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Space Podcasts That Are Out of This World

For as long as we can remember the mysteries of outer space have intrigued the human race. Whether its fact-based scientific explorations, hashing out conspiracy theories or hearing firsthand from those with their fingers on the pulse and their ears to the ground, the mystery of the Final Frontier fills us with a desire to go where no man or woman has gone before. And with some major developments happening in the industry recently, from SpaceX’s successful launch of their methane-powered prototype, or the much-celebrated safe return of the Crew Dragon astronauts, many speculate that we are on the cusp of the next great “Space Race” as many parties set their sights on Mars. But whether or not we do, in fact, end up inhabiting the Red Planet, space continues to hold a gravitational pull over our imaginations. And so while most of us will never get to don spacesuits and journey into a galaxy far, far away, we’re still able to explore the great unknown via our headphones with the help of some amazing space-centered podcasts that are truly out of this world. So buckle up and get ready to take a wild ride with us as we navigate some of the top space podcasts out there in cyberspace!

1. Houston We Have A Podcast

First up, could there be a better name for NASA’s official podcast? Houston We Have a Podcast is a great pick if you’re fascinated by the idea of humans traveling through space or you’re just curious about how that all that “space stuff” works. Hosted by Gary Jordan, this show is both entertaining and educational, and as the official podcast of the NASA Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas, you’ll get to hear from the top movers and shakers in the industry. Gary Jordan is a wonderful host, with an infectious enthusiasm for all things space, and a knack of ensuring that every listener stays engaged throughout the episodes, making this show perfect for space lovers of all ages! The guests are fascinating, ranging from real astronauts to industry experts, and through the interviews, you’ll get a real glimpse into all of the complexities of space travel and what working at NASA is really like. If you want up-to-the-minute space info, this is the podcast for you!

2. Casual Space

Beth Mund wants to talk all things space, but she wants to keep it casual. Casual Space is a not-too-technical space-centered podcast that is full of discussions focused on all the latest space-related topics as well as fascinating stories that will thrill the mind of any space geek. As a former NASA Public Affairs Officer, Beth Mund has incredible access to insider information and she is also able to bring us in-depth conversations with some of the top names in the field. The discussions are always interesting and fun and full of fresh, new angles on a variety of space topics and stories. And as an incredibly knowledgeable host, Beth helps present the topics in a fun, engaging way, ensuring that every listener – from the complete novice to the space fundy – gets the most out of every discussion. If you’re into casual space discussions, look no further than this podcast. 

3. Naked Astronomy, from the Naked Scientists

If you’re looking for audio that is out of this world, then you need to check out Naked Astronomy: the Naked Scientists’ Astronomy and Space Science Podcast. Whether you’re a casual observer of the night sky or you’re a through-and-through space enthusiast, this show is educational, informative, and completely entertaining. This podcast really does have it all – great hosts, amazing guests, and fascinating topics covered from unique perspectives – everything a space-loving heart desires. The show is currently hosted by the Space Boffins in conjunction with The Naked Scientists, so you can also catch all these episodes on the Space Boffins podcast. With an episode coming out monthly, each installment is crammed with the latest and greatest space stories told in an easy-to-follow manner, and featuring some top names in the space game as well as some famous space enthusiasts from all walks of life.

4. 13 Minutes to the Moon 

A journey to the moon set to a score by Hans Zimmer? No, it’s not the latest blockbuster, but a podcast detailing the fascinating story of the quest to achieve the first moonwalk. The first season of 13 Minutes to the Moon is a stunning audio production that brings us an in-depth look at what it took to get there, right from the planning stages to that historic giant leap for mankind. It’s riveting, informative, and totally captivating. The history and the facts of this incredible feat have been woven together perfectly. It’s simultaneously factual and emotive, which seems impossible, and yet perfect in light of the story they’re telling. Season 2, which came out this year, takes us aboard Apollo 13 and that doomed mission to the moon. You’ll hear firsthand encounters from the key players in that incredible tale – including those that flew it as well as those that saved it. Once again set to Hans Zimmer’s score, this show is an audio masterpiece sharing incredibly true space tales. 

