her guests, as they accompany you along the way of your arts and crafts journey.

5. Yarn Thing with Marly Bird

While we’re still spinning yarn, let’s talk about another crafty podcast focused on all things crochet, Yarn Thing with Marly Bird. One of Marly Bird’s claims to fame is the title of The First Crochet Podcaster on iTunes, having started her podcast way back in 2007. And over the past 11 seasons, Marly has interviewed some truly fascinating guests from every facet of the yarn industry. With each episode, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew about all that yarn in all its shapes and forms has to offer! But while there is plenty of audio content for you to consume, there hasn’t been a new audio offering since 2018. This is because Marly has since shifted her focus from an audio podcast to a video podcast. You still get all the great content the Yarn Thing Podcast was known for, but you get the added bonus of the video content to help you along your yarn adventure. The Marly Bird YouTube Channel is full of amazing videos to help you really master the art of crochet! Besides the Yarn Thing video podcast, Marly’s channel also some really fun interactive activities, from knit-alongs and crochet-alongs to giveaways and a whole lot more, all to help you become better a better knitter or crocheter (or both!).  

6. The Potters Cast

Whether you’ve just started hearing clay calling your name, or whether you’re already very familiar with the potter’s wheel, you should give The Potters Cast a listen. Host Paul interviews a wide variety of clay artists from many walks of life and skillsets, and as the listener, you’ll get the benefit of gleaning from their combined knowledge. Paul has a wonderful gift for interviewing, and really brings out the best of his guests, and he has a gift for asking the questions you really want the answer to. Paul’s passion for all things ceramics rings true throughout every episode and his knowledge of his art form makes for an inspiring, educational, as well as entertaining listen. His warm and encouraging manner will give you the nudge you need to get your hands dirty for the first time, or if you’re a seasoned potter with the hopes of pursuing your passion more professionally, this show can help give you the push and confidence boost your need to step out of your comfort zone and get your projects out there in the world. 

7. The Very Serious Crafts Podcast

As the name suggests, The Very Serious Crafts Podcast is a very serious crafts podcast from three very serious crafters. But this is only half true. While the hosts Heidi Gustad, Mollie Johanson, and Haley Pierson-Cox are most certainly serious about crafts, they are most certainly not serious! This show is full of loads of laughter and fun, and you’ll feel your crafty spirits lifted and your fingers itching to get your craft on. Heidi, Mollie, and Haley have got wonderful chemistry and will have you feeling like one of their crafting gang in no time. Their enthusiasm for all things arts and crafts is infectious and will have even the most unserious crafter rearing to create. They look at crafting from all angles and no matter what your crafty heart desires to make, these girls have got you covered. And if you’ve got all of the desire to create but you just don’t have any idea where to start, their episodes ooze some truly inspirational ideas that will bust your creative block wide open and will have you turning out works of art in all shapes and forms.  

8. Craft Hangout

Our last crafty podcast for this post is Craft Hangout. This is your ultimate artsy-crafty inspiration destination podcast delivering creative content with an upbeat and fun edge. Hosts Eliza Kapitan, Leeloo Thatcher, and Jessie Katz Greenberg started the Craft Hangout website as a way to combine their love for making fun things with solutions to some of the roadblocks they encountered in their creative journeys. They discovered that many creatives, whether newbies or seasoned professionals, had all experienced very similar hurdles along the way and decided to share their tried and tested tips and tricks to keep the creative juices flowing. Through their podcast, their mission is to help their crafty tribe get better at whatever they’re doing, provide encouragement, inspo, and, of course, a really fun listen. They invite their listeners, along with their guests, to hang out and get crafty, and learn from each other through the sharing of creative processes and sources of inspiration. 

Closing Thoughts

Arts and crafts are really a creative way for us to express ourselves, de-stress, make a living, or just have a lot of crafty fun. Whether you’re an arts and craft novice or have been part of the movement for quite some time, these podcasts will be a great addition to your creative process. If you’re looking for ideas, encouragement, a new hobby, or just some tools to unlock your creative flow you will find all this and a whole lot more from the incredibly crafty shows on this list. These hosts and their guests know the joy that comes from being creative whatever the medium, and will help you excel in your arts and craft journey. Above all, they know that there’s something very special about creating something with your hands, and in no time will have you looking at your new creation with pride as you proclaim, “I made this!”

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