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top podcasting mistakes and how podcasters can avoid them

The 10 Top Podcasting Mistakes Podcasters Make and How To Avoid Them

Podcasting has become an incredibly popular and accessible medium for sharing content and connecting with audiences worldwide. But I know I don’t have to tell you that! And if you read our recent Podcast Predictions for 2024 blog post, then you’ll know that we expect many more podcasters to join the space in 2024. However, like any creative endeavor, podcasting comes with its own set of challenges. The podcast process from starting a podcast to maintaining a podcast, and finding eventual podcast success involves many steps. So there are a number of areas where podcasting mistakes can happen.

Many aspiring podcasters make common podcasting mistakes that can hinder the growth and success of their shows.

But not if We Edit Podcasts can help it!

We’ve put together a blog post of the 10 most common podcast mistakes we’ve seen podcasters making over the years. We’ll be laying out the mistakes in all their gory details. But never fear! We’ll also, as liberally, equip you with the tools and the skills you need to avoid these common podcast mistakes on your show.

Whether you’re a newbie navigating the podcasting landscape or a seasoned host looking to fine-tune your approach, this post has all the common podcasting pitfalls you need to be aware of. And it also contains a little pep talk to help you avoid these mistakes in the future.

So on that note, let’s dive right in!

Top Podcasting Mistakes Podcasters Make and How YOU Can Avoid Them!

podcast mistakes podcasting mistakes

Podcast Mistake Number 1: Neglecting Proper Planning

One of the most common mistakes podcasters make is leaping into starting a podcast in general, as well as into the recording process, without a clear strategy in place.

Whether it’s due to a lack of organization or an undefined focus, an unprepared podcast risks losing its audience rapidly. But thankfully, this mistake has an easy fix! Invest time into crafting a thorough launch strategy (our FREE courses on Udemy can help!) as well as detailed episode outlines so that your content always aligns with your purpose. Really define your target demographic (I’ll cover that more later.) And then set up a release timetable that you can consistently stick to.

A meticulously devised plan not only enhances the quality of your content but also fosters the growth of a dedicated listener community.

TAKEAWAY! The old adage rings very true when it comes to long-term podcast success! If you fail to plan, you plan to fail!

Podcast Mistake Number 2: Not Fixing Poor Audio Quality

In this day and age of podcasting, nothing turns listeners away faster than poor audio quality. If I’m going to tell it to you straight, you simply cannot dream of a successful podcast if your audio sucks. (Sorry, not sorry!)

And this is true for a number of reasons:

  1. It’s simply unpleasant to listen to. Podcasting is (mainly) an audio-based medium. So you’re going to have to have high-quality audio.
  2. And number 2. Bad audio, background noise, echoes, or muffled voices can distract from your content. And you don’t want this happening. Like, AT ALL!

Simply put, bad audio makes your podcast episodes difficult to listen to, and takes away from your content. Bad audio also makes it challenging for listeners to stay engaged. Another big podcasting no-no.

But thankfully the solution is easy! Invest in a good microphone, use a quiet recording environment, and edit your audio (or let We Edit Podcasts do that for you!) to ensure crisp and clear sound.

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Podcast Mistake Number 3: Ignoring Marketing and Promotion Strategies

Next, we head on over to common podcast mistake Number 3, not having a podcast marketing or promotion strategy in place.

Creating great content and then editing that great content is only half the battle. (Just another reason to let us run the production side of your podcast! Let us fight that battle for you!) Effective marketing and promotion are equally crucial. And that’s because once your podcast is “out there” it has to be seen and heard.

Many podcasters make the mistake of assuming that their content will speak for itself. In a way, it does. But this only happens once it’s actually heard by listeners.

So in order to get this happening, you need to develop a strong online presence, utilize social media platforms, and collaborate with other podcasters to increase your show’s visibility.

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top podcasting mistakes

Podcast Mistake Number 4: Having an Inconsistent Release Schedule

If you’ve read the Podcast Digest for any length of time, you’ll know we have a favorite saying here at We Edit Podcasts…Consistency is key in podcasting! (*Steps atop soapbox before continuing.)

Consistency will ALWAYS be a key component of overall podcast success. You need consistency in your audio, your content, as well as your podcasting schedule. (This one often surprises people.)

But irregular release schedules can frustrate your audience and lead to a decline in listenership. You want listeners to build listening to your podcasting into their routine. And this can only happen if you have a consistent publishing schedule.

So, a simple fix. Set a realistic release schedule and stick to it. Whether it’s weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, consistency builds trust with your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

Podcast Mistake Number 5: Neglecting Audience Engagement

On to another major, yet all-to-common podcasting mistake: neglecting to engage with your audience. A buzzing bunch of loyal listeners around a podcast is a vital part of its long-term success. However, this podcast community does not just happen. It has to be actively engaged with and nurtured.  You as the podcaster have to have active strategies for first initiating and then engaging with nurturing your audience. 

There are all kinds of ways you can do this. And not every way will work with every audience. That’s both the exciting part as well as the hard part.

But some ideas include encouraging your audience to leave comments, reviews, and suggestions in your outros, or wherever you put your calls-to-action.

But that’s just the first step. You need to do the nurturing now by responding to their messages or comments, or engaging with their feedback.

Remember, an active audience ultimately keeps a podcast alive. The relationship between a podcast host and their audience is a special one. But again, it takes time and effort to forge and sustain this relationship.

