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The Best Holiday Podcasts to Listen to this Festive Season

Are you looking for holiday podcasts for your festive podcast playlist? If you’re like me and the 3.6 million other people who have watched Three Wisemen and Baby already (fun fact: it’s the most-watched cable TV movie of 2022) you’ll know that the Holiday Season is definitely in full swing!

Lights are going up, trees are being decorated, and hot chocolate a plenty is a-brewing!

All that’s missing?

Some holiday podcasts!

Holiday podcasts are a great way to get into the holiday spirit

Yes, that’s right! Podcasts are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit! We might still be wrapping up (excuse the pun) work projects and ticking off our to-do lists before the holiday break, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get the festive feelings flowing!

And podcasts are a perfect way to do that!

Whether you’re still commuting to work, or looking for something “merry and bright” to listen to whilst gift wrapping or cooking up a storm, festive podcasts are the perfect way to get into the holiday spirit.

Our elves have been hard at work gathering a list of some of the best festive podcasts for the holiday season. And we’re sharing them with you today!

These podcasts are definitely some top (elf on a) shelf picks! We guarantee it will lift even the grinchiest of hearts!

So grab a cup of that hot cocoa, and check out these truly festive holiday podcasts.

The Best Holiday Podcasts for The Festive Season

The Holiday Season

The Holiday Season Podcast

Do you love The Holiday? For many, it’s a Christmas favorite. If that’s you, then check out The Holiday Podcast this holiday season…before this year’s re-watch!

This podcast takes a detailed look at director Nancy Meyers’s 2006 Christmas classic, The Holiday. It’s a lovely listen for The Holiday fans, but also for all types of film fantatics. It’s a true deep dive! The episodes cover different angles of the film. Sam, the host, gets to talk to so many involved in bringing this classic to life, and it’s just really fun to explore this beloved film so thoroughly!

Take a listen, and we’re sure that this podcast will get an annual revisit, much like its counterpart.

Deck The Hallmark

Deck the Hallmark

Christmas movies are pretty synonymous with ‘The Holiday Season’. (No, we don’t care that they’re cheesy, okay?!)

And so if you love the holidays for all the Christmas movies (with their often ridiculous plots and all!) hitting our screens, then check out Deck The Hallmark. Join Bran, Panda, and Dan (AND FRIENDS!) as they attempt to watch and review made-for-tv movies. Just 3 dudes…watching made-for-tv movies.

This podcast is guaranteed to bring on laugh-out-loud moments. It’s really fun to listen to them unpack the plots. We all know they’re pretty unrealistic, but it’s fun to hear them voice these thoughts, whilst still appreciating what makes Christmas movies…well…Christmas movies.

If you’re looking for something cheery and outright hilarious for your holiday podcast playlist, Deck The Hallmark should definitely be on that list!

The Lost Christmas Podcast

The Lost Christmas Podcast

The Lost Christmas Podcast is a podcast that is both fun and informative. If you love your holiday podcasts stuffed with some holiday history, this is the show you’ve been looking for.

With each episode, you’ll dive into the characters, stories, traditions, food, and everything else surrounding the Christmas season all over the world. And each episode ends with a passage from The Lost Years of Santa Claus book, recounting stories that fill gaps in the Santa Claus mythos and answer questions about the man himself and his real story.

It’s the perfect combo of fun, information, and story-telling. It will make for some fun holiday listening!

Christmas Past

Christmas Past

On Christmas Past, join Brian Earl as he explores the fascinating stories behind the most wonderful time of the year. It’s equal parts nerdy deep dive and warmhearted celebration.

Because behind every Christmas tradition is a story, often a forgotten one. If you’ve ever wondered how all the holiday traditions came to be, this podcast will give you all the answers!

And, will make for some seriously interesting table discussions as you share what you’ve learned about the fascinating stories behind our favorite holiday’s traditions.

The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton

The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton

While the Holiday Season is often traditionally about ‘Hustle and Bustle’, The Calm Christmas Podcast with Beth Kempton is a refreshing change of pace.

The Calm Christmas podcast is a cosy listen during the darkest season of the year. Bestselling wellbeing author Beth Kempton shares soothing wintery words from her favorite poets and writers, tips for a stress-free holiday season and advice for taking care of ourselves at this time of year.

In each episode, we get to join Beth at her kitchen table deep in the English countryside to explore ideas for a natural and sustainable Christmas, look into the origins of some of our most-loved traditions, and see how winter is endured and celebrated around the world.

