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Busting some podcasting myths

The Truth About Some Common Podcasting Myths

Hey there, podcasters! Do you feel like busting some podcasting myths today? That’s great! Because that’s exactly what’s on the agenda for today. We’re diving deep into the world of podcasting myths and debunking them one by one. Whether you’re a seasoned podcaster or just starting out, it’s important to separate fact from fiction to ensure your podcast journey is smooth sailing. So, call us Adam and Jamie let’s jump right in!

Busting Some Common Podcast Myths

busting common podcasting myths

Podcasting Myth #1: You Need Expensive Equipment to Start a Podcast 

Here’s the first podcast myth we’re busting, that you need top of the line equipment to start a podcast. Well, I’m here to tell you that simply isn’t true. While having top-of-the-line equipment can certainly enhance your audio quality, not to mention, the expensive stuff looks really, really good, it’s simply not a necessity. And this is especially when you’re just starting out. 

Many successful podcasts have been recorded using budget-friendly microphones and recording setups. If you learn how to master your equipment, you can get great raw audio from entry level equipment. 

Our advice? Find the podcast equipment that’s right for your budget. Learn the in’s and out’s of said equipment. And then focus on delivering great quality content.

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Podcasting Myth #2: Podcasting is Easy Money 

Ok, we’re busting a big podcasting myths right here, right now. Number 2 in the most common podcasting myths is that you can make easy money – and lots of it – from starting a podcast. And I’m really sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but this simply isn’t the case.

While it’s true that some podcasters have found financial success through sponsorships, ads, from Patreon support, or live podcast events, the majority of podcasters don’t make a substantial income from their shows. Especially when they’re just starting out! 

Now, don’t get me wrong. There is definitely money to be made in podcasting. (And we dive into how podcasts make money here.) But it doesn’t “just happen”. Creating a successful podcast requires dedication, hard work, and consistent, high-quality content creation. 

And it’s once you’ve done this, that the doors for making money from your podcast begin to open. 

Podcasting Myth #3: You Need a Large Audience to Monetize Your Podcast 

On the topic of podcast monetization, here’s another podcasting myth…you need a massive audience to successfully monetize your podcast. Again, it’s time to bust this myth wide open.

Sure, it’s definitely much easier to successfully monetize your podcast if you have a large audience, but it’s definitely not a prerequisite.

What you really need is a loyal audience. 

Focus on building a loyal audience and providing value to your listeners, and the monetization opportunities will follow.

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podcast tips

Podcasting Myth #4: Podcasting is Saturated 

Next, we move on to common podcasting myth number 4, the podcasting space is saturated. Too saturated for you to start your podcast. Now, it is true that there are a lot of podcasts out there. According to the Podcast Index, the number is 4,122,531. (This number is obviously from the day this post was published – that number has more than likely grown significantly.) But the key thing to remember is that this number, while impressive for podcasting as a whole, is not indicative of the number of active podcast. That number is a lot smaller.

But more than the number of podcasts in the space, there’s another reason why this podcast myth simply ain’t true. The truth is that there’s always room for unique voices and fresh perspectives. Find your niche, create compelling content, and engage with your audience to stand out in the crowded podcasting landscape.

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Podcasting Myth #5: You Have To Pay To Listen To Podcasts

The next common podcasting myth is that you have to pay for the podcasts you listen to. And (thankfully) this is just isn’t the case. Podcasting, at its core, is a medium built on accessibility. The vast majority of podcasts are entirely free to listen to. 

Platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and many others offer a plethora of content without requiring any form of payment from listeners. While some podcasts may offer premium content or ad-free experiences through subscription models, these are optional and not a prerequisite for enjoying the wide array of podcasts available. 

The reason this myth came into existence has to do with a little misunderstanding of the word “subscribe”. In today’s digital world, we most often associate the word “subscribe” as coming something we have to purchase. Hence the confusion. 

Fun fact! The podcasting world is now trying to adopt the word “following” to try bust this podcasting myth.

Podcasting Myth #6: You Need to be an Expert to Start a Podcast 

Another common podcasting myth is that you have to be an expert to start a podcast. Either a podcasting expert or some sort of expert in your field. Again, let’s bust a podcast myth!

Podcasting is a platform for sharing stories, experiences, and opinions. You don’t need to be an expert in your chosen topic to start a podcast. Authenticity and passion are far more important than expertise. Share your unique perspective, be open to learning, and don’t be afraid to admit when you don’t have all the answers.

You also don’t need to be a podcasting expert before you start a podcast!

But if you’re looking for a great way to boost your podcasting skill set, then you need to check out our How To Launch a Podcast course series! It’s on Udemy. And it’s completely free!

Podcasting Myth #7: Podcasting is a Solo Endeavor 

And finally, we come to our last podcasting myth. And this myth is that a “good podcast” has episodes that are at least an hour long. And, as it is with all podcasting myths, this is a common misconception. Sure, Joe Rogan’s episodes are a mile long. But that certainly doesn’t mean yours should be!

The value of a podcast lies more in its content than its duration. Keep your episode full of highly-valuable content, and you’ll find podcast success. 

Ultimately, the success of a podcast should be measured by its ability to captivate and connect with listeners, not by the length of its episodes.

Podcast Myths Officially Busted!

And there you have it, folks! By busting these common podcasting myths, we can empower you to take your podcasting journey to new heights. Through learning the truth about these podcast myths, you’ll avoid common missteps, and know exactly what you need to do at each step of your podcasting journey.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to podcasting, but there are definitely common myths and missteps that every podcaster can avoid! So take heed of these common podcasting myths, and then find what works best for you and your audience. Keep creating, keep innovating, and most importantly, keep podcasting!

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