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EP 18 Nichole Perkins

018: Taking a Bite-Sized Approach to Your Podcasting Journey with Nichole Perkins

Podcasting, especially when it’s mission-driven, is an ongoing process of learning, evolving, and seeking help when needed. Today, we welcome Nichole Perkins, founder of PrimaFoodie and the host of the PrimaFoodie Podcast, to discuss her podcasting journey and her goal to change the way we eat, one episode at a time.

In this conversation, you’ll find out what inspired Nichole to start her business, how she knew it was time to extend her mission to podcasting, her goals for the podcast, and more. We also discuss how she selects her guests before Nichole delves into how her podcast is structured and how she measures its success. Finally, she tells us about her exciting new e-book that explores some of the common additives found in our food!

Takeaways From This Episode: 

While Nichole’s dissatisfaction with the status quo of food culture was frustrating, it also inspired the creation of PrimaFoodie. She tells us how she aims to change the food system and make a difference in the world through her company and her podcast.

Nichole shares why her PrimaFoodie Podcast feels like an extension of the company itself and how she knew it was the next step. She also tells us why she doesn’t focus on video and the most important goals she had in mind when starting the podcast. 

Gain insight into her process for choosing her guests and how she ensures that she has a variety of different people on her podcast. The importance of diversity and making episodes easy to understand for the average person. 

For anyone with a podcast, audience feedback is critical! Nichole shares how she gets feedback on her podcasts, why she feels she has lots to learn, and her monetization plan for the podcast. She also explains why she chose to publish her podcasts in seasons and how she made that decision. 

Get a first look at her new e-book on common additives and food before we explore how Nichole’s podcast has given her an opportunity to dive deeper into topics, why she loves asking bold questions, and the importance of meeting her guests where they are. 

There are numerous benefits to outsourcing skills you are not great at when producing a podcast. Find out Nichole would have a bigger team, a studio, and portable equipment for her podcast if money were no object!


“The important thing [about podcasting] is the connection and the conversation.” — Nichole Perkins [0:07:54]

“For the most part, people are always just happy to make the connection and share it with the world.” — Nichole Perkins [0:08:37]

“My goal was just to start more conversations, to guide them, and be a part of them. In everyday circles, I wasn’t hearing that on podcasts or not in the same way. In that respect, I’ve achieved my goal.” — Nichole Perkins [0:09:28]

Resources from Today’s Episode: 

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