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The Best Podcast Editing Tips from We Edit Podcasts

Editing is an essential part of the podcaster’s process. It’s far more than simply snipping out awkward silences and adding in catchy jingles.

Skillful editing can take your show from good to great. And it can make your valuable content shine all the more brightly. But this doesn’t just happen! It can take years of practice to hone your editing skills.

But some helpful tips and tricks along the way can definitely speed up the process of acquiring pro levels of podcast editing skills.

So…do you want to learn how to edit a podcast like a pro?

Well, then you’re in the right place! We’ve put together our best tips for editing your podcast. From basic editing techniques to insider tips and tricks, we have everything you need to know to help you take your editing skills to the next level!

First up, an array of great general podcast editing tips.

Best Practices for Recording Your Podcast [A Pre-, Mid-, and Post-Podcast Recording Cheat Sheet]

As a podcaster, you aim to create a great podcast episode each and every time you sit down to record. That’s obviously the goal, but how do you make that happen? How do you ensure that you get the best out of each guest? Or ensure that when you’re flying solo, you’re hitting it out of the park?

As it is with most things in life, it’s really the small, consistent things that end up making the most difference in the long term. And the same is true for your podcast. There are a few seemingly small checks or practices that you can implement that can help you achieve great success.

So today, we’re going back to basics by sharing some best practices for recording your podcast. We’re dubbing this your pre-, mid-, and post-podcast recording cheat sheet as these sneaky little tips often go overlooked. But are really key to helping you reach podcasting success!

Let us help you nail the basics with these insider tips which will see you ace every recording! 

Let’s dive right in!

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How To Seriously Speed Up Your Podcast Editing

Do you feel the need? The need for speed? Yes, that’s an adaptation from a famous Top Gun line, but Tom Cruise may have been on to something! In a world where everything happens so quickly, and where we want fast-paced results, we’re always on the hunt for ways to get the best results while still saving that precious time.

And when it comes to podcasting, one of the areas that tends to be anything but timeous is the editing process. 

Enter this post.

We’ve compiled our 10 best tips to help speed up the editing phase and help make your overall podcast production process as efficient as possible. Because the less time you spend editing, the more time you’ll have to create epic content for your show, come up with great marketing campaigns, or engage more meaningfully with your loyal listeners.

We’ve divided the tips into 3 phases because speeding up your podcast editing can be done by making some small changes. 1. Before you’re recording, 2. while you’re recording, as well as 3. while you’re in the actual audio editing phase.

So buckle those seatbelts as we check out all the tips you need for speedy podcast editing! 

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10 Editing Tips to Increase Your Podcast Sound Quality

Any podcaster will tell you that what you’re really after, before you’ve built a strong podcast community around your show, and have gathered loyal listeners who eagerly await each new episode to drop, is a podcast that sounds amazing. High-quality audio is essential to a successful podcast. But great-sounding audio doesn’t just happen. There is a lot that happens behind the scenes in order to produce a stand-out show.

We’re talking about the editing process.

Expert editing can be the difference between a great show and an absolutely amazing show. But it can be a time-consuming endeavor, and you may not feel like you have the skill set you need to really do the job well. Enter, this post, which aims to equip you with some handy editing tips and tricks to help you improve the sound quality of your podcast.

And because we only want to give you the absolute BEST editing advice, we’ve had our team of expert podcast sound engineers share their ultimate 10 editing tips to help amp up your podcast sound quality. Get your notebook, your iPad, your bullet journal, or whatever you use for serious note-taking ready – you’re going to want to write these tips down!

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You can also improve your editing skills by weeding out some editing myths and misconceptions you may be believing…

Busting 7 Podcast Editing Myths

Today’s post is all about busting the myths and mysteries surrounding podcast editing. When it comes to podcast editing, as it turns out, there are vast and varied thoughts on the matter. There are those who think that editing destroys the authenticity of the podcast medium. There are some who think that editing can only be done by the tech-savvy among us. And there are others who believe it is a costly endeavor and write it off entirely.

