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Ep 7 Amina AlTai

007: The Power of Adopting a Beginner’s Mindset in Your Podcasting Journey with Amina AlTai

Launching a podcast can stir up a whirlwind of fears, from the vulnerability of sharing your voice to the pressure of realizing your full potential. Joining us today is Amina AlTai, host of the Amina Change Your Life Podcast, who, as a holistic business and career coach, has witnessed these fears play out firsthand through her work with clients. In addition to being a coach and podcast host, Amina is also a dynamic speaker, CEO, proud immigrant, chronic illness advocate, and author of the upcoming book, The Ambition Trap.

In today’s conversation with Amina, we hear about the many lessons she’s learned about launching a podcast and facing her fears head-on. She reflects on the importance of embracing a beginner’s mindset when first starting a podcast, why remaining flexible as a podcaster is key, and how hosting a podcast can help you attract clients who already find resonance with your message (and your personality!) Amina also shares her thoughts on stepping into your ‘bigness’, the fears that accompany this leap of faith, and how to harness feedback, even when it may seem harsh, to help you grow both personally and professionally. To hear all of Amina’s thought-provoking insights and kickstart your podcasting journey, tune in now!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

When you’re an expert in your field, like Amina, it’s likely that you haven’t been a beginner at something for quite some time. When you take on something new (like creating a podcast), shifting into a beginner’s mindset can be quite a challenge! Allowing yourself to be bad at something on the road to mastery can be a hugely humbling experience, and it’s one that a significant portion of podcasters can relate to!

Many of us have a fear of putting ourselves out there because we’re afraid of stepping into our own ‘bigness’, especially since embracing our bigness means taking on the responsibility to keep showing up in that way. It can also be daunting when you anticipate negative feedback or some sort of backlash, which is a fear that a lot of women and historically excluded people can relate to. Amina reminds us that embracing feedback, even when delivered harshly, is integral to personal and professional growth, as it often contains valuable insights that can drive us forward.

As podcasters, we tend to rely on data a lot. Amina reminds us of the importance of considering both qualitative and quantitative data. After all, feedback doesn’t always arrive in formal metrics; sometimes it comes through DMs, screenshots, and what listeners have to say about what resonates with them. It’s about striking a balance of respecting data while also recognizing its limitations.

What’s truly remarkable about podcasting is that people can spend time with you without ever meeting you in person. Amina’s podcast serves as a potent lead magnet for her coaching business. Listeners form a personal connection through her content, often arriving at sessions or consultations already intent on working with her, highlighting podcasting’s powerful ability to engage and nurture its audience.

For Amina, her podcasts are like a catalog of her teachings. So, when someone asks a question like, “How do I find my zone of genius?” she can recommend an episode of her podcast that breaks down the answer for listeners. Not only does podcasting enhance her coaching, but it also streamlines her work!Most people begin their podcasting journey with a clear idea of how they want things to unfold and what they want to achieve. However, as Amina wisely notes, the reality often takes a different turn. Many podcasters will find themselves needing to adapt and change course as their needs and the podcast’s mission evolve. This may sound intimidating, but when we embrace flexibility, it gives us the power to stay true to our passion and purpose, making the journey that much more enjoyable and fulfilling!


“I‘m a very curious person. I love learning about people. One of the greatest benefits of being on the podcast has been having people on that I’m genuinely excited to learn from and asking them exciting questions that blow my own mind.” — @aminaaltai [0:11:28]

“What’s great about [a] podcast is people can spend time with you without spending time with you.” — @aminaaltai [0:16:32]

“My producer/editor is amazing and does such an incredible job. I feel so supported in that, and I could not launch this podcast if I wasn’t supported.” — @aminaaltai [0:19:25]

“We all have these ideas of how we want the podcast to be or what we want it to do in the world. It’s probably going to twist and it’s probably going to be something different, like most things that we put out in the world.” — @aminaaltai [0:19:39]

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