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Starting a Podcast in 2022? Here’s What You Need to Know

A new year means New Years Resolutions (well, for however long they last) and new dreams! And if one of those dreams is to start a podcast, then you’re in luck! You’ve come to the right place! Today’s post is all about the key insights you need if your dream is to start a podcast in 2022.

We’ve got all the basics, but we’re also sharing the specifics you need to achieve podcasting success if you’re looking to get into the podcasting game this year.

The Basics

The basics of starting a podcast will likely be the same for many years to come. Unless someone develops the tech to be able to share your thoughts straight from your brain to the ears of the world that is.

Until that happens, here’s all the basics you need for starting a podcast:

1. A Microphone

Call me Captain Obvious, but if you want to start a podcast, you’re going to need a microphone. You can totally pick high-end options, such as the Shure SM7B. But, particularly if you’re just starting out and learning the ropes, there are other, more affordable options available.

USB microphones are perfect for any level of podcaster. They’re a “go-to” choice because they’re super user-friendly. You just need to plug that baby in and you’re ready to roll.

Some popular microphone choices are the ATR2100, the Blue Yeti, or the Rode NT-USB.

2. Headphones

There are some who wave headphones off as unnecessary, but we would urge you to consider them part of your standard podcast toolkit. They just make it so much easier to monitor your sound throughout the recording process, which then leads to excellent-quality episodes.

Again, there are high-end options, such as the  Audio Technica M40x headphones. But entry-level headphones like the Audio Technica ATH-M30x and the Sony MDR-7506 are also great choices. Even your standard pair of earphones or AirPods will get the job done, and get it done really well!

3. A Quiet Recording Spot

Another non-negotiable when it comes to your podcast – a quiet recording spot. While recording your podcast at a professional studio is amazing! It’s not always an option when you’re just starting out. So you’ll need to set-up a quiet recording spot if you want to capture great audio.

Check out this post which gives the lowdown on creating the perfect “at-home” recording studio!

*But if you are looking for a professional studio, check out StudioList, a new feature on our website. It’s a great tool for discovering premium music and podcast studios near you!

4. A Host

A podcast is only really a podcast when it reaches listeners’ ears. And to do that, you need a podcast host. Your podcast host stores your audio files and their metadata online so that listeners can access the episodes via streaming platforms. Essentially, your podcast host is the one who distributes your amazing content to the world.

There are a whole bunch of podcast hosts out there! Some of the top options currently available are Buzzsprout, Libsyn, Podbean, Blubrry, Spreaker, and Anchor. One soon-to-be hosting platform – Alitu: The Podcast Maker, approaches hosting as a one-stop all-inclusive podcast creation platform. Rather than silo all of the software you need to create a podcast, you can record, edit, produce and host all from within Alitu’s web app.

5. A Niche

Your niche is that space within the podcasting industry where you’ll stake your claim and carve out a space for you and your podcast. While your podcast has a focus topic or subject, which groups it under a particular category, your niche is what differentiates you from every other podcast within that category. It’s the unique angle or approach you will take on your show.

Honing in on your niche is therefore an important step in starting a successful podcast. And once you’ve found your niche, you then need to ‘niche-down’ as the phrase goes to really be able to set you apart from other podcasts.

For a more in-depth look at finding that topic that’s just for you, check out our post on How to Find Your Podcast Topic. It’s even got some unique topic ideas to get the ball rolling and those creative juices flowing! 

6. A Catchy Name

Another element you can’t ever skip over when it comes to starting your podcast is the name of your podcast. Your podcast name in and of itself has to be an effective communicant. As it’s “the thing” that everyone will use to identify your show.

But finding the perfect podcast name is sometimes easier said than done. You’re looking for a name that’s engaging and memorable. It must also capture the focus and tone of your podcast and encapsulate your brand. And on top of all of that, you want your podcast name to be unique! A tall order to be sure, but that’s what it takes to come up with this essential part of launching a successful podcast.

