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Top 15 WordPress Templates for Podcasters on Themeforest

In today’s day and age where everyone can get any information in a matter of seconds, it can be very frustrating for your listeners when they’re searching for information about your podcast but can’t find any home base. Now, a home base does not mean a Facebook page or a LinkedIn account, it refers to your own website where your listeners can read about your back story, find old episodes, and provide them with an easier way to get in touch with you. 

So if you don’t have a website for your podcast yet or have never thought it was necessary then now is as good a time as any to create your own website and in turn, creating a way for your listeners to get to know you better. Plus, it will give them a consistent way to check out your show notes, access any links mentioned, and even subscribe to your newsletter to they never miss an episode. 

Creating a website from scratch will be challenging. So instead, why not use a WordPress template made especially for podcasts. There are tons of templates out there that are best suited for Podcasters and all of them are just as amazing as the next, so choosing just one might be your biggest challenge. 

To help you get closer to creating your own podcast website, here’s a list of the top 15 WordPress templates for podcasters on ThemeForest, to make your choice easier. 

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If you’re looking for a website theme that’s stylish but also functional then this is the theme for you. WpCast offers its users two options of homepage layouts, both equally as stylish and both options are filled with a ton of helpful design tools and features. Features such as the ability to highlight certain sliders according to importance, like the best episodes.

There’s also a drag-and-drop page builder integrated into this theme if you wish to make changes to the design of your website. WpCast has Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and other platforms integrated into the core of the theme. So you’ll have no trouble notifying these platforms about new episodes. WpCast can fully support podcast providers such as PowerPress, Libsyn, and Blubrry.


Unlike the other themes, Castilo was created just to help you launch a WordPress website for your podcast. This theme has a full RSS feed support to help you reach a larger audience and spread the word about your podcast.

Castilo will also help you import your files from another site if you prefer to use a different hosting site but at the same time still wanting your website to house your episodes and show notes. This theme is great, especially if you want to see your podcast statistics to help you understand how your podcast is growing.


As the name suggests, Podcaster is a WordPress Theme that was created specifically with podcasters in mind. It has everything you might need to have a successful podcast website. This theme offers you four design options to choose from that will help promote your podcast.

It doesn’t matter which option you choose, all of them will give you the option to feature your latest episodes on your homepage as well as all the necessary links to your blog. All options will also give you access to the theme’s author pages, archives and a full set of blog templates to choose from. 


Onair2 is a first-class WordPress Podcasting Theme, that will allow you to create your own unique website using their 11 custom post types, seven custom widgets, and 14 custom shortcodes. There is also a customizable podcast page template that you can use, which integrates with YouTube, Mixcloud and Soundcloud.

This theme has a ready-to-use built-in MP3 player with a ton of extra features to make your life a lot easier. Onair2 also offers you an eCommerce store feature so that you can sell your merchandise online to your audience.


Viseo is a flexible WordPress theme for creating news, video, and podcasting websites. One of the best parts of this theme is that there’s no need for you to have any coding skills whatsoever. Simply use their drag and drop page builder to create custom pages just the way you like.

This theme also gives you a “latest show” section, to share the newest content with your listeners. Viseo will provide you with a demo, which will help you explore all of the amazing features they have to offer. 


Castpod is a professional WordPress podcast theme with high mobile responsiveness. It’s so easy to use for both the podcasters as well as the listeners, this theme has a built-in audio player to increase your listener’s experience on your website.

For podcasters it’s easier to import episodes from an external source onto your website using your RSS feed and your listeners will also be able to access your podcast through these external sources not just through one site but also through external sites such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Stitcher. Castpod works especially well on smartphones, which makes it easier for your listeners to enjoy your podcast on the go.


Audioatro is a multipurpose audio WordPress theme that’ll work for anything from DJ’s websites, Music websites, or Podcast websites. The reason it’ll work perfectly for podcasters is because of all of the features they offer.

