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Podcasts for Moms this Mother’s Day

I’m sure we can all agree that being a mom is no easy task! If you’re not cooking, cleaning, or picking up after someone, you’re bandaging boo-boos, reading stories, sipping imaginary cups of tea, or explaining why your umbrella is not magical and can’t be used to jump off things! (Thanks a lot for that one, Mary Poppins!) You are a teacher, confidant, chauffeur, and nurse, often all in one day, all while you’re still navigating the ups and downs of life. To sum that all up, you’re a mom! But even moms need a little TLC. They need a little help along the way and the reassurance that they are A) Not crazy and B) Not alone in their journey! And so, in preparation for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday, we’re sharing some of the best podcasts just for all the special Moms in our lives. There is a mix of practical, inspirational, and straight-up relatable shows to help you navigate motherhood, learn to take time out for yourself, and equip you for all this adventure called “Life” entails. 

1. Goal Digger Podcast

First up, we have the insanely inspirational Mama, Jenna Kutcher, and her show, Goal Digger Podcast. Not only is Jenna a self-made millionaire (WOW!), entrepreneur and all-round business powerhouse, but first and foremost, she’s a mom, and just the lady you want in your corner to encourage you on your own journey. The episodes are crammed full of valuable content, but it’s also inspiring listening to Jenna’s experiences and the insights she’s gleaned on her own journey. One of the main (of many) reasons we love this show is because of Jenna’s honest and transparent approach. She openly shares stories of her failures and heartaches, not only her successes and highlights. Jenna is a great example of someone balancing her dream job and motherhood and is an inspiration for anyone wanting to do the same. It may not be easy and will require some hard work, but as Jenna shows us, it can be done and done well!

2. Mama Needs Podcast

Hosted by Jenn Collins, The Mama Needs Podcast is just the self-care show all Mamas need. As the founder and chief self-care officer of the Mama Needs Subscription Box, Jenn believes that self-care is something moms should take seriously. Her episodes are full of practical tips for moms, and the content is so relatable that no matter your specific circumstances, you’ll get some really useful takeaways from each and every episode. Everything encompassed in motherhood – the good stuff, the hard parts, and the downright hilarious bits are all covered on this show. Jenn and her guests talk about real life, they don’t sugarcoat the tough times, but they focus on encouraging moms to learn to make time and space for self-care and give helpful, practical advice on how to do so. This show helps you realize that you are definitely not alone as other mothers share their experiences and challenges. Jenn and her guests will uplift and encourage you as you continue on the wild adventures of motherhood.

3. Happy Place

Sometimes moms just need a little “me time” inspiration and in times like that, you should turn to Happy Place hosted by Fearne Cotton. When you’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and plagued by negative thoughts, this show is the happiness tonic you need to lift your spirits and get you on the positive path once again. Through conversations with a variety of amazing people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between, we discover what happiness really means and we’re reminded to keep going and keep pushing forward because it’s always worth it in the end. Fearne is a wonderful host, full of warmth and understanding, and the result is deep, rich conversations that never feel like interviews. So when you start to feel like your joy has left the building and there’s a little less spring in your step, let Fearne and her guests help you find your Happy Place as you gain courage and hope from their conversations.

4. Mom Struggling Well

Even when you’re trying your absolute best, there are times when you still feel like you’re failing as a mom. Sound familiar? So if you’re looking for a relatable, affirming, and uplifting listen to let you know you’re not the only one, then look no further than Mom Struggling Well. Emily’s concept is simple. She interviews all kinds of moms, from all walks of life who are struggling WELL. It’s truly a real and refreshing look at all the facets involved in being a mother and what it often looks like in the day-to-day goings-on of family life. But this show is not only about parenthood and the struggles related to raising other humans. The content is uplifting and so relatable! And you’ll always come away with insightful nuggets of wisdom to mull over. It’s thought-provoking and deep, but it’s also down-right hilarious! I guarantee there will be a multitude of laugh out loud moments! The conversations are genuine, transparent, down to earth, and funny, but most importantly, they’ll have you feeling just a little bit better whenever you’re facing struggles and moments of self-doubt.