7. Attention-Grabbing Cover Art

Your podcast cover art is a vital piece of the podcasting puzzle. It’s the first visual representation people see of your show, and by extension, your brand. And so you need to make sure that your cover art communicates exactly who you are and what you’re about.

So make sure you put the time into getting your artwork right. If you lack certain artistic skills, you could always outsource this task to platforms like Fiverr. But there are also apps like Canva which make it super easy for anyone, no matter their artistic abilities, to make really eye-catching designs. So that is also an excellent option.

No matter how you accomplish this task, the importance of making sure that your podcast has attention-grabbing artwork cannot be overlooked!

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The Specifics

Now let’s focus on the specifics you need to know about starting a podcast in 2022.

1. Uncompromising Quality

This is a must for anyone wanting to have a successful podcast! But with more competition than ever before, making sure that you always strive for quality on your podcast is an absolute must as we head into 2022.

And we’re talking quality in terms of the content you’re putting out into the world, as well as the quality of the audio through which you share that message. With all that’s available, and with so much other content vying for your audience’s attention, you simply cannot afford to have subpar content or episodes that sound like they’ve been recorded in a tin can.

2. A Marketing Plan

To make it in the podcasting industry, particularly now, you need to have a sound marketing plan. You need to have strategies to help you launch your podcast successfully, and you also need to have strategies that focus on promoting your show post-launch.

Remember, there is a lot of other shows out there, so you can’t just launch your podcast, publish your episodes, and then put your head in the sand, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. You need to have a marketing plan!

This may sound daunting, but in reality, the fact that there are so many successful podcasts is actually a good thing in this regard. Because you have tons of blueprints to follow when it comes to developing your own marketing strategy. So take a few pages out of other podcast’s marketing books, use these to develop your own strategy, and you’ll find a successful marketing plan is well within your reach.

3. A Brand Identity

A successful podcast is one that has developed a strong brand identity. This is not something that happens overnight, and it does require effort on your part, but we guarantee the effort is worth it!

Besides the fact that a strong brand identity for your show can enhance your marketing strategies and even simplify the decision-making process in many cases, it can also open many doors when it comes to sponsorship and partnership opportunities. And so developing a brand identity should be a priority for anyone podcasting in 2022.

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4. Audience Insight

Moving into 2022, it will be more important than ever for podcast hosts to really know their audience. Firstly, because this will help you build an awesome community around your show, and we all know that’s a huge part of why we love this industry so much.

But more than that, podcast hosts need to know their audience so that they can consistently position their podcast to meet their audience’s needs. Knowing what they want means that you can craft content your audience will love, which will keep them tuning in episode after episode. But this knowledge can also work in your favor as you search out sponsors or ad partners. Great insight into your audience means that you should have a pretty good idea as to which sponsors or affiliate marketing opportunities your audience will likely respond to best. And this will definitely work in your favor as you explore monetization opportunities.

5. A Social Media Presence

Lastly, you will need to cultivate a social media presence for you and your podcast. In this digital day and age, brands have to have a social presence if they want to grow their brand and expand their reach. And if you want to grow your podcast in the digital age, it needs to be treated like a brand.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to be active on the myriad of social media platforms. If you’re terrified of TikTok or just can’t get a handle on Twitter, don’t panic! Simply pick the platforms that work best for you and your audience. If your crowd is part of the Facebook Generation or is more heavily active on Instagram, this is where you should put your focus and build your podcast’s presence moving forward.

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Closing Thoughts

And that’s the lowdown for starting a podcast in 2022. Get the right equipment for you, set up a quiet space, and start recording that killer content, and you’re well on your way to podcasting success!

But more than that, strive for top-notch quality, work out a marketing strategy, and start building that thriving community around your show, and you’ll have what it takes to create a podcast that will stand the test of time!

Looking for a great team to help you make your podcast dreams a reality? Check out our services, take a look at our pricing options, or reach out to us. We’d love to help you achieve your goals!

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