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EP 15 Carli van Heerden

015: A New Year’s Review: The True Impact of Podcasting with Carli van Heerden

At Business Beyond the Mic (and We Edit Podcasts) 2023 has been all about reinvention. Not to change who you are, but to continuously work on becoming a better version of who you were yesterday, last month, or last year! During this special New Year’s Eve episode, we are exploring how podcasting has changed how we do business and life.

Looking back on an incredible start to the Business Beyond the Mic Podcast, we draw out the highlights from every conversation, where our guests share the personal and professional perks of hosting a podcast. From listening, learning and communicating, passion and purpose, business savvy and more, each guest has been profoundly impacted by their journey into this fascinating form of media. 

Takeaways From This Episode:

Building a podcast can open the door to incredible connections and opportunities. Our first guest, Elise Museles, shared how hosting Once Upon a Food Story has made her a better listener, which has changed how she runs her personal and professional relationships. On Episode 2, Brittany Hodak describes how her podcast has facilitated her thriving network. 

Purpose and passion are two ingredients to a successful podcast and a fulfilling life! Going back to your ‘why’ in the challenging moments is what’s going to help you continue down this path, just like Ashley Menzies Babatunde, from No Straight Path. Jeni Barcelos and Sandy Connery share how podcasting has made them better businesswomen, and thinkers.

Abagail Pumphrey of Strategy Hour reminds us that the value of a podcast goes beyond dollars and downloads. Creating value for your audience can support retention, education, and much more. It can create value for you too! Kristi Bridges shares that hosting the Irresistible Factor has given her great insights into her client’s needs, by interviewing them about their experience.

Amina Altai shares how her podcast, Amina Change Your Life, has reignited her spark of curiosity to meet and get to know new people. Kathy Caprino, of Finding Brave, goes on to remind us that beyond satisfying our curiosity, a network is a wonderful source of collaboration and support. Part of the magic of podcasting is that it facilitates meeting new people!

A podcast can be a resource for your existing clients and a platform to bring new ideas to life. Heather Pearce Campbell shares how hosting her podcast has enabled her to expand the ways in which she serves them. Lauren Teague, host of the Brand to Fan Show, highlights the power of consistency and finding the courage to put your ideas into the world. Todd Patrick of the Next Page Podcast shares how podcasting has made him more patient with and considerate of others, while his co-host, Laura Patrick, highlights how it has helped her to master time management.

Tim Truax of the Nerd Room and the Podcast Experience shares how podcasting has given him a newfound sense of confidence. Senda Ben Abdallah talks about the role of podcasting in helping her to be more present in conversation. Podcasting can also have some unexpected perks.


“[Through podcasting] I’ve become a much better listener. I think that is a skill. It’s so underrated, but it helps you in so many different ways.” — @EliseMuseles [0:03:07]

“[Podcasting has] allowed me to be more passion-oriented.” — @Ashley_Menzies [0:04:52]

“[Podcasting] has made us better businesswomen and it has made us, honestly, a lot of money.” — Jeni Barcelos [0:06:17]

“[Podcasting] is a tool to make what I do sticky. People will stay clients longer, people will stay in my programs longer if I continuously deliver value in a place that’s easy to consume.” — Abagail Pumphrey [0:07:18]

“[Podcasting] has made me so much more knowledgeable about what kinds of things I think about on behalf of my clients.” — @kristibridges22 [0:08:11]

“[Podcasting] has added that spark of curiosity, that excitement of getting to meet new people [to my life] and I think that’s one of the best pieces.” — @AminaAlTai [0:09:45]

“[Podcasting] has helped me develop even more collaborators and partners and supporters that help me everyday.” — @kathycaprino [0:10:36]

“[Podcasting] has expanded my reach, expanded my network, expanded the way that I get to serve the clients I’m already serving.” —Heather Pearce Campbell [0:11:17]

“The podcast becomes the basis for the book that I will write in the next couple of years.” — Lauren Teague [0:12:00]

“It’s made me more patient with humans, doing this podcast.” — Todd Adamson [0:12:50]

“[Since podcasting] I have become more confident in approaching people and networking.” — Tim Truax [0:14:00]

“In both business and life, I am a much better listener.” — Senda Ben Abdallah [0:14:37]

Resources from Today’s Episode: 

Elise Museles

Once Upon a Food Story

Brittany Hodak

Creating Superfans

Ashley Menzies Babatunde

No Straight Path

And She Co.

And She Spoke

Boss Project 

Strategy Hour

Kristi Bridges on LinkedIn

The Irresistible Factor 

Amina Altai

Amina Change Your Life

Kathy Caprino

Finding Brave

Heather Pearce Campbell

The Legal Website Warrior

Guts, Grit, and Great Business Podcast

Lauren Teague

Brand to Fan Show

Next Page Podcast

The Podcast Experience 

The Nerd Room 

Too Long; Didn’t Listen 

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