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Top 16 Guides to Help You Start Your Podcast

With advancements in technology and an increase in the variety of listening options, podcasts are on the rise. Industry experience has shown that there are countless benefits to starting a podcast, and that it can lead to growing your business through loyal fans and increased interaction with your target audience.

Podcasting has now taken on a form of its own. People have started using podcasts for a variety of different reasons, story telling, interviews, news, hangouts, marketing and more. For every podcast currently live there are thousands of websites. Therefore now is the time for you to jump in and start your own podcast.

Building a successful podcast takes a lot of hard-work and commitment through the process. However, as Pat Flynn says “Setting up a podcast is not push-button easy, but it’s not rocket science either!”

If time and effort are put in to your show, your audience will grow, your business will grow and your revenue too. So, let’s look at the top 16 guides to help you start your own podcast.


1. How to Start a Podcast – Smart Passive Income

Author: Pat Flynn

Pat’s complete step-by-step podcasting tutorial is considered one of the top free online tutorials to help you start your very own podcast. The article explains all the benefits that have come since starting the Smart Passive Income Podcast and how other big-name bloggers have also started their own podcasts along the way. The guide is very honest and to the point, stating that starting a podcast was harder than he thought it would be, but that with the right steps and guidance it is so worth it in the end. One thing that this guide finds extremely important is commitment – you have to be willing to commit to make it a success.

The guide then goes into an overview of how podcasting works, 5 things to prepare before you begin recording, and then proceeds with a video series to help you set up your podcast. These videos also include top podcasting tips to help you improve and get the best out of your very first episode. The article also includes a special bonus – The Smart Podcast Player which is a tool used to increase downloads and the numbers of shares, as well as enhance the look of the podcast player on your website. Head on over to the Smart Passive Income website to check out the full tutorial and get started on your podcast today!


2. The Podcast Workflow – Entrepreneur On Fire

Author: John Lee Dumas

This Podcast Workflow focuses on answering 2 main questions. One, “Where do I start?”, and two, “What does it take to produce a podcast?” First, the guide takes you through establishing both your topic and name as well as understanding the tools needed to keep your podcast going and successful. This includes a functional website, established show format, artwork, equipment, and software. Next the article will guide you through the steps you need to take to get the podcast started, and your first episode successfully created. The workflow will explain each step with links to helpful apps and products to support your podcast production. Finally, the guide ends off with the channels you can use to successfully promote your new podcast, ensuring that you get maximum exposure and support. Check out the link for full work flow details.


3. How to Launch a Successful Podcast Fast – Forbes

Author: Dorie Clark

This article is all about encouraging you to stick with your goals of launching your podcast, and fast. It explores the importance of understanding why you are creating the podcast, how to start strong, and explains your revenue strategy options. Included in the article are tips on how to increase your frequency, and the benefits of finding unusual guest to feature on your show. Finally, there is a big focus on the quality of your podcast.

The article shares personal experiences of how to improve the overall quality of your show, and alternative options you can use to make it most appealing to your specific target audience. An added feature is the story of Oldford, a young Canadian entrepreneur who launched two podcasts this year – Limitless Business Podcast and the Executive Minute. Both podcasts have grown tremendously and have hit #1 on the Canadian iTunes charts. Head on over to read the rest of the article and find out more about how to launch and grow a successful podcast.


4. 5 Steps to a Successful Podcast – Entrepreneur Magazine

Author: Zach Cutler

The featured article focuses on 4 steps to a successful podcast. This is more focused on the business strategy behind the podcast than the technical steps involved. This strategic 4-step plans lays out exactly what you need to design a good business plan for your podcast to succeed. The article recommends that you start with a mission, craft a clever name, secure interviews with interesting guests, produce high-quality audio, and finally, attract sponsors.

Once your podcast is off the ground with active listeners and a growing audience, the next step for many shows is to monetize so that the podcast can grow and become profitable. It is important to remember that when choosing sponsors you should always ensure that they resonate with the listeners. Check out the article for a more in-depth explanation on how to execute a successful strategy for your podcast.


