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Free Staples Editing Trial

Please redeem your Staples editing trial. If there are any issues, please let us know.

Free Audio Editing Only Trial

$70 Value

When you purchased your products at Staples, you would have received a Receipt that contains a 16 number code that you will enter on the checkout page coupon section to the left of the pay button. Click the button below to fast-track to the checkout page to get started.

What does the Audio Editing Only Trial service provide? 
— 1 Episode Audio Editing Only
— Maximum RAW Editing up to 60 minutes per episode
— Sync multi-track channels
— Adding Intro’s, Outro’s and Sponsored Messages provided by host
— Noise Reduction and Audio Cleaning: Umms, aahs, stutters, restarts, etc.
— Volume matching for even sounding playback
— Cutting host indicated sections or segments with timestamps.

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