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Top Companion Podcasts To Accompany Your Binge-Watching

Companion podcasts have proven themselves to be massive hits in the industry! And it’s not hard to see why! Companion podcasts for some of the top television series provide a space for in-depth discussions and deep dives into episode content, as well as a space to share behind-the-scenes details, divulge inside secrets, or just explore plot holes or other plot points – giving us the opportunity to feel even more connected to our favorite series. And as confirmation that companion podcasts are a worthy sub-genre, production companies themselves are getting involved and launching official companion podcasts for some of their biggest hits. So now, for many of our favorite shows, we also get to hear directly from the actors and crew about all that went into making the show a success. What more could we want? So whether it’s a companion podcast hosted by superfans or its one created by the show’s producers, today’s post looks at some of the top companion podcasts available for our listening pleasure. And with our current situation providing more time for some serious binge-watching, now is the perfect time to explore all the fantastic content we have right at our fingertips. Get the popcorn ready, there’s some serious entertainment ahead! 

1. The Crown: The Official Podcast

If you love a good period drama and haven’t yet watched Netflix’s The Crown, it should go to the top of your list! A firm favorite the world over, The Crown gives us a look into the lives of The British Royal Family as we’ve never seen them before. Covering the reign of Queen Elizabeth II right from the very beginning of her ascent to the throne, we get to see moments of history come alive before our eyes. And thankfully for us, this is another one of the Netflix hits that has its own official companion podcast! The Crown: The Official Podcast will escort you along the historical journey (but only from Season 3, the first two seasons have not been covered…yet…), dishing up all the juicy details from the show’s cast and crew. No doubt you’ll fall in love with the podcast just as much as the series itself. There’s even a bonus episode featuring The (fictional) Queen herself, Olivia Coleman, as well Helena Bonham Carter! 

2. Up Schitt’s Creek: The Podcast

Schitt’s Creek is a great series if you just need a good laugh during these trying times. If you’ve never heard of the show, it follows the Rose family’s fall from their life of opulent luxury and their new adventures navigating life in a run-down motel in a very small town. It’s hilarious and witty and the podcast, Up Schitt’s Creek, is an equally fun way to spend even more time laughing. Hosted by best friends, Lady J and The Duke, they are true fans and love rehashing the episodes. They bring their own unique points of view and will often point out incidences you might not have noticed the first time around. Yes, they have the tendency to run off on unrelated tangents, but it gives the show a feeling of goofing around with your best friends as you discuss your favorite show. If you let them, these two will have you in stitches. 

3. Behind The Scenes: Stranger Things 3

Behind The Scenes is an official podcast for some of Netflix’s big hits and gets the accolade of two slots on this list, first up for Stranger Things 3. Stranger Things is a global phenomenon and so it’s no wonder the network launched the podcast to cover the third season of the cult sci-fi drama and, no real surprise here, it became their most popular podcast ever! If you’re a die-hard Stranger Things fan, or you’ve just binge-watched the series during the lockdown, then definitely check out the Stranger Things focused episodes on the podcast. It really takes listeners further into the show and is super well-researched and produced – there are even some fun interviews with a variety of cast and crew members which really help show how the series comes to life. The only downside to this podcast is that there are simply not enough episodes!  

Notable mentions: If you’re looking for a companion for your whole Stranger Things marathon, then you should give Dungeons and Demogorgons (the official unofficial Stranger Things podcast) and The Stranger Things Podcast a try. Between them, there are super-detailed episode breakdowns of all the episodes and a whole lot more! These are definite recommendations for fans of the upside-down world of Stranger Things!

4. Behind The Scenes: The Witcher

The second reason Behind The Scenes is on the list is for its official coverage of the epic fantasy series, The Witcher. Henry Cavill (of Superman fame) stars as the title character, and if you love fast-paced, action-heavy fantasy, then this series should be on your Netflix list. If you already love the show, then the Behind the Scenes episodes focused on The Witcher are a must-listen! Not only do these episodes give fantastic background to the three main protagonists of the series, but because this is Netflix’s official podcast, there are some amazing interviews with the actors, writers, producers, and crew who helped bring these iconic characters to life, as well as a really in-depth look at just what it took to bring this incredible, fantastical world from the pages to our screens. Behind The Scenes should definitely be in the foreground of your favorite podcast app!

