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EP 30 Reuben and Carli

030: The Keys to a Successful Podcast Launch with Carli and Reuben

The official launch of your podcast is a pivotal part of the whole journey; some might call it the genesis of your show. On the Business Beyond the Mic podcast, Carli welcomes one of our very own, Reuben Bester. Reuben is the productions manager at We Edit Podcasts, and he also heads up all of our client relations and handles all of our podcast launches. We believe that launching your podcast need not be a stressful experience. Instead, it should be a process that enables you to effectively communicate your approach to engaging with your target audience.

Join the conversation as we dive into the ins and outs of the podcast launching process; we get into the fuss of everything behind the launch and delve into our array of client packages, exploring their ideal fits. From there, we plunge into a discussion ranging from optimal practices for recording your debut episode to essential launch day must-haves. Furthermore, we share our post-launch strategies for sustaining momentum! Enjoy. 

Takeaways From This Episode:

You’re considering launching your podcast. Should you make a fuss about the elusive launching process? Reuben shares his thoughts on why the launch is pivotal and the genesis of starting your show.

Why We Edit Podcasts’ launch packages are something to consider if you find yourself faced with no direction and in need of a guide to face the daunting launch process. Reuben unpacks the different options and who we’ve tailored each package for. 

He walks listeners through the elements of the custom launch package; from the fun introductory call, recording feedback, different marketing techniques, and everything in between to ensure a successful launch!

A peek into what it looks like to do your recording and why it’s essential that your setup is sorted! (It’s better to do everything right the first time!) We share out-of-the-box tips and tricks for ensuring good-quality audio and podcasting, results.

The big day! Capitalizing on the generated traffic, knowing your publishing cadence, and why exposure can lead to more subscribers. Reuben unpacks the marketing strategies behind your big launch and explains why you should also use social media as a platform to leverage other people’s audiences. 

Reuben sheds light on using paid advertising and how it can give you a significant leap forward and boost your launch day results. We wrap things up with some post-launch tips to keep in mind, and to keep your momentum flowing!


“I think [the launch is] such a pivotal part of the whole thing. It’s the genesis of starting a show, especially if you’re a first-time podcaster.” — Reuben Bester [0:02:56]

“The worst thing in the world is to have a great hour-long discussion, and afterward, your editing company tells you, ‘This is not usable’.” — Reuben Bester [0:07:17]

“Begin with the end in mind, it’s always a good rule.” — Reuben Bester [0:08:14]

“Prepare, prepare, and test. What can happen will happen. That is a rule!” — Reuben Bester [0:11:19]

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