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Top Coffee Podcasts for Coffee Lovers

Are you mad about coffee? Do you consider yourself a caffeine connoisseur? Does the smell of that dark, delicious liquid brewing fill you with excitement? Well, then, my fellow coffee lover, then today’s post is for you! It’s filled to the brim with some totally delicious and addictive coffee-focused podcasts!

But before we get into all that caffeinated, audio goodness, did you know that there is a day set aside to celebrate all things coffee? International Coffee Day takes place on the 1st of October every year and was first instituted by the International Coffee Organization back in 2015 with the officially launching taking place in Milan. It’s a day set aside to celebrate coffee in all its forms, as well as a way to promote fair trade in the coffee industry and to raise global awareness for the struggles coffee growers face to bring our favorite java from the earth to our cups. And as coffee is such an integral part of society throughout the world, the day is commemorated and celebrated with coffee-related events taking place all over the globe. Anything from great specials at local coffee shops or cafes to other special community-focused events and programs are all held in honor of the great coffee bean. Add this special day to your calendar to ensure you never miss out on the celebration!

But why limit celebrating our love of coffee to just one day? We’ve been on the hunt for some of the best coffee-focused podcasts the industry has to offer so you can get your caffeine fix whenever the need arises! So grab a cup of your favorite brew, all you coffee lovers, and let’s dive into our top coffee podcasts!

1. Coffee Lovers Radio – Make and Drink Better Coffee

First up, we have Coffee Lovers Radio, the talk show where the talks are all about coffee, over a cup of coffee…or more. This podcast is hosted by two coffee aficionados, Joseph Robertson of Extracted Magazine, and Conduit Coffee’s Jesse Nelson. Both hosts are exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to all things coffee, but they deliver their expertise without a drop of snobbishness or arrogance. They share everything from handy tips and tricks for making a better cup of coffee, as well as giving you great insights for enjoying your coffee even more. There are news and stories from all that’s going on in the world of coffee, and you’ll hear from so many experts working in all aspects of the industry. Joseph and Jesses are instantly likable, and the quality of content is top-notch, making this both an enjoyable listen and one that guarantees you’ll come away with heaps of new knowledge in every aspect of the coffee business. And if you’re looking for even more coffee-flavored value, you could consider subscribing to Extracted Magazine, which will take your coffee education to the next level. 

2. The Coffee Podcast

Next up, The Coffee Podcast. A podcast about coffee and people, which is driven by the desire to help its listeners learn all they can about coffee. Hosted by Jesse Hartman, The Coffee Podcast brings in-depth and thought-provoking conversations about coffee from those living and breathing all things coffee. Whether the topic of conversation is sourcing, brewing, or roasting, the wonder and art behind the coffee always shine through. Jesse and his guests also tackle more serious issues, such as moves towards sustainability in the industry, as well as the complexities surrounding ethical production. Whether you’re just taking your first sips of coffee, or you’re well-versed in all things coffee-related, you’ll find this podcast meets all your needs and then some! The wealth of knowledge shared by the guests is truly valuable, and the passion that they, as well as Jesse, have for coffee means that every conversation is insightful, educational, as well as entertaining. From the seasoned barista to the beginner home-brewer, The Coffee Podcast is the perfect listen for all coffee lovers.

3.Coffee Sprudgecast

The next top coffee-focused podcast we have on offer is Coffee Sprudgecast. This podcast is hosted Jordan Michelman and Zachary Carlsen, the co-founders of Sprudge, the world’s most popular coffee publication, and in each episode, of this weekly they explore the exciting world of specialty coffee. The passion for coffee that burns within both Jordan and Zachary is clear, but they are also great podcast hosts and are able to draw the best from each of their guests. Whether your feet are firmly planted in the coffee industry, or you’re just interested in drinking the perfect cup of joe, you’ll gain tons of value every time you listen. And as they explore the world of specialty coffee, you’ll be infected by the passion for coffee that bursts forth from every episode, and you’ll gain so many valuable insights for their down-to-earth, no-holes-barred way in which they conduct their interviews. 