5. 7 Tips for Launching a Successful Podcast – Mashable

Author: Brian Casel

This article takes a greater focus on how the structure and methods used to support a successful schedule to run your podcast. Important branding information is shared along with format and structure to ensure that content is regularly scheduled and produced to grow your audience. The guide also takes you through the steps and tips for creating unique content for each new episode. During the recording step, the article goes into depth about all of the avenues to use when doing your actual recording. Links to each of the products are scripted into the article for convenience. Finally, the guide also takes a focus on how to grow your audience once the podcast is live, as well as some in-depth tips for monetization of your podcast as an additional revenue stream. Head over to the website for more information on exactly how this is done.


6. How to Start Your Own Podcast – Sparring Mind

Author: Gregory Ciotti

This article is a great motivation and step-by-step list of exactly what is needed when first starting your podcast. Before taking you through the steps, the article actually allows you to weigh the options of whether or not it is worth it. The author outlines 4 crucial reasons why podcasting really helps both your business and your blog. These include variation in content, getting increased exposure, and more. Within the guide there are also helpful links to products such as the Audio-Technica AT2020 USB Condenser Mic, and where exactly you can find it.

Included in the guide are audio links with further explanations of each product in the step. Overall this is a very detailed guide that includes concrete promotional avenues for you podcast, the pro’s and con’s associated with each avenue. The author will lead you all the way from startup to iTunes submission in no time. Check out the link to find out more.


7. How to Make a Podcast – Buzz sprout

The Podcasting 101 Guide includes 6 chapters of content to help you start you podcast. Chapter 1 takes you through the benefits of starting a podcasting, including everything from what a podcast is, who listens to podcasts, and the vast amount of reach that a podcast can bring to your business.

Chapter 2 focuses on tips to creating a great and noteworthy podcast while chapter 3 shows you how to design an actionable plan to get your podcast off the ground. Chapter 4 places more emphasis on producing your first episode, and includes tips on editing and RSS Feed creation. Chapter 5 focuses on more in-depth specs, while chapter 6 is all about submission. Head over to the website to check out the in-depth visual guide to starting your very own podcast.


8. Learn How to Podcast – Podcast Answer Man

Author: Cliff Ravenscraft

The Learn How to Podcast 101 video tutorial provides you with more than 120 minutes of instruction to help build a solid foundation for setting up your podcast. You will be provided with all the building blocks you need to not only launch your podcast, but to understand what you need to properly execute this goal. The added bonus is a step-by-step guide of podcast launch from scratch with the use of 100% free online services.

Learn How To Podcast is for anyone who is just starting a podcast, or even for those who want to learn more about taking your podcast to the next level. Some of the steps described during the video series is an overview of how podcasting works, information about tagging you MP3 files, equipment options, website hosting recommendations, setting up your RSS feed, efficient production workflow, and finally a summary video of how to create a podcast in under 20 minutes. Head over to the site to check out all the tutorial videos, including a special Q & A session in Part 8.


9. How to Make a Successful Podcast – Digital Trends

Author: Joe Donovan

This guide is dedicated to showing you step-by-step how to set up the perfect podcast to suit your unique style. They recommend best podcasts to be inspired by and take you through each step with in-depth detail. Step 1 outlines everything form choosing a theme, to finding the resources necessary for production. Next they instruct you on how to do the actual recording as well as troubleshooting procedures. Step 3 is all about converting your audio file into a functioning podcast, while step 4 takes a focus on growing your audience and promoting your podcast through websites and social media. Click the link to head over to the article, and don’t forget to check out the great product recommendations listed in step 1 of the guide.


10. How to Start a Podcast: 5 Top Tools – Creative Bloq

Author: Tammy Coron

The Creative Bloq guide takes a focus on designers and showing them how to boos their careers by starting a podcast. Design-related audio shows are a great way to get inspired and improve your personal design skills. The guide uses personal experiences to lead you through the startup process. Each step has a preferred resource to use with links provided to go along with the description. Steps include connecting, recording, editing, and publishing. The article also goes on to explain other key resources to use, such as Twitter, and podcasting guides from Entrepreneur On Fire (also mentioned above). Check out the article for more information and in-depth explanations for each step.


11. How to Start a Business Podcast – Social Media Examiner

Author: John Lee Dumas

This is another great article by John Lee Dumas on the benefits of starting a podcast, step-by-step instructions, and promotional strategies. This guide is filled with great visuals to guide you through the process and provide more detail on exactly what the resources and process look like. It starts by outlining the benefits of starting a podcast, and then begins with 4 steps you can take to set yourself up for podcasting success.

