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Podcasting Tips: How to Stay Ahead in the Podcasting Industry

It’s no secret that people are getting more and more into podcasts. We’re seeing the industry expand at an incredible pace! And that’s amazing! But the industry is also changing at an incredibly rapid rate! Things are growing and developing so quickly that it can be hard to be comfortable in your knowledge of all that’s going on in the world of podcasting.

But as a podcast host trying to carve out your space within the industry, it’s important that you stay up-to-date and in-the-know, so that you’re able to stay ahead in the podcasting industry. Not only will this enable you to create a better podcast, but you’ll also grow in confidence, which is always a win!

From a confident, knowledgeable place, you’ll be that much more equipped to create valuable content, and you’ll also be able to serve your audience so much better. And that in itself is reason enough to make sure that you’re always learning and stretching your knowledge on all the goings on in the audio space.

Let’s take a look at some tips for staying ahead in the field of podcasting!

1. Stay Up-To-Date with Developments and Advancements

It seems like every other week, we’re hearing about a new podcasting resource that’s becoming available, a new listening app that’s about to be launched, or, on the negative side, some new development that’s going to “kill podcasting” and bring an end to their reign. Thankfully, with regards to the latter, podcasts’ star is still on the rise, but this type of competition does present a valid argument for staying up to date with all that is taking place in the audio space.

There are several ways for you to be kept up-to-date with the latest developments in the podcasting industry. Two easy strategies are to find and subscribe to blogs and YouTube channels that are focused on the audio space or follow the #podcasting hashtags on Twitter and Instagram.

Remember, technology is constantly evolving – and your knowledge needs to keep up too!

2. Read Podcast Newsletters

One of the best ways to stay on top of developments in the industry is to sign up and read a few newsletters focused on the podcasting industry.

Email newsletters can give you a helpful, broad sense of what’s going in the industry, and as they’re sent straight to your inbox, the information is easily accessible.

Some of our top picks for newsletters focused on the podcasting industry include (But are not limited to! Because there are a ton of great ones!) Podnews, which provides a jam-packed newsletter, full of all the developments, hot topics, and breaking podcast news stories. Hot Pod is another great resource for all the latest podcast news, it also features some in-depth analyses of the bigger podcast-related stories and developments, keeping you firmly in-the-know. Sounds Profitable is the place to learn more about podcast ad-tech, and there’s also PodMov Daily, Podcast Pontifications, as well as the Podcast Business Journal. (We told you there’s a lot!)

Sign up to these, and you’ll always be in the loop when it comes to the podcasting industry!

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3. Attend Podcast Events

Podcast conferences offer a great way to connect with people who are passionate about podcasting as well as those who are working in the industry. Attending events is also a great way to learn from industry experts, network with potential sponsors, and make valuable connections.

Podcast conferences are a fun way to stay ahead in the industry as they offer a variety of content, including panels on marketing and monetizing your show, information on building a fanbase, and much more! These events, whether in-person or virtual, offer a great space for podcasters to interact, ask questions, and just learn and grow from each other.

Check out all the different events you can diarize by checking out these two posts: Podcast Events To Look Out For In 2021 – Part I and Podcast Events To Attend In 2021 – Part 2

4. Network with Other Authorities

Networking with other authorities in the podcasting industry is also a great way to learn more about podcasting and stay ahead of all that is taking place. This can be done by connecting with others on social media, going to conferences and events, or simply being active in your space.

Reach out to those you admire in your niche, your field, or even an aligned industry. Find ways to connect with them, and together, you can build a great support network, learn from those on the same journey as you, as well as having the opportunity for some amazing collaborations!

5. Take Industry-Related Courses

Learning is key when it comes to podcasting. One of the most valuable ways to stay on top of things in the industry is by taking industry-related courses. These courses can offer everything you need to know about starting, hosting, and promoting your show, and everything in between, and that strong foundational base of knowledge is vital to keeping you ahead in the game.

Remember the adage, “Knowledge is power”? Well, it perfectly sums up why taking podcast or industry-related courses should be a key part of your plan to stay ahead and in-the-know when it comes to all things podcasts.

You can find courses on all sorts of podcast-related aspects. For some help getting started, check out this post we put together last year: Podcast Courses To Take During Lockdown.

6. If You Don’t Know, Ask

Want to find out the best gear for your podcast? Got a question about copyright laws? Obscure audio issues? Just have a burning desire to understand the hype around social audio?

Then just ask! Reach out to other podcast hosts you know, or those within your network, and just ask.

Generally speaking, we’re often afraid to ask questions. For some reason or another, asking questions can be viewed as a sign of weakness. 

But sometimes the best way to learn is to simply ask those questions! Whether it’s from your colleagues, or others you’ve built relationships within your field, reach out and seek for advice! There is no such thing as a silly question! And if simply asking questions can keep you ahead in the podcasting industry, why wouldn’t you do it?

7. For Everything Else, There’s Google!

If you’re unsure as to where you can ask for some sound podcasting help, remember, Google is your friend!

You can literally find everything you need to know about anything related to podcasting (and anything else for that matter) by simply turning to the Google search bar.

The advice to turn to Google is two-fold. Not only can Google (or whichever search engine you favor) spit out all you need to know on the topic you picked, but the real beauty is that through these searches, you can discover some incredible online communities that can help you along on your podcasting journey.

From Reddit threads, to online forums, besides all the blogs and YouTube channels available, the Internet is truly a wealth of podcasting knowledge!

8. Subscribe to Podcast-Related Podcasts

We’ve saved (possibly) the best strategy for helping you stay ahead in the podcast industry for last…listening to podcasts! There are some fantastically informative podcasts about podcasting, which are a great way to learn more about this form of media.

There are shows that cover the basics and can give you great foundational knowledge of how to start a podcast from the ground up. There are the ones that give sound technical advice, and will keep you fully-informed regarding the latest technological developments. And there are even ones that give guidance on leveraging social media to your advantage. These are particularly helpful if social media or marketing is not your strong suit, or perhaps the areas where you have the least amount of knowledge.

Whatever angle you’re looking for, you’re bound to find a great podcast about it. The more you listen, the more knowledge you can absorb about the industry, and you’ll always be at the forefront and in the know with all that’s taking place.

For some of our top picks for podcasts about podcasting, you can check out this post: Top 10 Podcasts About Podcasting.

We also have a Podchaser list dedicated to our favorite podcast-related podcast which we update regularly. Check it out here, and be sure to follow it so you’re always in the know!


Podcasting has become an increasingly popular form of media, and we’re here for all of it! But with so many new podcasts popping up every day, new technological developments and progressions are taking place at lightning speed. And this can make it overwhelming to learn all you need to to stay ahead in the game.

But if you’re going to thrive in this industry, you’re going to have to find effective strategies to stay in-the-know, up-to-date, and at the forefront of all that the podcasting space has to offer. From reading newsletters, blogs, and feeds, attending conferences or events that focus on podcasting related material, or simply by asking those who have a little more insight than you, you’ll be able to feel confident in your lane, and be able to stay ahead in the pack.

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