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Top 10 Podcasts for Dads

In honor of Father’s Day, we’ve decided to create a list of the best podcasts especially for all those incredible dad’s out there! Being the “fun” parent and listening to a ton of kids stories and songs can become a bit draining at times, so when the little ones are finally asleep in the backseat or you’re on your way to work, perhaps instead of hoping for something nice to be on the radio just tune in to your new favorite dad podcast.

The list of podcasts below will celebrate fatherhood and give you real advice on parenting, financials and even a few health tips to be the best dad you can be!

Beardy Dads

Beardy Dads isn’t a podcast hosted by experts, it’s hosted by dads just like you. Roo and Nick are two dads from the United Kingdom, and they’ve been there and done that and are ready to share their experiences with you. So, if you’re like the Beardy Dads then you probably have very little experience with kids, babies and especially changing those nasty diapers. Tune in to their weekly podcast and enjoy episodes such as “Holidays are coming” and “Postman Pat”.

Listen here: Beardy Dads

The Modern Dads Podcast

The name says it all! The Modern Podcast Dads is a show for dads in the modern age published every two weeks. You can’t raise your children the way your parents raised you since times have changed and your parenting skills have to change with it. The role of a father has changed and has become more of an active role in their children’s lives. This podcast helps you navigate the new challenges of fatherhood as they stand today.

Listen here: The Modern Dads Podcast

The Dadcast

The Dadcast discusses topics such as “Top 5 Reasons Why Your Baby is an Asshole”, “Top 5 Reasons Why Dad Needs a Gun”, and “Top 5 Ways to Embarras Your Kids”. As you can see this podcast is unlike most dad podcasts! It is hosted by self-proclaimed “Super Dads” Nick Nieblas and Shawn Warner. It’s a mix of the best dad humor, insights and comedians.

Listen here: The Dadcast

The Fatherly Podcast

This podcast joins in on the conversation of famous and notable fathers. Listeners come for the celebrities but they stay for the stories. Get monthly advice from imperfect parents and find yourself fully amused and educated with episodes such as “Shooting Blanks: Are We Becoming a Nation of Vasectomized Men?” and “Ken Burns on War and Sons, Plus Jokes from a Six-Year-Old.”

Listen here: The Fatherly Podcast

The Life of Dad Show

The Life of Dad is an excellent podcast and blog specifically for dads. The podcast isn’t necessarily just about parenting; they have a lot of sports talk, interviews and even a bit of movie talk such as the latest animations. Listening to The Life of Dad is like having a discussion with other dads next to the soccer field or over a barbeque, it’s funny and engaging.

Listen here: The Life of Dad Show

Dad so Hard

Being a dad is completely different from being a mom, and sometimes people tend to forget that fact. Dad So Hard shares stories, advice on how to juggle having a life of your own, while also giving your kids everything they might need, such as time and love. Whether you’re a brand new father or have been one for many years, you will feel included and will be able to relate to this podcast topics.

Listen here: Dad so Hard

The Dad Podcast

The Dad Podcast is one of the most popular podcasts out there for dads to listen to. The show is hosted by comedian, husband, and father Justin Worsham, who brings a fun and hilarious spin to the world of fatherhood while being quite informative at the same time. He is a husband and father and he gets down and dirty on what parenting means and the challenges you might face as a parent.

Listen here: The Dad Podcast

The Dad Edge Podcast

Host and founder, Larry Hagner, breaks down all the challenges you might face during fatherhood, while also making it easier for you to understand and overcome. The Good Dad Project’s mission is to help you become the best version of yourself you can be and in turn guide your kids to become the best they can be.

Listen here: The Dad Edge Podcast


Fathers are always known for being the roughhouse, the one who will teach you how to throw a ball or build a treehouse. Whether you’re this type of dad or not, it’s guaranteed that you will worry about your kids when they get sick. PediaCast is hosted by a pediatric expert, Dr. Mike, answers questions and ensures that Dads and Moms are prepared for anything that might happen to your kid’s bodies.

Listen here: PediaCast

Dad’s Guide to Twins

Dad’s Guide to Twins Podcast is based on the book written by Joe Rawlinson. Each episode is around 8 minutes and is filled with unique tips and tricks on how to deal with having twins. Joe reviews children’s products and helps you find ways to deal with the daily challenges such as how to fit multiple car seats and how to potty train twins.

Listen here: Dad’s Guide to Twins

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