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Podcasting Conferences To Attend In 2018

The great thing about podcasting is that it’s so easy to get in touch with others in the industry. Forming connections with other podcasters is incredibly important for many reasons; networking, assistance, troubleshooting, interview opportunities, and cross audiences are to just name a few. Relationships with other podcasters can be maintained by way of video calling or messaging, which are incredibly handy resources in 2018. However, there’s nothing quite like meeting and interacting face-to-face.

Podcasting conferences give podcasters the perfect opportunity to do exactly that, while also providing a platform for the more experienced podcasters to teach and equip those that are attending. Luckily, with the recent boom in podcasting, these conferences have become very popular, taking place all over the world. We encourage you to get involved and attend a conference near you!

RAIN Podcast Business Summit, March 22 // New York City, New York

NYC PodFest, April 6-8 // New York City, New York

PodSummit, May 5 // Edmonton, Alberta

Audiocraft Podcast Festival, June 1-3 // Sydney, Australia

Radiodays Europe Podcast Day, June 12 // Copenhagen, Denmark

Podcast Movement, July 23-26 // Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Podern Love, Augst 10-12 //New Orleans, Louisiana

Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference, September 7-8 // Swedesboro, New Jersey

London Podcast Festival, September 12-16 // London, UK

The EdTech Podcast Festival, September 22 // London, UK

International Podcast Day, September 30 // Worldwide

Declare Conference, October 4-6 // Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

We Are Podcast, October 18-20 // Brisbane, Australia

Werk It, 2018 Dates TBA // Los Angeles, California

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