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EP 5 Abagail Pumphrey

005: Podcasting for the People with Abagail Pumphrey

What do Forbes, Marie Claire, and HuffPost have in common? They’ve all featured woman-owned education company and award-winning design agency, Boss Project! During this episode, we are joined by co-founder, CEO, and host of the chart-topping Strategy Hour Podcast, Abagail Pumphrey

Abagail is an expert in online sales and a data-driven strategist famous for her story of turning a layoff into a seven-figure work-from-home business. Tuning in, you’ll hear her share valuable insights on leveraging your podcast guests to build your credibility, the biggest mistakes podcasters make, monetization strategies, and more! 

For more key takeaways from this episode, be sure to check out Business Beyond The Mic Show Notes.

Takeaways From This Episode:

Boss Project started out as a design and branding agency. The educational aspect of the business unfolded naturally as the co-founders began to share what was working for them with their clients. Today, it is a full-blown educational business empowering clients to excel financially and put their lives first. 

A podcast wasn’t originally part of the plan. The Boss Project co-founders created Strategy Hour in response to what people wanted and within the first 48 hours, it landed in the top 15 downloads in the world. 

When Abagail first started her business, she was blogging five days a week and posting on Instagram multiple times a day. What was different about Podcasting? It’s a totally different communication style! You have to have a real conversation. 

A lot of hosts go into podcasting in the hope of being discovered through their content, but in reality, discoverability only works for the top 1% of podcasts. Instead, use your podcast to nurture your existing audience into potential buyers. 

Before there was paid advertising built into Strategy Hour, affiliate marketing funded the podcast. Boss Project leveraged its niche audience to build advertising into the podcast’s DNA and allow it to pay for itself. Shockingly, although podcasting takes up to 30% of Abagail’s time, it brings in far less revenue. It’s something she invests in to create value for her listeners.

Should you listen to your own podcasts after they’ve been produced? Abagail says yes! She’s been able to get valuable insights on what works, what sounds natural, where scripting is working, and where it isn’t. It’s also been super helpful to listen back and process what she has shared and where she’s at. 


“I teach small business owners from all over the world how to grow businesses online that excel financially and support them soulfully and allow them to prioritize their life first.” — Abagail Pumphrey [0:05:18]

“[Podcasting] is totally the most in-depth method to really reach someone on a personal level.” —  Abagail Pumphrey [0:10:49]

“For 99% of all podcasts, you have to drive traffic to your podcast to get listeners. Unless you’re in the top 1% or even the top quarter of a percent, you’re not going to get the discoverability factor.” — Abagail Pumphrey [0:15:37]

“People will stay in my programs longer if I continuously deliver value in a place that’s easy to consume. So, while the podcast itself is a smaller piece of a big pie, it is doing so much more than driving revenue.” — Abagail Pumphrey [0:39:15]

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