Well, we’re here to tell you that much of what people believe about podcast editing is founded upon fallacies! But never fear! We’ve set out on a myth-busting escapade and we’re determined to straighten out all the half-truths and whole lies in order for you to get the straight-up truth when it comes to podcast editing.

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Next, let’s talk software.

Overview of the Best Podcast Editing Software

A great podcast is made up of many components working together to make a phenomenally-sounding final product. From crafting stand-out content to recording crystal clear audio, and promoting your show across various channels, a successful podcast really depends on accomplishing a whole lot of smaller tasks well. And one of those very important parts is the editing process.

The editing process brings your ideas to life by weaving together the narrative you want to tell. And it helps fine-tune that delivery through the removal of anything that detracts from the core story.

There are no two ways about it, editing is a vital part of the podcasting process.

And this magical editing process is only made possible through editing software. But with so many software options available, how do you pick the right one for you and your show?

We’re taking a look at 7 of the top editing software you can use to turn your podcast into an audio masterpiece. We’ve got options no matter what operating system you favor, your skill levels or your budget, so we’re confident the perfect software for you is in this mix! 

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The Best Free Podcast Courses for Serious Skill Improvement

Are you a podcaster who wants to take your show to the next level? Are you looking for ways to improve your skills or learn new techniques to take your podcast to the best that it can be?

Great news!

You can stop your search!

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best free courses to boost your podcast-producing skills. These courses will help you learn about different aspects of podcasting, from production and editing to marketing and branding. So whether you’re a beginner podcaster or someone who wants to take their podcasting skills to the next level, these courses are for you!

What are you waiting for? Let’s boost those skills!

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The Best Free Resources to Enhance Your Podcasting Skill Set

Are you looking for ways to take your podcast to the next level? You could look at growing your audience through email marketing, upping your social media game, or spending more time in the editing process to help fine-tune the final product. All of these are ways that could really boost your reach and improve your podcast. But there is another way you can improve your podcast – you could improve yourself!

You are the one thing every area of your podcast has in common, so if you can improve your skills in some (or all) of those areas, it follows that you’ll be able to channel that into your show, making it that much better all round!

And to help make that process all the more actionable, we’ve collected some of our favorite resources covering different areas of podcasting to help you enhance your podcasting skill set. Best of all, all these resources we’re sharing today are totally free or can be accessed through a free trial period. Meaning there is zero reason to not boost those skills today!

Check these out!

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Podcasts and Royalty Free Music PLUS 12 Resources For Royalty Free Music And Sound Effects

There can be no doubt that music is an incredibly powerful tool. It stirs emotion, sets the scene, and can transport listeners to another time and place. And for podcast creators, music and sound effects can really take a show to the next level.

Whether it’s a catchy intro that grabs the attention of new listeners, spooky sound effects that perfectly complement your fiction podcast, or fun jingles that help you seamlessly transition to your different segments, music, and sound effects are an integral part of the podcast-listening experience.

However, adding music and sound effects to your podcast is not a straightforward procedure. And that’s because of a little thing called Copyright. Copyright laws and music licensing prevent the wrongful use of another’s creative work without the correct permissions and/or payment agreements. It is, therefore, illegal to use copyrighted music on your podcast.

We’ve handpicked 12 of the top sites that offer royalty free music and sound effects podcast creators can safely use on their podcast. And with a mix of free and paid options, there will be something for every type of podcast host with any type of podcast on this list!

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Podcasting is a lot of fun! But it takes a good amount of time and effort to produce a high-quality show. If you’re not outsourcing your editing, the editing phase is likely going to be the most time-consuming part of your production process.

And if you didn’t already have some experience with audio editing, it’s also going to be the area of your podcast that has the steepest learning curve. This can be super frustrating, especially in the beginning!

But, we’re hoping we’ve made your podcast editing just a little bit easier by sharing all our editing tips and tricks!

Put them into practice, and you’ll soon be a podcast editing afficiando!

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