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Podcasts of the Week #1

Welcome to the first weekly roundup series we are starting on the We Edit Podcasts Blog. Every Friday we will bring you our favorite podcasts of the week, giving you quality new material to listen to and turn your all so average weekend into a rollercoaster of excitement….

I am kidding. You’re probably chilling out on a beach somewhere, so ignore my boring statement.

I know how tough it is to find quality listening material that strikes a cord, so see this as my attempt to help you identify just that. Not every podcast will suit everyone’s humor, reasoning, or even style, so please do take into account that these are my picks. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to let me know so that I can check them out for a possible future inclusion.

So without further ado, let’s get on with the show.

The Yes Effect by Shelli Varela

Click Here to listen to the podcast

Shelli Varela is no stranger to possibility hacking. She overcame many obstacles when she was hired 22 years ago as her city’s first female firefighter. More remarkable than this, was her starting point. As an artist weighing in at a mere 108 lbs, she made a decision that she would do whatever it took to become a firefighter. After struggling daily for 1162 days, she built the skills, knowledge, and experience the job required from the ground up and reverse engineered her goal. During her journey she became obsessed with the power of the mind and in particular, the transformational power of the word YES. She began to notice patterns among top achievers who accomplished bold feats and realized it was time to inspire others with their stories and to share how one simple word can impact not only a life, but the world. Welcome to The YES Effect Show.

The Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast

Click Here to listen to the podcast

Welcome to the Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast, a conversation designed to help leaders go further, faster. Andy Stanley is a pastor, communicator, author, and the founder of North Point Ministries in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Bidsy’s Small Business Society by Rob Barisoff

Click Here to listen to the podcast

Bidsy’s Small Business Society features today’s most dynamic small business owners and entrepreneurs talking about what makes their business successful…5 days a week! John Lee Dumas, Nathan Latka, Aunia Kahn, Mike Dolce, Peter Shankman, and Holly Barker are only a few of the featured guests that include multi-millionaire entrepreneurs, international best-selling authors, world-renowned motivational speakers and coaches, and award-winning artists, all taking you on their up close and personal journey to success! Co-founder of and host of Bidsy’s Small Business Society Rob Barisoff and his guests are sure to entertain, excite, and inspire the entrepreneur and the small business owner on their own journey to entrepreneurial success!

Business Rescue Road Map by Stacy Tuschl

Click Here to listen to the podcast

Is your business worth saving? Welcome to Business Rescue Road Map! Providing new approaches to your business, how to avoid pitfalls, and proven methods to take your business to the top. Save your business and rescue your life with host and business coach Stacy Tuschl.

The Ezra Klein Show

Click Here to listen to the podcast

Ezra Klein gives you a chance to get inside the heads of the newsmakers and power players in politics and media. These are extended conversations with policymakers, writers, technologists, and business leaders about what they believe in and why. Look elsewhere for posturing confrontation and quick reactions to the day’s news. Subscribe for the anti-soundbite.

As I said, these are my picks for the week, so love em or hate em, there is always next week.

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