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Podcast Awards 2022: How to Get Your Show Nominated

Podcast awards are a fantastic method to gain exposure and establish a reputable reputation for your podcast, but how do you enter them, and more importantly, how does your podcast win one?

And while you didn’t start your podcast for the sole purpose of obtaining accolades, victories, or fame, it would certainly be wonderful to receive that kind of appreciation for all the hard work you put into your show.

Aside from the confidence boost of knowing that all your hard work is appreciated and valued, an award-winning podcast can also open many doors!

So, if this sounds like it might be what you’re looking for for your show, check out this list featuring some of the top podcast awards programs, and learn how you can get your show on those all-important nominee lists! 

1. The iHeart Radio Podcast Awards

The first podcast awards event taking place this year is the iHeart Radio Podcast Awards, which is happening February 3rd, 2022.

The nominees in most of the categories are selected by a judging panel “comprised of blue-ribbon podcast industry leaders, creatives and visionaries,” according to iHeartMedia, but it’s the fans who decide which show will take home the prize for Podcast of the Year.

You can check out this year’s full list of nominees and the over 30 different categories here. Then keep an eye on their website for all the info on how your show can land on the next set of lists!

This year’s ceremony can be viewed on YouTube or Facebook or listened to on @iheartradio.

2. The Webby Awards

The Webby Awards honors excellence in 7 major media types: Websites, Video, Advertising, Media & PR, Social, Apps, Mobile, & Voice, Games, and, importantly in light of this list, Podcasts. 

There are a number of podcast-focused categories, and within each category, there are two prizes up for grabs – one is the Webby Winner, selected by the members of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, and the other is the People’s Voice, selected by the voting public. 

There is a submission fee involved, but anyone is able to submit their show. Submissions for this year have been extended and will now close on February 11th, 2022.

You can submit your podcast here.

3. The People’s Choice Podcast Award

The People’s Choice Podcast Awards – more commonly known as The Podcast Awards – is one of the longest-running podcast award programs. As the name suggests, The People’s Choice Podcast Award celebrates podcasts nominated by their audiences and is open to shows from all over the world, regardless of country of origin or language. 

The registration period for podcasters opens up on February 1st and you can register your podcast here. There are a wide variety of categories available, and 10 new categories have been added for this year’s awards.

The awards ceremony, which takes the format of a live video broadcast, is set to take place in September, as it coincides with International Podcast Day. You can register, check out all the rules, see the award period timeline, and acquire all other important information on The Podcast Awards official website

4. The Ambies

The Ambies are the Podcast Academy’s awards program for celebrating excellence in audio. And one of the main aims of the Ambies is “to honor podcasts as a unique and personal medium for entertainment, information, storytelling, and expression.” There are a grand total of 164 Ambies nominees spanning 23 categories, which highlight the talent both in front of and behind the mic.

Production companies, individual producers and creators, as well as distributors of a podcast series are eligible for entry, provided they published at least 3 episodes during the designated period.

The submissions for this year have closed, but you can check out the 2022 nominee announcement which will be taking place mid-February. Take a look at the categories here, and get your show ready for next year’s nominee submission.

The 2022 ceremony is presented by Wondery and will be hosted by Ross Mathews and Nikki Boyer. It will be streamed live on March 22 on YouTube and Twitch.

5. The Peabody Awards

The Peabody Awards exist to recognize when storytelling is done well; when stories matter. And so while these awards are not solely for podcasts, the podcast medium has been recognized and awarded these prestigious story-telling awards. In fact, there have been four phenomenal podcasts that have been recognized as Peabody winners.  Dolly Parton’s America by WNYC Studios, Montana Public Radio’s Threshold: The Refuge, APM Reports’ In The Dark (which has been awarded two Peabodys!), and BBC Sounds’ Have You Heard George’s Podcast?

The 2021 cycle saw eight podcasts nominated for this prestigious award. You can see all the winners and their acceptance speeches here.

The nominees and winners must be unanimously chosen by the board of jurors, after an intense judging process.

NOTE: The last three podcast award programs are location specific.

6. The British Podcast Awards

The British Podcast Awards honors podcasts and podcasters who produce their show in Great Britain or Northern Ireland, or whose content is specifically designed for UK audiences.

The British Podcast Awards 2022 will open for entries on 1st March 2022 and full details will appear nearer the time so be sure to check in on any updates on their website, or sign up to their newsletter. You can also familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations here.

There is an entry fee required for your submission, but all the details can be on the website. The nominees and eventual winner in each category are selected by an independent panel of judges, except the Listener’s Choice Award. The Listener’s Choice Award, voted for by listeners of British podcasts, will open when nominations are announced in June and all UK podcasts will be automatically entered.

7. The Irish Podcast Awards

The Irish Podcast Awards celebrates brilliant Irish podcasts. It is an independent awards program and is not aligned to any particular company. Entries open in March 2022, with nominees being announced in July, 2022. The ceremony is set to take place in September.

IPAs will be open to all Irish podcasters. The nominees will be judged by a judging panel consisting of professionals from all across the Irish audio and media sector and podcast companies from across the world. As well as the main judged awards, there is also the Listeners’ Choice category where listeners can vote for any Irish podcast. 

There will be more information, including the categories and entry process coming soon, so regularly check the website or subscribe to the mailing list so that you’re always in-the-know.

8. The Australian Podcast Awards

The Australian Podcast Awards is a celebration of podcasts for Australia by Australians. The entries for these awards are all self-nominated, and there are over 20 categories up for awards. Entries come from independent podcasters, broadcasters, the business community, as well as students and non-profit organisations. The judges usually consist of a panel of podcasting experts, with podcast listeners eligible to vote for The Listener’s Choice Award. 

There is currently no information available for the 2022 awards, but if you’re an Australian-based podcast, keep an eye on the website, or sign up for their newsletter, so that you’re in the loop when the doors open for this year’s entries.

For some inspiration, here’s the list of 2021 winners.

The Australian Podcast Awards works alongside the British Podcast Awards and Irish Podcast Awards to share best practice and to promote local podcasting.

NOTE: There are a few other awards programs for podcasts which have taken place in previous years, such as The Discover Pods Awards, and The Audio Verse Awards. As of yet, no information for the 2022 cycle is available. We will update this list accordingly should new dates be released. But it is advised to sign up to any available newsletters in order to stay up to date with the latest developments.

In Conclusion

Winning a podcast award was probably not your top reason for starting your podcast, but it may be one of the long-term goals you’ve set for yourself and your show.

And besides all the opportunities an award-winning podcast may bring your way, it’s also just feels really good to receive appreciation for your hard work.

Taking part in podcast award programs, even if your show doesn’t come out on top, is also just a great way to gain more exposure for your show, reach a wider audience, and expand your podcasting network.

Check out the awards programs we’ve mentioned, see which ones your podcast qualifies for, and get your shows nominated! You really have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

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