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Top Podcasts for Kids by Kids

At We Edit Podcasts, we’re (obviously) a little podcast-obsessed, and we’ve shared a lot of our favorite shows with you over the years. We’ve covered the best Star Wars podcasts in the galaxy, the best podcasts to help you live your best minimalist life, and even some of the best bread-making podcasts we could find! We’re also featured and reviewed some of the best podcasts for kids out there (like the ones featured on this post) but for this post, we’re sharing some kids’ podcasts that are extra special. While there are some AMAZING podcasts for kids out there, they all have one thing in common – they are all created, produced, or hosted by adults. What you may not know is that there are some truly awesome kids podcasts, made by kids, for kids. We LOVE that kids (some even as young as six years old – impressive right!) are getting involved in the podcast industry, whether hosting, writing, and in some cases, even editing their own shows, and that they are already taking the podcasting world by storm. They’re proof that the podcasting sphere is truly for everyone – whether young or old – and that there is a space for everyone to share their story and talents with the world. On today’s list, we’re featuring some of our favorite podcasts where kids of all ages have had a hand in putting the final show together. Check out these awesome shows, and they’ll prove for once and for all that there are no age limits when it comes to pulling off a totally amazing podcast! Get ready to have your minds blown by these amazing shows for kids, by kids!

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1. Amazing Kids Podcast

First on our list of the Top Podcasts for Kids By Kids is the Amazing Kids Podcast, and WOW! does this show live up to its name! The first amazing kid you’ll meet on this podcast is Lila, who is the owner and creator of The Amazing Kids Podcast. On top of that, she is also the host and does the audio editing herself! Talk about doing it all! Lila has created a wonderful platform to showcase some of the world’s amazing kids (and sometimes adults) and amazing kids’ products and services. Each week, Lila brings her listeners an interview with someone who is doing or has done something truly amazing. This is such a fun, inspiring show, and you’ll get to meet some remarkable people! There are interviews with young America’s Got Talent performers, 13-year old business owners, as well as some incredible kids making a difference in the world around them. Give this show a listen, and you’ll be totally inspired! 

2. Brains On

The next generation of podcasters are staying curious and keeping the thirst for knowledge alive and thriving through the Brains On! podcast. Each week host Molly Bloom is joined by a different kid co-host as they seek to satisfy the curious minds of kids and adults alike. The Brains On! mission is to encourage kids’ natural curiosity and wonder using science and history, and together with the remarkable kid co-hosts, you’ll go on a quest to find the answers to fascinating questions about the world. The episodes cover everything from decyphering myths and mythical creatures, to answering questions you never knew you had, like do plants have feelings or what actually makes food delicious, and a whole plethora of other great questions you didn’t know you needed the answers to! It’s great to hear young voices getting involved in all types of podcast genres, and while it may be branded as a science podcast for kids, there’s no doubt the adults will love learning about the vast and varied topics just as much as any young listeners will. 

3. By Kids For Kids

The name really says it all with this next podcast. By Kids For Kids presents a collection of all types of works of fiction where the stories are told by kids, for kids. Each and every episode is a high-quality audio delight, and the content is incredibly diverse. There’s a great mix of tales from classic literature, as well as myths and folklore from a variety of origins, making this podcast really fun and effective way to teach children to understand and appreciate different cultures. There is a new episode hot off the presses every two weeks, but if this your first time hearing about this wonderful podcast, by kids, for kids, there are over 90 episodes waiting for you to enjoy. Each story is usually told in one episode, but these super-talented podcasters have also tackled bigger literary offerings, like their production of the complete story of The Wizard of Oz. And although the cast is made up of children, each one performs with the confidence and vocal clarity of seasoned professionals, and they are really an integral part of what makes this podcast such a well-loved gem amongst the many story-telling podcasts aimed at young ears. Look out World, the next stars of the stage and screen (and the airwaves) could very easily be found on this wonderful show!

4. Aaron’s World

Aaron’s World is a 50 episode audio drama that is jam-packed with fun and excitement! If you like your podcast adventures to include dinosaurs, time travel, robots, and plenty of fascinating science, then Aaron’s World is definitely the podcast for you! By listening to this show, you’ll journey through the age of dinosaurs with a young boy named Aaron and his trusty computer companion, INO, as they explore and uncover the mysteries of the Prehistoric World. The individual episodes are self-contained and focus on a single prehistoric creature or science topic, but there is also a larger story arc that weaves all the adventure together and leads listeners to an exciting finale that teaches a valuable lesson about science. Aaron’s World gives us front-row seats to a child’s imagination, and no only will you be thoroughly entertained from this immersive sci-fi adventure, but you’ll learn so much from Aaron and his love and passion for all things science. And while the adventure may have come to an end a few years ago, Aaron’s voice, knowledge, and imagination make this show a classic and well-deserving of its spot on this list.   

