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The Benefits and Challenges of Starting Multiple Podcasts

It’s hard finding just one thing that you’re passionate about when there are so many incredible topics, hobbies, and other interesting adventures out there! The same goes for podcasting. Your podcast is your safe space where you can share your knowledge and passion with people in a similar mindset, providing listeners with something interesting or entertaining. So why should you restrict yourself to having one podcast and only sharing a small part of yourself with the world? The answer is, you shouldn’t! 

Why only create one podcast when you can create two, three or even four podcasts? As with many things in life, often times our interests change and you get a fire for something new. This might spur you to want to share it out with your listeners. But instead of trying to introduce a new topic into your established audience, it is better to design a new podcast tailored to an audience that is interested in your new topic. The options for podcasts are endless! It’s really all up to what you decide to do and what works best for you. 

If you want to start more than one podcast then go for it! Many podcasters are currently running multiple podcasts at the same time and experiencing major success. Just take a look at Pat Flynn, Tim Ferriss, and many others. No one can stop you from starting multiple podcasts except yourself.

Before you get started on your multiple-podcast journey, let’s take a look at some of the obstacles, challenges, and strategies for success!

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What are the Benefits of Having Multiple Podcasts?

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Having multiple podcasts has many benefits and can open up the door for a much wider audience to hear your message. The best part about a second podcast is that you are already established as a podcaster with your first show. You already have access to a great audience that knows your content and you will be able to use the influence you gained from your first podcast to create buzz around your second. 

A great way to get immediate feedback on the idea for your second podcast is to present the idea to your current audience and hear what they think about it. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that they will be your target audience, but it is a good way to “survey the room” to get a general feedback response. 

Once you’ve decided on the idea for your podcast and finalized all the planning, you can then start to promote the new podcast to your current listeners as a way to kick start the launch. Ask your loyal fans to show your new show the initial support it needs to give it a successful launch, allowing it to grow from there. If your listeners enjoy what you have to say, they might even be willing to listen to you discuss any other topic. However, if they are not interested, then they can still continue to hear the topics they love on your first podcast while your second podcast makes the shift to a new audience. It’s really a win-win! 

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Are You a Podcasting Novice?

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Before starting a second podcast, remember that podcasting isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. It takes a lot of time and effort to create something worthwhile. So if you’re just starting your first podcast, then stick to one podcast for a while until you get the hang of it and feel confident enough to start a second or even a third podcast. Starting with too many podcasts at once might become a bit overwhelming and cause you to lose interest in your podcasts.

Keep in mind that podcast success might take longer than you expected, so give your first podcast at least a year before you start doubting it. If you have been struggling to create content for the entire year of podcasting and you realize that for all your effort you were only able to publish a few episodes, then maybe creating a second podcast with more content options can be a great idea. It could even replace the first podcast completely!

Again, it is always best to start a new podcast when you are already an established podcaster, you know that you are able to consistently publish, and are comfortable with the work that goes into making your podcast a success.

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Can Your Schedule Handle Another Podcast?

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Before you can even think about starting another podcast you should take a look at your daily schedule. Knowing your schedule will help you determine when you are just wasting time or procrastinating and when you are actually being productive. It can also help you determine if you do in fact have time to launch a whole new podcast. If your schedule is already stacked with other things that take priority, then perhaps this is not the time to start another podcast. However, if starting a new podcast is your top goal, your schedule will be able to show you where you should move a few tasks to shuffle things around and create more time for your podcasts.

If you’ve already launched your first podcast, you know that waiting until your show is “perfect” can be a good way of killing it before you even get started. Instead of trying to have the perfect podcast, it is more important to have a consistent podcast that publishes regularly and that your audience can look forward to. So if you know that you have the time to ensure that your podcast episodes get made and published on time, then a second podcast is right in your wheelhouse. The key is to create a consistent podcast with great sound and even greater content that will fit into your schedule perfectly.

Each of your podcasts should become an important part of your daily life. Trying to balance your podcast on one side and the rest of your life on the other, it might become impossible for you to give 100% to both. Instead of trying to balance them you should consider combining them. Make podcasting just as important in your schedule as any other event or task in your life. Don’t just record or edit your podcast simply when you have a few minutes free or time in between other tasks. Set aside a designated time every week especially for podcasting. Having this schedule planned out will help you add in more than one podcast with a lot more ease.

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Are You Planning to Have a Co-Host?

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Having a co-host that is just as passionate about the topic as you are will most definitely make a difference in your ability to take on a second podcast venture. Instead of you doing all of the work to create, record, edit and publish this podcast you will now have another person that will is there to help out and do at least half of the work! Your co-host can help with things like planning content, setting up interviews, or even taking over hosting the show if for some reason you need to be away for a week, or two.

Inviting on a co-host does not just have to be an idea for your new podcast, but can also be an option for your first podcast as a way to freshen it up and bring some new ideas to it. Plus, this way it will again take some of the time pressure off of you to do it all and give you time to focus on successfully launching your next podcast. So, if you didn’t have a co-host for your first podcast, then maybe it’s time to weigh the options of inviting someone onto the team – whether for your next venture or to join the old one. It can certainly be a great help to ensure that all your podcast ventures are a success!

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Final Thoughts

Starting multiple podcasts can be a great way for you to expand your podcast horizon without compromising a show and podcast community that is already well-established. It gives you the freedom to explore new topics with new listeners while still delivering consistent content to your first audience.

However, before venturing out on the multiple-podcast journey, be sure that you are able to handle the work-load of running two successful shows and that your schedule is open to juggling the challenges of both. Of course, being a more experienced podcaster will certainly work in your favor, but if you feel like you can deliver on the challenge then go for it! Plan it out, work smart, and ask for help whenever you need it. Always do things in excellence and your hard work is sure to pay off!

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