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the best ways to discover new podcasts

The Best Ways to Discover New Podcasts

Are you always looking to discover new podcasts? For us, it’s almost a chronic problem! The problem, however, is not that there are not enough podcasts. Quite the opposite in fact. There are tons of podcasts! The problem is that we’re on the hunt for those podcast gems. Those true stories that draw us in. The comedy shows that make us cry with laughter. Those self-improvement pods that inspire us. Or the works of fiction that mesmerize the imagination. These are the podcasts we’re after. And podcast discoverability is a real issue!

So, how do we discover the standout podcasts?

Sure, you can check out the suggestions on your podcast-listening app of choice. And we have found some great podcasts like that. However, we’ve discovered just because it’s suggested, it doesn’t mean that it truly is a great podcast. And in all honesty, I’ve been let down more often than not when using this method of podcast discovery.

But that’s exactly why we started collecting some top resources and strategies to help us quench our podcast needs.

Over the years, we have developed some strategies that help us find the best podcasts in any given topic. Keep reading as we share our best ways to discover new podcasts and help you curate the perfect playlist for your listening pleasure.

Ways to Discover New Podcasts

1. Podchaser

Discover new podcasts: Podchaser

One of the first places we look when we’re looking for our next favorite listen is Podchaser. Podchaser is basically the IMBD of podcasts, so it’s a great place to check out if you’re looking for top listens.

In addition to offering universal ratings of episodes, creators, and podcast profiles, The Feed is an invaluable source for content curation. It ensures that you’re always in the know when it comes to new shows and recommended listens.

You can also follow your favorite celebrities and creators, and you’ll get notifications whenever they appear on a podcast. Which, in turn, helps you find new great shows to check out.

Another reason we love Podchaser is its list-making capabilities. You can create collections of all your favorite shows, share these lists with your friends, and check out lists of other avid podcast listeners. It’s a fantastic resource to help you keep your podcast playlist full of great shows.

2. The Trailer Park Podcast

Trailer Park the Podcast Trailer Podcast

Trailer Park: The Podcast Trailer Podcast is a podcast that showcases podcast trailers. It’s the newest addition to our list of podcast discovery methods, and it’s quickly earning its spot as one of our favorites.

The podcast is hosted by Arielle Nissenblatt and Tim Villegas and the premise is pretty straightforward. Podcasters submit a podcast trailer to the podcast to be reviewed on the podcast.

All trailers are welcome, even those for shows that never quite got off the ground. The hosts then discuss and analyze the trailer, and talk to its creator. So it’s as much a learning opportunity as it is a discovery tool, and we’re here for it all.

3. Goodpods


Goodpods is another top resource for finding new favorites. Described as the Instagram of podcasts, this app is an endless source of great podcast recommendations with a social feel.

With this podcast app, you can save shows to check out later and get connected with the podcasters that you admire. You can also conveniently use their built-in player to listen to that latest episode on the go!

But the social aspect of this app comes in with its sharing options. You can share the podcast magic by directly recommending that amazing episode to your friends, and you can even chat with others who love your favorite podcasts as much as you do! If you’re looking to find and enjoy podcasts with other podcast enthusiasts, Goodpods is the place to do it.


Reddit Podcast Recommendations

If you’re not using Reddit to help you find your next top podcast, now is the time to start. Reddit is a great source for discovering new podcasts, especially when you’re looking for something specific. With thousands of subreddits dedicated to podcasts and other audio-based content, there’s sure to be one that can help lead you to your next favorite listen.

What we love about Reddit is the ability to get real recommendations from real people who love podcasts as much as we do. It’s a great place to turn to when you need quick suggestions for a top podcast.

Ratings and Reviews

Another strategy I use to find a great new podcast is the ratings and review feature on Apple Podcasts or Podchaser. Now, this method might not be for everyone, but it is certainly one I use on a regular basis.

Why? Because I like reviews. For Airbnb’s, for restaurants, for films, and, of course, for podcasts. I like taking the time to read podcast reviews as it helps me figure out if I should invest my time in the podcast in question.

