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Podcast Episode Ideas for The Holidays

The 12 Best Podcast Episode Ideas Perfect For The Holidays

The end of the year is fast approaching. As the air gets crisper, towns transform into twinkling wonderlands, and everything gets sprinkled with a bit of holiday magic! And, fun fact! Your podcast can join in on the festive cheer! That’s right! You can add a little holiday magic to your podcast episodes. Even if your usual content tends to steer away from merriment, these holiday-inspired podcast episode ideas can add a dash of joy for both you and your listeners.

Creating holiday-themed podcast episodes can be a fun and engaging way to connect with your audience during the Holidays. So if you’re looking for unique ways to add some holiday cheer to your podcast, let’s unwrap 12 delightful podcast episode ideas to bring that holiday flare to your podcast this season!

12 of Our Best Holiday-Inspired Podcast Episode Ideas

holiday podcast episode ideas

1. Holiday Traditions Around the World

For our first entry on our list of holiday-inspired podcast episode ideas you could use your holiday episodes to explore holiday traditions from around the world.

Delve into the unique customs, joyous celebrations, and heartwarming traditions that paint the holiday season in vibrant hues across diverse cultures and countries. Every country and culture celebrates the holidays – and different holidays – differently – so there are all types of content and angles to share.

Uncover the stories behind these cherished practices, share the universal spirit of joy that unites us all during this season, and add a touch of global magic to your podcast that resonates with listeners worldwide. This holiday episode idea is an effective way to celebrate unity in diversity, bringing the warmth and cheer of holiday traditions from every corner of the globe to your eager audience.

2. Share Your Holiday Traditions

Next up, for your holiday episodes, share your holiday traditions. Do you have some unique or unusual holiday traditions? Are there movies or podcasts you enjoy during this time of the year? Do you bake with your family? Build gingerbread houses? Hang a pickle on your Christmas tree? (Yes, that is a real thing!)

Share all the weird and wonderful things that make this time of year special for you.

Bonus Idea!

Ask your listeners to share their holiday traditions. You could encourage participation through newsletters, and social media, or change up your episode calls to action to make your special request for the holiday season. Giving your listeners the opportunity to actually take part in your episodes is a fantastic way to foster a sense of community amongst your listeners and increase the connection between you and your audience.

3. Find a Holiday Angle to Your Content

Another fun way to add some festive flare to your podcast episodes over the holiday season is to find a holiday angle to your usual content.

Whether you have a health and wellness show, a foodie-focused podcast, a show for entrepreneurs, or even if your niche is true crime, I can all but guarantee there’s a way to put a holiday spin on your content.

Have some and embrace the opportunity to infuse your content with some holiday magic. Finding a new spin on your content is also a great exercise to help you see your content from a new perspective and continue to offer your listeners all the best subject matter.

4. Holiday Stress Relief

While the Holidays are a special time, let’s be honest, they’re also stressful! Again, no matter your podcast niche or your target audience, we all experience stress! So, for another podcast episode idea that’s perfect for the holidays, you could offer tips and strategies for managing holiday-related stress, tailored to your target audience.

There are so many ways to frame this, and a whole plethora of tips and strategies you can offer your listeners for the holidays. You just need to put on your (Holiday!) thinking cap, and these episodes could be some of your fan favorites.

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5. The History of the Holidays

Another engaging way to add holiday flare to your podcast episodes is to dive into the origins of some popular holidays that take place during this time of the year. From Christmas to Hanukka, to Kwanzaa, and even Christmukka, there is a whole lot of historical ground to cover!

You could uncover the history behind the holidays themselves, explore these from different perspectives, or dive into all the different festive practices that come with all the different holidays, whether they’re familiar family customs or quirky traditions from around the world.

6. Holiday Movie Marathon

The Holidays are synonymous with Christmas movies! Yes, most are totally cheesy, and yes, most are completely unrealistic. We get it. We know! But we still LOVE them! So turn that love into podcast episode content. (Or maybe you hate them, that’s okay, too! You could discuss that!)

Discuss classic and modern holiday movies, or dive into this year’s new holiday offerings. There are plenty of holiday movies so there are plenty of ways you could use this idea to add a little holiday touch to your podcast over the festive season.

7. Holiday Favorites

We all have holiday favorites! Turn them into great podcast episode content by sharing your holiday favs on your podcast!

This could be countdowns of your favorite holiday films or podcasts, your favorite festive food, your favorite holiday music, book recommendations, gift ideas, or anything you can think of!

This is also another of our top holiday podcast episode ideas that provides an opportunity for greater audience engagement and connection. Get your listeners to send in their holiday favorites, let them share in the conversation in a new way, and you could find you’ll be starting the new year with a far stronger podcast community!

8. Review the Year

Here’s another great way to sprinkle some holiday magic on your podcast this festive season, reviewing the year. You can reflect on the past year’s podcast episodes, milestones, and personal experiences, and express gratitude to your listeners.

You could do countdowns of some of your top moments of the year, reflect on the lessons you’ve learned, or your top highlights from the year. This is another great way to connect with your listeners and build a deeper connection with your community.

9. New Year’s Resolutions

Another great podcast idea perfect for the holidays is New Year’s Resolutions! Set them, discuss strategies for achieving them, or bash them! But they’re a fun topic for your podcast episodes this holiday season.

You could even explore the psychology of New Year’s resolutions, or discuss different ways to think about resolutions! Whichever way you frame it, it’s a great episode idea for the festive season.

10. Holiday-Themed True Stories

‘Tis the season for heartwarming tales! So another really fun holiday-inspired podcast episode idea is sharing some heartwarming holiday-themed true stories.

Whether fictional or real, sharing feel-good stories can lift spirits and create a cozy atmosphere for your listeners during this time of year. You can even encourage audience participation by inviting them to share their favorite holiday true stories, too.

11. Gratitude and Thankfulness

As much as the holiday season is all about fun and festivities, it’s also the perfect time of year for some gratefulness and thankfulness. And this is a great podcast episode idea for the holidays! Share what you’re grateful for, share what you’ve learned over the year, or express thankfulness for all that you learned and achieved this year.

Or open the discussion to your listeners. Let them share their stories of gratefulness and thankfulness. This, again, is a great way to foster connection and community with you and your listeners!

12. Holiday Survival Guide for Your Target Audience

And for our final holiday-inspired podcast episode idea, you could bring the holidays and your niche together by offering a Holiday Survival Guide specially for your target audience, whether that’s introverts, singles, parents, teachers, you name it! We could all do with a little help over the holidays! And your podcast is the perfect platform to offer it!

You can offer insights, tips, and strategies to make the festive season a smooth and more enjoyable time for your dedicated listeners. This is a great way to offer highly valuable content to your target audience and to just connect with your audience in meaningful ways over this time.

A Final Word on Podcast Episode Ideas for the Holidays Festivities…

As the holiday season unfolds, and we’re dusting everything with the holiday flavor, why not infuse your podcast with these festive podcast episode ideas?

Whether you’re sharing traditions, exploring holiday history, or rating the latest Christmas movies, there is a sleighful of ways you can have some holiday fun with your podcast.

But it’s not all about frivolous fun! These holiday podcast episode ideas will not only entertain your listeners, but they can also serve to deepen your connection with your audience. So, put on that Christmas sweater, and sprinkle some holiday magic over your podcast this holiday season.

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