It’s the perfect podcast to help you unwind this holiday season.

Christmas Old Time Radio

Christmas Old Time Radio

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas! Santa has his sack just packed full of old time radio shows. And if you are good, Santa will be podcasting these heart warming and family fun shows from the Golden Age of Radio.

Christmas Old Time Radio features stories that embody the holiday spirit, and will bring on the festive cheer faster than your Aunty Betty’s eggnog!

If you’re looking for a cozy listen, whilst you’re huddled up around a fireplace, stringing lights on your tree, or on your annual family roadtrip, this podcast is it! It’s the perfect listen for the whole family, and listening to it as the holiday season rolls around will likely become a new holiday tradition.

Tis the Podcast

Tis the Podcast

Tis the Podcast is determined to keep the Christmas Spirit alive 365 days a year! Join Anthony, Julia, and Thom as they embark on a magical journey debating and discussing different Christmas movies, specials, and television episodes each week. 

Fill your Christmas mug with your favorite holiday beverage, and enjoy all the festivities of the season with Tis the Podcast.

You can also visit their website to see the running ranking of all the movies they review.

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown Show

One thing we always forget about come the Holiday Season is all the lists that have to be made! There are gift lists, the activity lists, the movie lists, all the grocery lists, and of course The List! (You know, the one that Santa has to check twice…)

So, if you’re looking for a little help compiling your holiday lists, check out Christmas Countdown.

Hosted by actor Eric Petersen (Kevin Can F Himself) and TV producer Danny Jordan (Extreme Makeover: Home Edition), Christmas Countdown is the merriest and jingle-belliest show this side of the North Pole!

Every episode Eric and Danny count down holiday-themed lists, ranging from top 10 Christmas movies and top 10 stocking stuffers to top 10 holiday traditions and top 10 Christmas songs.

With this holiday podcast on your playlist, at least some of those lists will be taken care of!

Christmas Creeps

Christmas Creeps

For something a little left of the tradition holiday cheer, you could check out Christmas Creeps.

Christmas Creeps is your one stop shop for holiday madness all year round. Join hosts Joseph Wade, Johnny-5 and Mr. Bradford twice a month as they destroy holiday movies and TV shows in search of the true meaning of Christmas.

There’s tons of witty banter, and interesting discussions about Christmas movies…some that you know, and some you’ve never heard of!

Don’t let the name and podcast artwork fool you! This is a great festive listen.

Santa’s Podcast

Santa's Podcast

A perfect holiday podcast for the whole family is Santa’s Podcast.

Santa Claus delivers a special message in his podcast beginning on December 1st and each and every day until Christmas! Santa will answer the most asked Christmas questions, such as how does Santa get into homes without chimneys and what is Mrs. Claus’ name? Enjoy festive stories, the origins of holiday traditions and positive messages, such as the importance of being kind to others. Follow Santa’s Podcast to receive a new episode each and every day!

A really fun, festive podcast to get you feeling the magic of the Holidays.

Welcome to Tinsel Town: A Christmas Adventure

Welcome to Tinsel Town

Looking for a some festive fiction podcast for young listeners? Then you need to check out Welcome to Tinsel Town.

After making a wish on the Christmas Star, Holly finds herself popping in and out of Tinsel Town, a magical place where it’s Christmas everyday. But after getting stuck there, her friends – a giant candy cane, a mysterious ornament, and a polar bear Queen – need to band together to help her get home. As things start to fall apart in Tinsel Town, the curmudgeonly Conductor accuses Holly of ruining Christmas and does everything in his power to try to ban her from celebrating ever again. Will Holly and her friends figure out where her wish went wrong in time to get her home for the holidays? “Welcome to Tinsel Town” is a Christmas podcast audio drama, suitable for all ages. 

The perfect listen for school runs, or when you’re doing some holiday crafts, your kids will love this festive tale.

A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol podcast

This classic holiday tale is brought to life in this audio drama podcast. A Christmas Carol shares the classic ghost story by Charles Dickens, abridged in 9 episodes.

Follow along as Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future in a heartwarming story that is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. This is another great family listen, great for bedtime, or cozy evenings.

It’s a classic tale told exceptionally well.

Feeling Festive Yet?

The holidays are a time for family, friends, and of course – listening to festive podcasts! And these are some of the best ones out there to get into the holiday spirit.

So put on your favorite ugly sweater, pour yourself a hot chocolate, and feel the festive cheer with some amazing holiday-themed podcasts!

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