5. The Good Place: The Podcast

Another great comedy with a lot of heart that’s totally worth a good binge session is The Good Place. Although centered around a morbid topic, it’s full of the good stuff. It’s got some good, old-fashioned TV friendships, and it’s filled with some thought-provoking analogies about life, morality, and being human. It’s also got a great companion podcast simply called The Good Place: The Podcast. This is the official podcast for the show and it’s hosted by one of its stars, Marc Evan Jackson, and as the official podcast, its got amazing access to the show’s cast and crew, meaning the interviews feature really special guests, including actors, writers, producers and more. The episodes feature deep dives into everything that happened on- and off-screen, and you’ll see just how this became such a popular show. The close relationship between the cast and crew really shines through the episodes, taking this podcast to the next level. It’s a definite feel-good listen and just a whole lot of good fun! 

6. The Chernobyl Podcast

Another truly outstanding historical drama brought to us last year was Chernobyl, detailing the horrific events of the nuclear disaster and the aftermath of the event. The series itself was met with critical acclaim, and its official companion podcast, The Chernobyl Podcast, hosted by Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me’s Peter Sagal and series creator, writer, and executive producer Craig Mazin is a wonderful accompaniment. It covers each episode in-depth, but it also delves deeper, sharing some of true-life events and stories that inspired scenes in the episodes. This podcast is detailed, vibrant, informative, and fascinating – making for a truly great listen to go along with a truly great series.     

7. The Official Watchmen Podcast

Watchmen, based on the DC Comics of the same name, is another epic show that has an epic official podcast. The Official Watchmen Podcast is hosted by screenwriter Craig Mazin (if the name seems familiar, he’s the same guy behind Chernobyl!) and the executive producer and writer of Watchmen, Damon Lindelof. It’s a super cool, superhero series, and the podcast gives a stellar breakdown of the how. Three of the series episodes are covered over the course of one podcast episode, but you still get everything you would want from an official podcast from this show. The hosts expertly explore narrative choices, and they explore the show’s connection with the groundbreaking graphic novel. There is also insightful discussion on how the show reflects all we face “in the real world” leaving you with plenty of food for thought. 

8. Lower Decks: A Star Trek Podcast

Our last companion podcast is for all the Trekkies out there, particularly fans of the new Star Trek Discovery. The Lower Decks: A Star Trek Podcast is hosted by Glenn and Valerie and you’ll join them on a deep (space) dive as they review each episode of Star Trek: Discovery. It’s full of intelligent conversation balanced nicely with a whole lot of fun. Glen and Valerie have great chemistry, their summaries are full of detail and they even invent their own Trek-themed cocktails! Their knowledge of the Star Trek universe shines through, but there’s an entertaining mix of humor, pop culture, and a wonderful understanding of telling great stories that make this a really well-rounded show, perfect for hard-core Trekkies and casual nerds alike. Live long and prosper as you enjoy a truly out-of-this-world podcast. 

Closing Thoughts

Companion podcasts are the perfect, well, companion, for your series watching during this time of social distancing. These podcasts allow you to join in the conversation, both with those involved directly with the shows as well as with true fans who love a show as much as you do. Through the podcast discussions and insights, you can experience a sense of togetherness as you rehash your favorite series to your heart’s content. These podcasts let you feel involved in your favorite show and your most-beloved characters more than ever before, and it’s easy to see why they are becoming an exciting podcast trend. Whether you’re after comedy or fantasy, some historical dramas or thrillers to keep you on the edge of your seat, you’ll find some great companion podcasts to keep you company along the way. Try out these series, give their accompanying podcasts a listen, and you’ll have loads of amazing content to keep you thoroughly entertained! 

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