4. Coffee is ME Podcast

The Coffe is ME Podcast is a great listen for coffee professionals and enthusiasts. On this podcast, host Valerian Hrala interviews emerging and established coffee professionals who are ready to reveal their secrets so you can use them to improve the quality of your coffee and boost your coffee business. Not only is Valerian a skilled host and has created a space for open and transparent conversations about the coffee industry, but he is also extremely knowledgeable in the subject in his own right as he is a co-owner of a third-wave coffee roasting company, Green Plantation, which is located in Central Europe. He is passionate about and dedicated to coffee education, and has worked on online coffee education projects. He has also built up a strong community for his coffee-loving listeners. Through the in-depth discussions on each episode, you’ll learn so much, as no area of the industry is left untouched! It’s all about de-mystifying the coffee-making process, from bean to cup, the struggles and pitfalls, and everything in between. Both Valerian and his guests share with openness and honesty that will set you up for success, whether it’s in your own personal brewing, or if you’re tackling the challenge of starting up your own coffee business, in whatever size or form. You’ll be inspired and educated with each and every listen. 

5. Cat & Cloud Podcast

The Cat & Cloud Podcast is bought to us by Chris Baca and Jared Truby. They are Professional Baristas and they are making it their mission to introduce the world to Specialty Coffee! And when we say they are Professional Baristas, we mean it! Not only have they placed in the finals of the United States Barista Championship multiple times, but they have also won regional competitions, and have led training and education for some of the most progressive coffee companies around. There’s no doubt about it! These two have a ton of knowledge about coffee and they want to share it with the world! Each week, you can tune in for some fascinating and insightful interviews, helpful tutorials, as well as the general mayhem that reigns supreme whenever these “brothers from different mothers” sit down behind the mic. Besides all the expertise and actionable information that is shared during their discussions, or whatever is on the menu of that particular recording, their episodes are just a ton of fun to listen to. You’ll always come away having learned something new, and you’ll always have a big smile on your face! 

6. Coffee Roasting Navigated

While this podcast has not released a new episode since December 2019, we’re including it in our list especially for all of you who are already experienced roasters. Because while Coffee Roasting Navigated is a podcast for coffee roasters, it is not an introduction to coffee roasting, but rather, its a show for people who have already taken the coffee roasting plunge. And this show is truly a valuable resource for those who have already cracked the bean on roasting, and feel confident and equipped to branch out into uncharted territory and try new techniques. Host Therese Brøndsted has a Master’s Degree in Food Science and Sensory Evaluation and has been roasting coffee since 2014. Therese is well aware of how complex and intricate the coffee roasting process is, and she’s all about the different ways of doing it. And if you want to learn how to roast better, then join her as she explores all the aspects that affect the taste of your favorite brew. The episodes are not the interview-style of many of the coffee podcasts featured on this list. Rather, they read more like personal essays from Therese’s own coffee journal. She shares all she’s learned from her journey, and what she’s gleaned from different roasters and the varied processes and techniques they use to get the best brew possible. Whether she’s exploring how the color, the smell, or the bean temperature affect the taste or learning more about the new possibilities that are becoming available with new technology, she shares all her discoveries with her listeners in her well-produced audio episodes. 

7. Making Coffee with Lucia Solis

Our last offering is Making Coffee with Lucia Solis. Through her podcast, Lucia takes her listeners behind the scenes to see all that goes into making one of the world’s favorite beverages. Lucia is a former winemaker, and now she brings her experience and expertise in her new role as a coffee processing specialist. On her episodes, she consults with coffee growers and producers all over the world which gives her a unique perspective into what it takes to get a coffee from a seed to your cup. This show is unique in that Lucia pays particular attention to fermentation and the role that it could play in making your favorite cup of coffee even better. Lucia has a wealth of knowledge but delivers her content in such a friendly, likable manner that you’ll feel like fast friends. She brings such a unique perspective to all the coffee talk, and she explores such unique topics that your eyes will be opened and your horizons broadened after each and every listen. 

Closing Thoughts

And there you have it, some incredible coffee podcasts to help you get your coffee hit! But no matter how you get your coffee fix, whether its’s by listening to some of these amazing coffee-focused podcasts, trying a new brew, or going out for coffee dates with those – let us never take for granted those who work so hard to bring us the java we love. According to the International Coffee Day website, the livelihoods of coffee farmers today are facing some serious threats, not only from the coffee price crisis but also due to the global pandemic which has severely affected nearly every industry. And so no matter your drink of choice, whether its the classic cappuccino, an americano, the flat white, an espresso – or any one of the vast amount of coffee options available – every time we take a sip of that caffeinated goodness, let us be grateful for all of those in the coffee industry who do the hard work today so that we can have our coffee tomorrow!

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