The first step discusses recording and editing equipment, what you’ll need to buy, and how much you’d most likely have to spend. The guide runs through both free and paid options for your resources, so it is left to your discretion. Next it explains how to create powerful intros and outs to draw in your listeners and take your podcast to the next level of professionalism. Tagging, uploading, and submitting your MP3 is next on the list with great visuals to guide you through the process. Finally, the article ends with ways to achieve top ranking on iTunes and the specific criteria you’d need to meet to get there. Head on over to the website to go through the guide in greater detail.


12. The Most Comprehensive Podcast Tutorial Ever – My Wife Quite Her Job

Author: Steve Chou

On this site they provide you with a great video on how to start a podcast in under 2 hours. It is the most comprehensive, free podcast tutorial. The techniques described in this course was used to help Steve Chou reach #1 podcast in all of iTunes in the Business and Marketing category – all within only 4 hours! In the guide you’ll learn where to begin, what equipment to use, how to record and edit your podcast, how to tag your audio files, submit to iTunes, and finally, how to launch. On this website you will find videos, broken down into sections of the process. These include a quick start guide on how podcasting works, which equipment to use, recording, processing, and more. Head on over to the site for in-depth detail for each step, including recommended software, free software, and additional support services as well.


13. The 27 Steps to Get Your Podcast Into iTunes – School of Podcasting

The School of Podcasting provides an amazing 27-Step guide to launching your podcast on iTunes. Each step includes a detailed description of what exactly it means and what the benefits and results are. The guide also includes helpful links to equipment and resources that you may need during the startup process. The software and equipment requirements include an in-depth description of pricing for the different products to help you lay out your podcasting budget.

As an additional feature, the 27-Step guide also includes a step-by-step guide to setting up your podcast right within your website. It also provides information about domain names, graphics, intro music, and systems to implement for organizing your content. Finally, there is a summary check-list to note for producing your second and future podcasts. The website also gives you the option to join the School of Podcasting and use the tutorial as supplementary material. There is also the option of hire a consultant to guide you one-on-on through the entire process. Check out the website now for more detail and access to the 27-Step guide.


14. How to Start Your First Podcast – Hanselman

Author: Scott Hanselman

In this article the author discusses, in-depth, the equipment and editing services needed to produce a podcast. Each piece of equipment suggested is rated good, better, or best, with a pricing structure to guide you. For the editing procedure the guide discusses file structure for organization, features of the editing program, and where to find more in-depth tutorials for each. Finally, it ends with publishing and recommends Libsyn for hosting and publishing your podcast. In addition to this, the guide also provides a list of podcast directories for you to target when laughing your show. Check out the full article for more details and links provided.


15. How to Create a Successful Podcast – The Guardian

Author: Helen Zaltzman

This guide was inspired by the lack of help that was available for new podcasters just starting out. It discusses in full detail how to create a successful podcast, all the way from coming up with an idea, to recording and editing. There is also explanations of how to choose an appropriate name, finding a host, and designing a website to tell visitors what the podcast is and how they can get it. This allows you to pique the listener’s interest and creates searchable content linked back to your show. There is also the option of joining Helen’s Guardian Masterclass on essentials of podcasting. Head on over to the website for full details and a more in-depth explanation of each of these important headings.


16. How to Setup a Podcast – Hubspot

Author: Jeff Coon

The Hubspot guide places a greater focus on recording, sharing, working with your audio file, and submission on iTunes. It shows you how to start a podcast with just an iPad, iTunes, and a web browser. The guide recommends that you start small and grow into the platform over time.This way you can get the most out of the valuable tool of a podcast when building loyal fans and generating leads for your marketing strategy. Each section has an in-depth, step-by-step outline to follow, along with product recommendations to meet the podcasting requirement. The guide is filled with helpful hints and bonus tips to ensure that you do not forget any of the steps as you go through the process. The article also includes great visuals to add to the process follow-through and keeps you on the right track. Check out the website for more detail and to finally get started on your podcast.

We trust that these articles were more than exceptional in helping guide you through the process of setting up your podcast. If you came into this with no clue where to start, we hope that each of these sparked some broadcasting inspiration in your gut, to motivate you to launch your own successful podcast show.

With these helpful guides there is nothing that can hold you back except yourself. So when will you start?

Now we’d love to hear from you.

  1. Did you find these guides helpful?
  2. Are there any others that you would recommend to our readers?
  3. How did you find the motivation to start your podcast?
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