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They sent Tom Hanks an Interview Invitation in a Typewriter… His Response was Perfect

“The guys at Nerdist Industries sent Tom Hanks a typed invitation to come on their podcast. This is how the genius Tom Hanks responded.”



Whether it’s getting a guest post or an interview lined up, you’re going to face challenges. We all have that ideal guest in mind that we want to feature on our show. That one person you’ve been looking up to, the perfect addition to your show. While it’s never been easier to get a message to just about anybody, getting a response proves to be quite challenging. This can be countered with a bit of due diligence and creativity.

The folks at Nerdist Industries wanted an interview with Tom Hanks. For those who have tried contacting a big named star, you know it’s nearly impossible unless you have some sort of connection. But, they did their research and figured out what Tom likes and would most likely respond to. Then, with some creativity, pulled off possibly one of the best interview requests of all time.

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