This theme offers podcasters two themes created specifically for them; the first one is an easy to use WordPress theme and the second one is flexible and can be adjusted to suit the needs of your podcast. Audioatro also has a unique 3D video-like audio player helping make your website more visually pleasing.


Megabyte is another great and functional WordPress theme for podcasters that offers users a ton of great features to help make their lives easier. The theme comes with a pre-built content site to get you off the ground and allows customization where you might need it.

Enjoy features such as their podcast players that you can place anywhere you want, widgets to show your latest episodes and most importantly links to your content on different platforms, such as podcast networks or social media. The great thing about Megabyte is that you don’t have to use the theme as it is; thanks to the integration with the Elementor page builder tool, you can open up the pre-built content and start editing by just dragging and dropping it where you want it.


Audonic is an audio-based WordPress theme that would work perfectly for podcasters. Since they are an audio-based theme you’ll have no trouble at all when it comes to importing your podcast episodes. You’ll also be able to add a featured image with every episode upload.

Audonic makes it very easy to link your site to services such as Apple Podcasts, SoundCloud and many more sites. The theme has both dark and light-colored layout and audio players to make it easier for you to create the look and feel you want. If you have a video podcast then this is the theme for you as this theme will work just as well with video as it does with audio.

Life Coach

Life Coach is a more in-depth podcasting theme, where you not only post episodes and show notes you can also add in testimonials from previous guests or reviews from listeners. Among the extra features is a space to share something about your amazing team, add live recordings such as events and most importantly, a page for you to sell your merchandise so you can start monetizing your podcast.

To help you manage your store and make your life simpler, Life Coach has integrated with WooCommerce. This theme also offers MP3 support to make it easier for you to import episodes as well as manage them.


Sonus was designed for the purpose of helping podcasters create and manage their own website. It has customizable audio players that you can design any way you see fit, adding buttons or removing buttons until it suits your idea. Buttons such as the fast-forward, rewind and the share button.

This theme has a very organized look to it with their grid format throughout the entire website. This does make it easier for your listeners to find the episode or blog post that they’re looking for. Sonus is also very compatible with all devices, changing to fit the format of each device.


Vice is a multi-purpose audio WordPress theme that you will be able to use to create your podcast website. This theme will help you provide your listeners with a responsive and mobile-friendly website they can enjoy wherever they might be. Make use of the off-canvas menu to ensure smooth navigation throughout the page.

This theme also has a very sophisticated audio player built into the theme that will update automatically when necessary. You will also be able to add a video background to your website page to make it more interactive and enjoyable for your listeners.


Soundbyte is a podcast and audio based WordPress theme, which is ideal if you’re still a little unsure. This theme allows you to manage your website using their drag and drop page builder, so you won’t have to learn any kind of coding.

You can even create sliders without any trouble; just use the simple frontend page builder and a premium slider with all the latest episodes. Soundbyte helps you create an Apple Podcasts and Google RSS feed, so your podcast can gain more exposure.


SONIK is a responsive music WordPress theme for anyone in the music industry and will work just as great for podcasters. This theme has four demos for you to choose from and 12 custom post types, which allows you to create a website related to your industry, in this case, podcasting.

SONIK has integrated with WooCommerce, which will make it easier for you to monetize your podcast, easily selling your merchandise right there on your website. Help new listeners get a taste of your podcast by creating a top 10 list on your website where they’ll be able to enjoy the best you have to offer without having to spend more than 5 minutes searching.


If you have a video podcast then Vlog is the WordPress theme for you. Vlog is a video blog WordPress theme that’s fully compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, and Twitch. This theme also supports video importer, which comes in handy. Just a few clicks and you’re importing podcast videos from YouTube or Vimeo onto your website.

Vlog offers you eight regular post layouts and five different featured area layouts to help make your website more unique. A great feature is that you can make “sticky videos”, which means that your podcast video will consistently play while they surf around the rest of your website, reading your blog or your bio.

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