Genuine reviews are a great resource for finding out what shows to add to your podcast playlist. So if you do use Apple Podcast suggestions as a way to discover new podcasts, then I highly recommend adding a perusal of said podcast’s reviews before diving in.

NOTE: If you haven’t checked out Bone Valley yet (the show whose reviews are featured in the image) I would highly recommend doing so!

Related read: Do We Still Need Podcast Reviews? This is an opinion piece from a few years ago. But I still stand by the sentiments. Let me know your thoughts!

For Young Listeners

Sound Carrot

We haven’t forgotten about the next generation of podcast listeners! Here’s a great podcast discovery tool just for young listeners…

Sound Carrot

Sound Carrot is a place that makes the discoverability of great, kid-friendly podcasts super easy! Sound Carrot is a passion project of a dad for his podcast-loving kids. And it’s full of kid-friendly podcasts! It’s a great resource for parents and kids to browse shows that are safe for them to listen to.

There are tons of categories that cater to all types of interests. And you have the surety that these shows have not been added to the site without the approval of young listeners.

The Podcast Digest: We Edit Podcasts

We take podcast recommendations very seriously! So you can be sure that any podcast we recommend on any of our recommendation posts via our blog, The Podcast Digest, is going to be worth its salt. We take a lot of time to find the best options to share with you, as we only want to share the best.

We do general “best podcasts” round-ups, but we also enjoy our themed lists. Into Harry Potter? Star Wars? Looking to boost your productivity or creativity? We have recommendation posts for all of these and so much more!

Podcast Newsletters

The last few podcast discovery tools are podcast newsletters. These are a fantastic way to discover new shows, and they’re delivered straight to your inbox!

There are plenty of podcast recommendation newsletters out there, but these are some of our favorites.

Podcast Delivery

Podcast Delivery

Podcast Delivery consistently delivers top-notch podcast recommendations. And this is because they really take the time to find the gems.

There’s always a great write-up for each podcast they feature, which really helps you figure out whether or not their suggestions are the ones for you. 

The overviews are thorough and really do give you a good sense of whether or not to invest your time in this particular podcast.

EarBuds Collective

EarBuds Podcast Collective

Arielle Nissenblatt has her second feature on this list by way of her podcast recommendation newsletter, the EarBuds Podcast Collective. This weekly newsletter features 5 exciting podcast episodes that have been curated according to a particular theme. And each curated list has been compiled by a different person each week. 

The aim is to bring the diverse, eclectic, and ever-growing podcast universe directly to listeners, and they achieve this each and every week.

You can sign up for their newsletter here. And you can dive into their impressive archive of podcast recommendations here.

Find That Pod

Find That Pod

Find That Pod is another top podcast recommendation newsletter, and one of our go-to’s when we’re looking for a new show pronto! Each newsletter features five top podcasts. And you can rest assured they’re being recommended only because they’re great!

The write-ups are thorough, and the shows featured come from all sorts of categories and niches. And with an impressive archive, you’re sure to find at least one amazing new podcast to dive into today.

The End

The End

Last (ironically) but certainly not least, we have The End. If you love fiction podcasts or audio dramas, then you’re definitely going to want to sign up for this podcast recommendation newsletter.

Brought to us by Evo Terra, a well-known name in the podcasting industry in his own right, The End is particularly special because it focuses on complete works, either at the series or season level. Which is amazing if you’re someone who loves to binge-listen, or you’re looking for shows for that upcoming road trip! So if you love fiction podcasts, audio dramas, radio plays, or even audiobooks, this is the podcast discovery tool you’ve been looking for!


Discovering new podcasts can be tough. Especially when you’re looking for the best the podcasting space has to offer. And if you’re an avid podcast listener, you know the type of quality you want from a show. But as I’m sure you know, it’s not always easy to find those quality podcasts. You know they’re out there, it’s just not always easy to know how to actually find them.

But the strategies we’ve shared today have never failed to deliver at least one new show that gets bumped up to “favorite”. So check them out, and never be without an amazing podcast again!

How do you find great podcasts? Share your strategies with us in the comments!

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