5. Planetary Radio: Space Exploration, Astronomy, and Science

If you consider yourself a Space Nerd then this podcast is a must-listen! Planetary Radio brings you all the incredible stories of human adventure across our solar system and beyond. The weekly episodes bring fantastic deep dives with the scientists, engineers, leaders, advocates, and astronauts who are taking us across the final frontier. You’ll learn from some of the leading voices in space and planetary science, ensuring that your space IQ will sky-rocket after every listen. Hosted by Mat Kaplan and a plethora of his Planetary Society colleagues including Bill Nye the Science Guy, Bruce Betts, and Emily Lakdawalla, together they bring us all the latest space news and developments in their signature easy-to-understand manner, ensuring that you’ll end each listen with a head full of knowledge and a smile on your face. As an added bonus, the monthly Space Policy Edition episodes take you inside the DC beltway where the future of the US space program hangs in the balance. Tune in to Planetary Radio for all this and way, way more.

6. Astronomy Cast

Each week, Astronomy Cast will take you on a fact-based journey through the cosmos. Tune in to hear discussions on astronomical topics ranging from planets to cosmology. Hosted by Fraser Cain (Universe Today) and Dr. Pamela L. Gay (SIUE), this show brings the questions of an avid astronomy lover direct to an astronomer. Through this immersive podcast, listeners get to join Fraser and Pamela as they explore what is known and being discovered about the universe around us. Their passion for astronomy rings true through each and every episode, and their easy, conversational tone makes it easy to digest the often complex aspects and discoveries concerning the universe. It’s entertaining and educational and a real winner all round for space enthusiasts.

7. Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast

If you’re a complete space novice or want to learn more about all that’s going on in the night sky, then we have just the podcast for you! Sky Tour Astronomy Podcast publishes an episode once a month and lets you know exactly what is hip and happening in the galaxy for that month. It’s your own personal guided space tour to the stars! Each month, you’ll learn what constellations are visible, you’ll find out where and when to see the planets, and you’ll get the scoop on each month’s celestial highlights, from meteor showers to eclipses. You’ll never miss another spectacular space event again! This podcast is really a great way to learn more about the wonders of the universe and is perfect for the young and old alike and would be a really great activity for parents to do with their children. It’s super interesting and informative, and will have you feeling like a space pro in no time! 

8. NASA’s Curious Universe

Our universe is a wild and wonderful place, and NASA’s podcast, Curious Universe exists to help us celebrate this. In the weekly episodes, you will get to join astronauts, scientists, and engineers on a new adventure – and all you need to pack is your curiosity. Whether you’re a first-time space explorer or a veteran voyager, you’ll glean heaps of information with each and every listen. The episodes are relatively short but are so packed with intriguing information, you’ll swear they were longer! It’s a beautifully produced show, which connects you with some of the leading voices in the industry, and completely satisfies your curiosity for the Great Unknown. If you’ve ever wondered about all that goes into planning and training for a space mission, Curious Universe will fill you in on everything you need to know and everything in between. 

9. The Habitat

Our last “out of this world” podcast is The Habitat, a truly fascinating investigation into the future of space exploration, brought to us by Gimlet. The setup: There is a remote mountain in Hawaii, where there exists a fake version of the planet Mars. (If you had no idea, raise your hand!) There, six volunteers are secluded in an imitation Mars habitat where they will work as imitation astronauts for one very real year. The goal: to help NASA understand what life might be like on that far off planet – and help the space experts prepare and plan for the day when the dress rehearsals are over, and we blast off to The Red Planet for real. Host Lynn Levy expertly chronicled this experiment from the moment the crew set foot in their habitat, communicating with them through audio diaries that detail their discoveries, their frustrations, and their evolving and devolving relationships with each other. From those diaries, Gimlet Media has crafted an addictive serialized documentary: the true story of a fake planet. Lynn Levy really pulls this story together with incredible skill and helps translate this fascinating experiment into an enthralling podcast. 

Closing Thoughts

So if you have your sights set on outer space, or you have your head in the clouds daydreaming about our wondrous galaxy, any and all of these outta-this-world podcasts belong on your podcast playlist! Whether space intrigues or terrifies you, if you’ve already booked your seat on the first flight to Mars or you simply want to stay up-to-date and in-the-know with all the new developments and discoveries taking place throughout our galaxy, these stellar shows have got it all. From all the latest space news to retellings of some of the most thrilling outer space adventures, or even exploring what space could hold for our futures, these podcasts are your perfect source for all things space-inspired. So load these up wherever you get your podcasts, strap yourself in, and prepare for lift-off as these shows take you to the stars…and beyond!  

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