5. Mother’s Quest Podcast

Being a mother is an adventure in its own right, but Julie Neale is helping moms embark on their own E.P.I.C quests. Not only is Julie Neale the host of Mother’s Quest Podcast, but she’s also a life and leadership coach, community builder, and, of course, a mom, to two boys. As a mom, it’s really easy to put your dreams and goals on hold and put all your time and energy into “being a mom”, but squelching your dreams and paying no attention to your goals can ultimately lead to a whole lot of heartache. But that’s where Julie and her podcast come in! Julie decided to stop sidelining her dreams and started on the path of becoming the hero of her own journey, and she’s here to show you how you can too! From the inspiring and thought-provoking conversations with so many diverse mothers, you’ll gain so much wisdom from those further ahead on this quest, and together, you’ll learn how to (E)ngage mindfully with your children, how to (P) passionately and purposefully make a difference beyond your family, how to (I)nvest in yourself and how to (C)onnect to a strong support network. In short, you’ll get everything you need to live an EPIC life.

6. Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

Another podcast that should be a staple in your podcast pantry is Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. This show (and Oprah, of course) is the perfect companion when Moms need a little “me time”. In each episode, through the deep conversations with inspiring guests, you’ll be inspired to become that much more in-tune with your inner self, and encouraged to become the person you were meant to be. The overarching theme of this podcast is to give opportunity and the space to understand ourselves with greater intimacy, and then to help identify and deal with our emotional burdens, thus freeing us to more thoroughly enjoy the journey of life. One of the greatest take-aways from almost all of the great guests is the need to love and value yourself in order to accomplish great life feats, and motherhood certainly qualifies as one of these feats!

7. The Unapologetic Mom Podcast

Coach JaVaughna is a certified leadership and life coach who aspires to help ambitious women with children develop the skills and mindset they need to achieve their goals. How empowering does that sound?! Through her podcast, The Unapologetic Mom Podcast, and together with her unapologetic mom friends, they discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of being a woman and a mom. You’ll hear real, practical advice on how to navigate life with all the responsibilities you have to carry, and you’ll gain insight and encouragement as they share their struggles and triumphs of balancing home life and a career, and how you can be a success at both. The conversation is transparent and honest and through the guests’ willingness to be vulnerable, you’ll gain so much from each listen. JaVaughna really practices what she preaches and her mission doesn’t stop with her podcast. She is also the founder of WILD MOMs Club, a community where moms are equipped to reach for their dreams no matter the obstacles they may face. Coach JaVaughna is one inspiring Mama, and through her podcast, she shares that inspiration by the ton!

8. Mom To Wife Plus Life

If there was ever a podcast that understood all the hats a mom has to wear it’s Mom To Wife Plus Life. Covering all the in’s and out’s of motherhood and everything in between, host Jennifer is real and relatable and covers a variety of topics in a way that is practical, funny, and right on the money! Jennifer and her guests understand that life as a wife, mom, and all-round superhero is full of surprises and they’re here to help you navigate all the twists and turns that happen – sometimes all in one day! It’s a show that empowers women in the home and in the workforce, and gives you a good laugh along the way! Jennifer is known for random rants, firmly cementing her place as one of your (virtual) BFFs, and will have you giggling as you’re absorbing all the valuable info she, along with her guests, are consistently dishing out. 

Closing Thoughts

Motherhood comes in all shapes and forms. It’s beautiful and messy, scary, and wonderful. It’s a huge responsibility raising and training other humans, all while balancing all the other roles you have to play, but it’s also one grand adventure. Moms are proof that not all heroes wear capes, but even Moms need support, and a little “me time” every now and then. Pop on one of these podcasts, brew a pot of tea or coffee, and take a little for some self-care. Whether it’s support, encouragement, or just a good laugh that you need, remember how important it is to take some time for yourself. To all the wonderful Moms out there, we salute you!

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