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EP 32 Laurie Palau

032: The Organized Podcaster’s Path to Success with Laurie Palau

Organization is a key element to making your podcast a success and unfortunately, it isn’t a skill that comes naturally to everyone! Joining Carli today on the show is the incredible founder of Simply B Organized and the host of This Organized Life Podcast, Laurie Palau to share her podcasting journey and how podcasters can find success through organization! Laurie believes that streamlining your scheduling can make your podcasting experience so much easier and stresses the importance of consistency. 

Join the conversation as we dive into how to go from solo cast to interviewing guests, how Laurie measures her podcast’s success, what made her decide to add a second shorter episode to her show, and so much more! Hear all about how taking risks helped Laurie monetize her podcast and everything podcasting has taught her about life and business. Lastly, Laurie reminds us that our podcast guests are not responsible for promoting our show! This episode is filled with nuggets of wisdom so be sure to tune in now!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

How Laurie’s podcast started as an ‘audio blog’ and evolved into a massive part of her business. Laurie tells us about her entry into the podcasting world and why having someone to take care of the technical side of things contributed to her podcast’s success.

Laurie believes that the key to podcasting (and life) is consistency! Podcasting can be strange because you don’t get real-time feedback and that can be really isolating but Laurie reminds us that consistency is key. She also tells us how she decided to go from recording short solo casts to interviewing guests and how she found guests. 

Hear all about how you can stay organized when interviewing guests on your podcast. She tells us all the surprising benefits of hosting a podcast and shares why she loves learning so much from the experts she talks to. Laurie outlines the metrics she follows as an indication of success and how that’s impacted how she podcasts. 

Laurie shares her story on the evolution of her second episode – tip of the week. Podcasting experts teach that getting new subscribers is difficult but podcasters can increase their downloads if they add a second shorter episode to their schedule and today, Laurie explains how she did just that! 

Our guest is not afraid to take risks and reached out to brands directly to sponsor her show right off the bat! Laurie reminds us that when starting a podcast, approaching brands directly is the best way to monetize. And as an independent podcaster, you can decide how you want to advertise that brand! 

Finally, Laurie answers our rapid-fire questions and shares her non-negotiables when it comes to podcasting, why it’s not your guest’s job to promote your show, and what her podcasting dream is. She goes on to tell us how podcasting has changed her perspective of business and even life and has helped her evolve as a person. 


“For anybody that’s listening out there, I would say think about what [part of] podcasting – you want to do. You don’t have to do all of ‘the things’.” — @laurie_palau [0:07:33]

“Tip number one, if you’re going to bring on guests, is [to] streamline your scheduling through an app.” — @laurie_palau [0:18:20]

“The podcast should just be a conduit to all of the other things that you do!” — @laurie_palau [0:23:54]

“It’s not your guest’s job to promote your show and you hope that they will but you have to bring people on for the right reasons.” — @laurie_palau [0:34:32]

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