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029: Podcasting Beyond Boundaries by Building a Vast Repertoire with Jonathan Warncke

Embark on a journey of podcasting innovation as we explore the art of transcending borders through a diverse podcasting repertoire guided by the expertise of Jonathan Warncke. Jonathan is a creative director, brand strategist, copywriter, and podcast producer with over 15 years of experience in these roles. His career spans working in leading agencies in both South Africa and Spain, honing his skills as a copywriter and creative director. In addition to his role as an in-house creative director at Virgin Active South Africa, Jon founded Ping, a podcast production studio, in 2019. He also serves as the managing director of the South African Podcasters Guild and hosts a variety of intriguing podcasts.

Discover the inspiration behind Jonathan’s diverse podcasting ventures, his evolution as a podcaster, and the insights gained from extensive experimentation, that lead him to the conclusion that in-person interviews are his go-to podcasting format. Tune in to hear why community is integral to the growth of your podcast. Start listening now! 

For more key takeaways from this episode, be sure to check out Business Beyond The Mic Show Notes.

Takeaways From This Episode:

The aspects of Jon: more about himself, his business, his brand, and his large repertoire of podcasts. What ignited his passion for podcasting and inspired the multitude of creative concepts behind his shows. 

His evolution as a podcaster, why you get better with interviews over time, and why staying quiet is best for recording. We also delve into navigating that fine line between natural conversation and overproduction perfectionism. 

Jon dives into the intricacies of podcast formatting, discussing his deliberate exploration of various styles. By experimenting extensively, he’s equipped to confidently approach brands, showcasing a diverse portfolio. Jon also explains why he favors in-person conversations as his preferred podcasting format.

Why he believes organic media sucks and that the best place to grow your show is through other podcasts. Curious to dive into the number one thing people are interested in? Hear Jon explain why monetization of podcasts is such a sought-after topic. 

There’s a high value placed on community in the podcasting industry, especially in a world where loneliness and disconnect are at an all-time high. Jon unpacks how he plans to change the landscape of podcasting by building into audiences and forging stronger connections with each other.

Jon emphasizes why the story or the content or interview is what’s important and not necessarily the production of it. Why he believes that work always suffers when you’re under a deadline. 


“I think over time when you do interviews, you get better at doing interviews, that’s just a natural thing.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:08:08]

“One thing that I have definitely learned is it’s kind of – is to try and be as quiet as you can when someone’s answering — it’s a very human thing to do because that’s how we talk but it doesn’t work so well in the recording.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:08:38]

“I really enjoy conversations in person. This is fine too, but I find so much more energy being in the room with a person and I find that my energy level changes completely when I’m in the room.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:11:55]

“If you are aiming to monetize in some way, then you should have a paid media budget because organic media sucks.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:15:55]

“It seems that the most effective way is advertising in other podcasts is the best way to go.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:16:22]

“The real value I find in the community is in the Whatsapp community that we created.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:19:55]

“For anyone out there who’s making podcasts or is building something, I think bringing community into it is a really powerful tool.” — @JonathanWarncke [0:22:58]

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