5. Tai Asks Why

Tai Poole is giving the grown-up philosophical thinkers of today a run for their money! On his podcast, Tai Asks Why, he is on a mission to try to find answers to life’s biggest questions. If you’ve ever wondered what love really is, (haven’t we all?!) what animals are actually saying to each other, or whether or not we should trust our gut, Tai is on a quest to help you find the answers. Tai expertly delivers his thoughts, research, opinions, in a well-put-together but equally-natural manner, which makes him a really great podcast host. He brings a youthful energy and perspective to all the topics he covers, and he really digs deep to bring his listeners the facts about whatever question he’s attempting to answer. It’s a great podcast to encourage curiosity and really will get any listener, whether young or old, thinking deeply about all sorts of topics. And while Tai may not solve all of life’s burning questions with his podcast, I think we can cut him some slack. He is only 11 years old after all!

6. Story Pirates

The role of children in podcasting is not limited to voice performances. On some shows, the kids are the ones doing the writing! Gimlet’s Story Pirates is one of those podcasts and it is a truly unique listening experience! In each episode, a talented group of performers and writers take stories written by children and make their pieces of creative writing come alive by turning them into hilarious sketch comedies and outrageous original songs. The stories the kids come up with are fascinating, imaginative, and often, downright laugh-out-loud funny, making this a delightful, fun-filled podcast that really celebrates the wonderful imaginations of children. The regular cast is often joined by some very special guests, like Kristen Bell, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Dax Shepard, David Schwimmer, as well as the great Julie Andrews, and each episode includes an interview with the incredible kid authors. These interviews, coupled with the impressive caliber of guests, and the imaginative ingenuity of the kids’ stories, make it easy to see why the Story Pirates Podcast is one of the top three kids and family podcasts in the world! The Story Pirates podcast offers kids a wonderful platform to share their stories and their wild imaginations with the world, and it a truly remarkable use of the medium.

 7. The Calm Kids Podcast

The Calm Kids Podcast is an example of the next generation embracing the incredible platform given to podcast hosts to share their message and use it to connect with and help others. When eight-year-old Charlotte suffered bouts of anxiety and could not fall asleep, her big sister, Lucie, who was 11 at the time, decided to make up relaxing stories to calm her down and eventually doze off. The two sisters decided to record some of these stories, to help other kids struggling to fall asleep. This special podcast features unique stories invented and read by both Lucie and Charlotte, who present their stories in such a calm, but confident manner, your little ones (and you, if you’re not careful!) will be whisked away to Lala-Land in no time at all. And then you’ll have to relisten to the episode to see how the intriguing tale actually ended! Between them, the two sisters have bucket-loads of creativity and the episodes include everything from light-hearted tales to easy-to-follow relaxation techniques, and they are also wonderful story-tellers, delivering their unique escapades with an incredible level of professionalism. The Calm Kids Podcast will be a great addition to your night-time routine, and the fact that the stories have been invented and read by kids makes this podcast all the more effective.

8. Dream Big Podcast

Last but certainly not least, we have The Dream Big Podcast. This is a family-friendly podcast inspiring kids (and adults!) to pursue their passions in life and take action to make their dreams a reality. At the helm is ten-year-old Eva Karpman, and in each episode, she interviews some of the world’s top achievers who do what they love and live their dreams each and every day. And when we say “top achievers” we really mean it! To date, Eva has interviewed the likes of Lewis Howes, of The School of Greatness Podcast, the unshakable optimist Simon Sinek, and even Hogwarts Alum, Evanna Lynch, who brought the magical Luna Lovegood to life on the silver screen. Even at her young age, Eva is a great host! She asks insightful questions, shares thoughtful insights, and it’s always clear she does her homework on each guest in her preparation for each episode. Eva has great charisma and a charming confidence, and could easily hold her own amongst the top grown-up interviewers in the podcast industry. Young and old alike will be inspired to Dream Big after each and every listen.

Closing Thoughts

One of the things we love the most about the podcasting industry is that it is open to anyone brave enough to pick up a mic and hit record. You don’t need a degree in sound engineering, a master’s in script-writing, or expensive equipment in order to produce a great piece of audio. And while all the bells and whistles can go a long way to helping produce an amazing podcast, what makes a podcast truly exceptional is the love of story-telling and a passion for the industry, and the kids we’ve featured on this list have that (and so much more!) by the gallon! We love that this industry makes it possible for young and old alike to produce something they are proud of and that it gives everyone a platform to share their message with the world. Check out these incredible shows, and you’re sure to be just as blown away as we are with the level of talent and passion that resides in the younger generation. All we can say is, if these kids are the up-and-coming podcast hosts, editors, and script-writers, then the podcast industry is most certainly in safe hands. Keep them coming, kids, we’re ready and waiting for all that’s in store!

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