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Top 8 Ways to Create Buzz Around Your Podcast

Whether you’ve had your podcast since before it was even popular or only recently decided to join the podcasting family, we all want the same thing; having as many loyal listeners and followers as possible!

Growing your audience isn’t always the easiest task and sometimes you’ll have to go out of your comfort zone to create some buzz around your podcast. This is especially important when you are in the launch process of your podcast. Ensuring that your podcast has an audience that is ready and waiting will help kickstart your podcast and give it the attention it deserves right off the bat!

However, creating some buzz around your podcast can also be beneficial for giving it an energy boost when things seem to get a bit stagnant. Luckily, there are a lot of great tactics and marketing strategies you can use to your advantage to create just the right kind of buzz for your podcast, no matter what stage of the process you are in.

Send Out an Email Newsletter

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If you’ve already built up an email list, then it is definitely a resource to take advantage of and if you haven’t yet, then this is a great time to start! Sending out an email newsletter every time that a podcast episode is released is the perfect way to get listeners excited about the new content that you put out. Make sure that every time you pop into their inbox, they are reminded to check out the show and give them a little something to look forward to!

Your email newsletter should be a place where you really “sell” your podcast to your subscribers and ultimately create that buzz you are after. It is also a great opportunity for you to provide listeners with bonus material that doesn’t only give them access to the podcast, but also access to worksheets or downloads that add that extra piece of value to their overall listening experience. Remember to mention your newsletter on the podcast as well so you can encourage listeners to subscribe, especially if you are just starting to build up your list.

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Utilize Social Media

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In today’s environment, social media plays such a big role in your brand visibility and is a must-have resource in your toolbox. There are so many different platforms to really get connected to your audience, so make sure to choose one or two that you enjoy and are willing to put the time in to get the results you desire. Since the social media space is constantly changing, make sure that you are really listening to your audience, engaging with them, and finding new ways to grab their attention and pull them towards your podcast.

Remember, what your audience wants most is to be provided with valuable content and answers to the questions that they come to you with. Align your social media content with what you provide on the podcast to really get your audience excited about what you have to share. This could mean getting their attention using your social media platforms by sharing a few tidbits about upcoming guests and what is to come in your future podcast episodes.

You can also include sneak-peek audio clips using tools like Wavve, create your own podcast hashtag for your listeners to follow, add a direct episode link in your bio, run a fun giveaway, or even give your audience a behind-the-scenes look into your podcasting process. The sky’s the limit when it comes to creating buzz for your podcast on social media; you simply have to know how to use the tools at your disposal and be willing to learn along the way!

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Create Blog Posts

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When it comes down to it, there is nothing quite as effective as consistent and valuable content marketing. Writing a blog post is a great way to support your podcast episodes and allow Google to “read” your content that it is not able to “listen to” on audio or “watch” on video. This means that when you are not writing a complimentary blog post or show notes for your podcast episode, then you are missing out on the opportunity for your content to show up in Google search results.

Keep in mind that you do not have to create a whole new blog post from scratch! There are several ways to repurpose your podcast content into blog format. This can be through an episode summary, jotting down key points, valuable resources mentioned in the episode, and even sharable links for your listeners. Another great tip is to have your episode transcribed and adding your transcript in as an additional resource with even more words for those Google-bots to read. Your blog posts are always a place where you can again provide that extra value through bonus materials such as worksheets or downloads that accompany each podcast episode.

Share Your Passion

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The easiest way to create buzz around your podcast is to be excited about it yourself. The more passion you have when you record your podcast the better the conversation will be. If you’re passionate about the topic you’re going to be discussing then you will be able to talk about it all day long without getting bored for one moment! This will also encourage you to work harder than anyone else.

Never be afraid to share this passion with your listeners. Be transparent about your journey and what led you to start your podcast in the first place. Listeners love to hear more about the purpose behind what you do and how you came to know and understand your “why”. Your excitement is contagious and will spread to your listeners to create a new buzz around your show!

Network With Influencers

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As with anything, it’s not about what you know but who you know! Networking with people who are influencers in your podcasting community or industry as a great way to find new guests for your show or even create some much-needed excitement for your podcast. These influencers have their own audience who are excited to hear about new resources in their industry, which can include your podcast!

Find a way to reach out to these people in your community, see where they spend their time (online and offline) and find a project that you can work on together. Whether this is launching a product or workshop together, recording an episode, or evening running a seasonal giveaway for your listeners to enjoy. Use these connections to spread the word about your podcast and build meaningful relationships with others in the industry who will be there to help you along your podcasting journey. Remember, an attitude of collaboration over competition can create incredible relationships, or even friendships, for you down the road!

Host an Event

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In a world where we spend so much of our time online or through a screen, there’s nothing quite like an in-person event to create some buzz for your podcast! Invite your listeners to gather and spend time with like-minded people. Whether you host a launch party or a simple meet and greet, an event is a great way for you to get in front of an audience of individuals who support your mission and are eager to learn more about what you have to share with them.

For the event, encourage people to bring a friend (or their moms) and get some new, fresh ears for your podcast. Also, be sure to give them a memorable experience and another reason to connect over something that they have in common. These events really give you the opportunity to build a strong community around your podcast and give it new life, beyond the headphones.

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Support a Charitable Cause

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Getting involved in a greater cause, outside of your podcast, is an incredible way to grow your network, especially in your local community. Giving back is such a powerful driver for bringing people together to really make a difference supporting a charitable cause. Whether that’s helping out at your local soup kitchen or traveling with a team to clean plastic off of the beaches, these opportunities open up doors for you in places you never would have imagined.

The best part about this is that you can start to pull listeners in to join and support the cause. This does not mean that they have to be there alongside you; they can simply donate or send resources as part of their contribution. People are always looking for ways to give back and do their part for people and planet. So share your passion for the cause with listeners and give them the opportunity to join your efforts!

Teach a Workshop or Class

Image by Vasily Koloda

When you are looking to build some buzz for your podcast in the face of new potential listeners, teaching a workshop or class can be a great next step. Whether you step in as a guest lecturer at your local university or put together your own workshop, teaching provides you with the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and talents. This will also help give you credibility behind your specific area of expertise and allow others to see you as a leader in your field.

These classes or workshops can also be another great way to bring listeners together. Your workshop can be a local get-together or you can set up the class online so that listeners from all over the globe are able to attend. The information and strategies you provide in these classes is again bonus material, extending the lessons from your podcast and providing listeners with even more value. So go ahead, get creative and make it a fantastic event for your audience to rave about!

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