And don’t forget about social media! Social media platforms are a powerful asset to help podcasters engage with their listeners “in real time”. So don’t neglect building audience engagement into your podcast marketing and promotion strategy. 

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Podcast Mistake Number 6: Not Paying Enough Attention to Your Content

We’ve already addressed that not having great audio is a big podcasting mistake. But just as big of a mistake is not paying enough attention to your content.

You can hone your recording skills, have the best equipment, or edit like a pro (or have the pros edit for you…) BUT if your content is subpar, watered down, or just a little meh, your podcast is simply not going to last. 

But believe us, we totally get it! You’re so excited by your podcast idea! You want to see your artwork come to life and you want to see your show “out there”! So you just “wing it” and record a couple of episodes and launch.

But this is a big mistake long-term. The truth is, if you want to make a real impact in the world of podcasting and have your show rise to the top, you need to focus on creating content that is of high quality.

The best advice we can give you is to never neglect time spent on the content creation side of your podcast. 

Your audio quality, your consistency, as well as your marketing and promotion strategies, will always be vital to the overall success of your podcast. However, without high-quality content, you’re not going to be able to hold onto your listeners.

Podcast Mistake Number 7: Not Paying Enough Attention to Editing

Another major podcasting mistake is not paying enough attention to editing. And here I’m talking about both the audio as well as the content side.

Most of the time, podcasters know they need to edit their audio. They know the ‘uhs’ and ‘ums’ should be removed, levels should be adjusted, and awkward silences should be removed.

(And if you didn’t know that, you’re welcome! Doing this kind of editing will seriously improve the overall quality of your podcast!

But another aspect of podcast editing that is often forgotten is the content editing. Not every question you ask your guest delivers an amazing answer. Sometimes you go down a rabbit hole or off on a tangent, but only you and your co-host really “get it”. Edit these out!

A tighter, shorter episode provides far more value to your listeners than a rambling long episode!

Want to take our services for a spin? Why not give our free trial episode a go? Our trial episode allows you to sample our process and quality to see if it’s the right fit for you, without any long-term commitment. Give it a try, and if you like what you hear, we look forward to building a long-term relationship with you.


Podcast Mistake Number 8: Having Unrealistic Expectations

This is sometimes a tricky podcast mistake to explain. Because, first and foremost, we are incredibly passionate about helping podcasters turn their podcasting dreams into reality.

But on the other hand, one of the biggest mistakes we’ve seen podcasters make is setting their initial expectations way too high.

They’re then (understandably) disappointed when things “don’t go to plan”, and they give up on their podcast.

So the important thing to remember is that podcasting success doesn’t happen overnight, and thinking that you’re going to hit it big and be an overnight sensation is a mistake.

Because even if you follow all the guides, and mark off all the checklists, this does not necessarily guarantee that you’ll find yourself in the New and Noteworthy section in your first few weeks of publishing your episodes.

But what I can tell you is that if you are consistent, you create amazing podcast episodes, and you have a solid podcast marketing plan, you’re going to get traction. And this is going to lead to success.

Podcast Mistake Number 9: Not Knowing Your Audience

Next up, we have Podcast Mistake Number 9…not knowing your podcast audience. This is actually perhaps one of the biggest podcasting mistakes a podcast host can make, particularly when they’re just about to launch their show. But it’s true for wherever you are in the podcasting process.

Your target audience is looking to your show for specific content. And without a clear picture of who your ideal listener is, you simply can’t deliver the type of content they want and need from you.

So you need to do the due diligence and really hone in on who your target audience is. Very, very few podcasts are “for everyone”. So if that was your answer to the question to the answer initially, I urge you to dive a little deeper and really figure out who your show is for.

If it’s easy, start with who your podcast is not for! Your podcast is not going to be for everyone. And that’s good! Actually, it’s perfect. As you can then target a specific audience, really serve them with your content, and through that, nurture a really strong, loyal group of listeners around your show who will then become your podcast community.

Podcast Mistake Number 10: Not Owning Your Niche

And finally, the last podcasting mistake we see podcasters making is not owning their niche. Your niche is what sets you apart. And knowing your niche allows you to curate specific content for a specific target. Again, this is key to podcasting success. Podcasters need to know their niche. It’s as simple as that.

Knowing your niche means you’re perfectly positioned to start building authority within that niche. And that authority building is key to getting your show to stand out from the crowd.

But before any of that can happen, you have to own your niche. You have to be so comfortable and confident in what your podcast is…and what it’s not! It can’t be everything for everyone. You’re not going to build a following or a community that way.

It’s good to remember there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there being listened to at this very moment! And there are likely more than a few that fall within a similar topic to your show, serving a similar if not the same audience.

And that’s okay! Instead of being intimated and becoming discouraged by the competition, go deeper! Lean into your niche. OWN IT! And then keep making that amazing content that YOUR audience is after.


And there you have it! The ten podcasting mistakes we’ve seen podcasters make over the years, and the tips and tricks you need to avoid them on your podcasting adventure!

Avoiding common mistakes can help us save time, and catapult us to where we need to be, because we’re not doubling our time whilst we go back and fix something that was totally avoidable!

By planning your content, prioritizing audio quality, embracing marketing strategies, maintaining a consistent release schedule, and actively engaging with your audience, you can navigate the challenges and build a podcast that resonates with listeners and stands the test of time.

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