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Podcast Hosting Platforms 2023

The Ultimate Guide of Top Podcast Hosting Platforms 2023

So, you’re ready to dive into the exciting world of podcasting? That’s a great idea! NOW is always a great time to start a podcast! (And in case you need any further motivation, check out this post for our Top Reasons to Start a Podcast in 2023.) So you’re armed with your brand-new microphone and sleek headphones. You know your topic, you’ve honed in your niche, and you’re ready to record your first few episodes. What comes next? You have to pick a hosting platform from the plethora of podcast hosting platforms available.

What Are Podcast Hosting Platforms?

In order to get your show out to the world, you need a podcast hosting platform – the bridge that connects you to your listeners.

Think of a podcast hosting site as your podcast’s central hub. It’s where your audio files, cover art, and necessary metadata come together. It’s like a delivery service that takes your content to platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify using your podcast’s RSS feed.

In simple terms, your podcast host is your secret MVP, connecting you with your audience, and handling technical tasks like syndication and storage.

Finding Your Perfect Podcast Hosting Platform

Now, here’s the key question…How do you pick the right podcast hosting platform? We’re making it super easy for you! With our Ultimate Guide to the Top Podcast Hosting Platforms in 2023. And with an array of options in 2023, from freebies to premium choices, the power is in your hands.

To help you navigate this terrain, we’ve curated a list of some of the top podcast hosting sites that cater to various needs and budgets.

Top Free Podcast Hosting Platforms

1. Buzzsprout

Podcast hosting platforms: Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout, established in 2009, has evolved into a podcasting powerhouse. Their innovative tools synchronize seamlessly with leading directories like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more. With a free plan offering 2 hours of monthly audio and episodes hosted for 90 days, Buzzsprout opens doors for beginners and experts alike.

Their plans make it easy to sign up, no contract or credit card needed, and you can cancel at any time. They have packages that offer more advanced features, and these range from $12 – $24 per month. 

Buzzsprout has a clean, straightforward approach to hosting podcasts – which we love! We haven’t had any issues with Buzzsprout (and we host a few hundred podcasts with them) and so we highly recommend them as a podcast hosting platform.

You can view their full list of packages here.

Check out our Partners page for more companies we love. You may even find some special offers!

2. PodBean

Podcast hosting: Podbean

PodBean is another great choice for hosting your podcast, providing a user-friendly platform to kickstart your podcasting journey.

Over 600,000 podcasters rely on PodBean’s hosting services to launch their show and achieve their podcasting goals.

Their always free, basic podcast starter package offers 5 hours of storage space with 100GB of bandwidth per month. You will also be able to build your own podcast website with access to beautiful podcast themes and a basic comprehensive podcasts stats overview. 

To find out more about PodBean’s offerings, including pricing and package options, explore the complete breakdown available here.

3. Podomatic


Next up, there’s Podomatic. Podomatic makes it easy to record and publish high-quality podcast episodes from anywhere! And with the Podomatic app, you can deliver content on time, grow your audience, check your stats, and more, no matter where you are in the world.

By picking Podomatic as your podcast hosting platform, you get powerful recording, publishing, stats & analytics, promotion, monetization tools and more, all in one place.

The free plan offers 15 GB Bandwidth/month, 500 MB of storage and no expiration (by all accounts, this is valid “till the end of the internet itself!”)

Podomatic also offers a number of paid packages, you can find out more here.

4. Spotify for Podcasters

Spotify for podcasters

Anchor is now Spotify for Podcasters. And Spotify for Podcasters is a comprehensive site catering to all your podcasting needs. You can use Spotify for Podcasters to create, distribute, analyze, and grow your show as well as gain access to exclusive earning tools and formats like video podcasts on Spotify.

By choosing Spotify for Podcasters, you can enjoy unlimited hosting and distribute your podcast everywhere. You can also take advantage of all that Spotify for Podcasters has to offer, with all-in-one, free platform with recording, editing, analytics, fan engagement, and monetization tools.

And great news, Spotify for Podcasters is free for everyone, all the time.

5. Spreaker

Podcasting: Spreaker

Sporting a sleek interface, Spreaker, as a podcast hosting platform, caters to both distribution and growth. And provides a podcast platform, with everything you need to distribute, monetize, measure, and record your podcast.

Spreaker’s distribution feature automatically distributes your content to all major listening platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google Podcasts, expanding your audience reach with minimal time and effort.

Their free package let’s podcasters record and broadcast live from their studio app, make money with the Ads feature, customize your RSS feed, and a whole lot more!

You can check out Spreaker’s packages and pricing here.

6. Acast


Another option under the banner of Free Podcast Hosting Platforms is Acast.

Acast’s free package enables podcasters to record and edit studio-quality audio, offers unlimited hosting and downloads of episodes, distribution to every podcast app, advanced podcast analytics, and even the opportunity to make money through Acast+ and ads.

You can check out all Acast’s packages and prices here.

7. SoundCloud


Next up, there’s SoundCloud

While SoundCloud is most famous for its music roots, it’s also a great option for a free podcast hosting platform.

And SoundCloud does offer features specifically for podcasts and podcast hosts. With their embeddable player and RSS capabilities, you can share your podcast to any blog or website as well as podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Spotify, all from one central hosting platform. 

Their SoundCloud Basic free package gives you three hours of content per month and some basic podcast analytics. 

SoundCloud does also offer paid packages which range from their SoundCloud Pro or their SoundCloud Pro Unlimited plan.


And our final contender in the “free podcast hosting platform” category is makes it easy for podcasters at every level to upload, share, and track a show, without any technical training. offers SEO optimized directory listing, automatic subscriber updates, unlimited everything, easy Apple Podcasts integration, and Google Analytics integration. 

As a free podcast hosting platform, offers all the features podcasters need to better manage podcasts all on one platform.

Top Paid Podcast Hosting Platforms

Now, if you’re looking for podcast hosting platforms that offer a little extra, and you’re willing to pay for said extra, here are the options for the top paid podcast hosting platforms available in 2023.

9. Libsyn


Libsyn, a podcast hosting veteran, boasts powerful tools for podcast networks and individual creators. Their packages offer publishing tools, media hosting, RSS support, website integration, and monetization features.

Libsyn hosts an incredible amount of podcasts, and is a top hosting choice for podcast networks.

All Libsyn’s podcasting plans include features such as, podcast distribution to all popular audience apps, access to podcast monetization through podcasts ads or podcast subscription creation, as well as free FTP uploads and dark mode publishing. Podcasters also get access to faster publishing with episode defaults and unlimited storage of text snippets for frequently used copy.

Check out all the Libsyn packages here.

10. Blubrry


Next up, another popular paid podcast hosting platform is Blubrry. Blubrry’s podcast hosting makes podcasting easier with their straightforward publishing platform, live customer support, stress-free migration and insightful statistics.

Blubrry’s seamless publishing platform, WordPress integration, and impactful analytics cater to podcasters seeking a smooth experience. They offer a variety of packages priced between $12 to $100 per month.

You can view the packages and the breakdown of their hosting plans here

11. Podigee


Podigee simplifies podcasting with its WordPress-friendly platform, analytics, and compatibility with major podcast directories. It’s a great fit for those who prefer an easy workflow and in-depth statistics.

This podcast hosting platform offers many powerful features to make podcasting simple.

If you pick Podigee, you’ll get access to features such as audio-enhancement as well as in-depth analytics so that you can track, measure, and improve your podcast.

You can check out their packages and podcast hosting pricing here

12. Castos


Ideal for WordPress users, Castos‘ Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin streamlines content publishing. So if your podcast website (and yes, a podcast website is a GREAT idea!) is hosted with WordPress, Castos could be your choice for podcast hosting platform.

Comprehensive analytics, YouTube republishing, and various plans make it an attractive option.

Some other perks for choosing Castos include private podcasts, unlimited episodes, unlimited podcasts, and a personalized podcast webpage.

You can check out all the options Castos offers here.

13. Simplecast


Next, there’s Simplecast. Trusted by thousands, Simplecast offers one-click publishing to major platforms, advanced listener analytics, and team collaboration tools. It’s an excellent choice for professional podcasters and networks.

Simplecast exists for the podcaster, giving shows of all shapes and sizes access to the same tools powering shows from some of the world’s biggest brands.

Check out there features and pricing here.

14. Captivate


Created by podcasters for podcasters, Captivate offers a range of features, including website creation, sponsor kits, private feeds, and more. It’s designed to help you share and grow your podcast with ease.

If you pick Captivate as your podcast hosting platform of choice, you will be able to create and distribute unlimited podcasts, get advanced analytics, monetize and promote in one simple, easy-to-use dashboard.

Find out more about Captivate’s packages and pricing here.

15. ZenCast


Another popular choice for paid podcast hosting platform is ZenCast. ZenCast focuses on optimization and audience growth with fast hosting, scheduling, and detailed statistics. ZenCast offers one platform with everything you need to publish, manage, and grow your podcast.

Picking ZenCast as your podcast hosting platform, you’ll get access to a customisable podcast player that looks great on all websites and is engineered to get you more subscribers. As well as website hosting that is included at no additional cost. With this, your podcast’s website will self update with each new episode that you publish saving you hours.

Check out all ZenCast offers here.

16. Audioboom


Audioboom is another leading global podcast publisher. Their services extend to well-known personalities and influential creators, making it a valuable platform for monetization.

Audioboom also aims to connect podcasters and advertisers with engaged audiences. With two powerful advertising products and true global scale, Audioboom offers podcasters options to help you deliver your campaign goals.

You can find out more about their packages here.

17. OmnyStudio


OmnyStudio caters to podcasters and radio stations, offering advanced audio management and publishing tools.

With OmnyStudio, you get unlimited storage, the option to manage multiple shows, as well as multiple users and permissions.

OnmyStudio also offers a whole range of great podcasting features, should you pick this platform as your podcast hosting site.

You can take a look at all their podcasting tools here.

18. Transistor


And finally, there’s Transistor. If you have multiple podcasts, Transistor might be the right choice for your podcast hosting platform. Transistor is often regarded as the best podcast hosting for multiple shows, because it gives you the option to create as many podcasts as you need, at no additional cost.

Another top feature of Transistor is the access to detailed podcast analytics. With these, you can view stats such as your average downloads per episode, popular podcast apps, number of subscribers, and even listening trends.

Transistor also offers a website builder which you can use to create a website for your podcast. You can pick the design, and Transistor will automatically generate a website for your show.

You can check out all that Transistor offers, as well as their pricing plans here.

Elevate Your Podcasting Journey with the Right Podcast Hosting Platforms

On your journey to podcasting success, selecting the right podcast hosting site is an important decision. Each of the top podcast hosting sites in 2023 brings unique features to the table. Whether you value simplicity, advanced analytics, monetization options, or seamless integration with major platforms, there’s a hosting site that aligns with your podcasting goals.

Before making your decision, consider factors such as pricing, storage limits, audience reach, and the level of technical support offered. Ultimately, the platform you choose should empower you to focus on creating remarkable content while effortlessly connecting with your audience on a global scale. So, take the time to explore these top podcast hosting sites and embark on an exciting podcasting journey that leaves a lasting impact.

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