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Make Your Podcast Great with These Underrated Tips

Hey there, Podcast Hosts! Are you looking for ways to improve your show and take it to the next level?

Most new podcast hosts know the basics of launching a podcast. And many have some idea of what you need to do to grow a podcast. But there is a lot that you can do to increase the odds of your podcast’s success.

While there are a lot of great tips out there, we wanted to share some underrated tips that can make a big difference in your podcast’s success. So if you’re ready to up your game, read on!

Podcast Elements
Audience Engagement and Growth
Promotion Strategies
Content Tips
Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

Podcast Elements

How To Write Amazing Show Notes for Your Podcast

There’s way more to a successful podcast than just great content and top-quality audio. A lot of what goes into making a podcast successful is actually text-based!

This is because text-based content is way better suited to being searched by those crafty search engine bots! But what does that mean for an audio-based medium? It means that podcasters have to employ other tactics to get their show and content out there.

And one excellent way to do this is by creating show notes for your podcast. 

When we’re talking about show notes, we’re not talking about a word-for-word transcript of your episode content, nor are we talking about a blog post based on your latest episode. When we use the term “show notes,” we’re referring to a summarized version of a podcast episode, detailing the main take-aways, highlighting more about your guest, as well as a place to include all the links to products, resources, or prominent people mentioned in the episode.

In our book, show notes are a necessity that every podcaster should include in their podcasting workflow. Why? You ask. Let us count the reasons.

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Tips for Creating Great Cover Art for Your Podcast

A picture speaks a thousand words. If that is the case, what is your podcast cover art saying about you? And more importantly, what does it say about your show?

Creating great cover art for your podcast is essential if you want to make a good first impression on potential listeners. But creating great cover art for your podcast can be tricky. You want something eye-catching and interesting, but you also need to make sure that it accurately represents your show. In this blog post, we will discuss the six best tips for creating amazing cover art that will help you stand out from the competition!

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What You NEED to Include in Your Podcast Intro

The first question that needs answering is whether or not you actually need a podcast intro for your show? Can’t you just dive right in with your latest episode? Well, of course you can! It’s your show after all. But do we think a podcast intro is an important part of your listener’s overall experience of your show? Yes! Yes, we do!

Statistics show us that an opinion based on a first impression forms within the first seven seconds of any interaction. That’s not long at all! If we put that in the context of your podcast, essentially that means you have less than 10 seconds to grab the listener’s attention and turn them into a loyal fan. 

And that’s why a strong podcast intro is so important. It’s that enticing bait that gets potential listeners “hooked” on your podcast.

But how do you go about creating that oh-so catchy intro? What do you really need to include in that “hook”? 

We think that there are 10 basic components that make up a great podcast intro which will grab even the most casual of podcast listeners, and turn them into one of your most loyal listeners!

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Podcast Outros and Why Your Podcast Needs One

So you’ve got your niche locked down, you’ve recorded episodes jam-packed with killer content, and you’ve got this great buzz around your show thanks to the power of social media!

Your intro is waxed, your theme music is on point, and your artwork is amazing! But what about your outro?

“My outro?” I hear you ask quizzically, “Why do I need an outro? Surely no one listens to podcast episodes beyond the end of the actual content?”

And you are right to a degree. Many listeners do tune out as soon as “the good stuff” is presumably over, thinking that there is nothing of value left to listen to. And because of this, you may chalk a podcast outro down to something your show simply doesn’t need.

But a podcast outro is prime audio real estate for you to capitalize on! In this post, we’re covering all the bases and giving you all the outro info you need!

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How to Create an Effective Podcast Trailer

All the way back in 2017 (ages ago, right!?), when Apple rolled out its 2017 iOS112 update, it introduced a game changing feature for podcasts – a space for podcasters to add enticing trailers that would be permanently pinned to the top of their episode list, easily accessible to all potential listeners. Spotify has since followed suit, making it possible for their podcasters to create and share trailers which are easily accessible to listeners. 

But why is this such a great feature?

Well, in the same way movie trailers have (had?) us queuing for the next attraction, your podcast trailer can help get listeners hooked on your show.

But I suppose the real question at the forefront of your mind right now is, “Trailers for movies are great and all, but do I really need one for my podcast?” Well, let’s explore that question, shall we?” 

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Audience Engagement and Growth

Yes, high download numbers are an indicator of podcast success. But how do you get high numbers? Yes, you can buy ads on social media, or run giveaways.

But, true, long-lasting audience growth is actually built upon genuine audience engagement.

For tips on that, check out these posts…

How to Get More Listener Engagement for Your Podcast

So, you’ve been podcasting for a while now and you’re starting to see some listener engagement and growth in your audience, but you want to take it to the next level. You want your podcast to be more than just a one-way conversation. You want to develop a connection with your audience and have your podcast feel like a buzzing hub of interaction.

And you might already know that garnering more listener engagement is important, but you’re not sure how to go about it.

Over the years, we’ve added a few tried-and-tested strategies to our podcasting toolbox that have always yielded great results when it comes to our clients gaining more listener engagement for their podcasts.

And we’re sharing those tips with you today! Applying these tips will lead to greater engagement between you and your audience, and this, in turn, will help you achieve those engagement goals you have for your podcast.

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How To Hone In On Your Podcast’s Target Audience

It is so important to hone in and find your podcast’s target audience. And so we figured that, besides bringing the humor, we’d also bring you a guide to help you find that all-important target audience for your show.

But let’s back up just a smidge…

Perhaps you’re still wondering why it’s so important to find your podcast’s target audience. And following that train of thought, you might also be wondering why you can’t just aim your podcast at everyone, and gather a massive audience around your show?

Well, hypothetically, you can attempt to not define your target audience and simply market your show to all types of listeners. But unless you’re a global celebrity or you have a massive brand, this would be a mistake and may even prove to be the Achilles heel of your show’s success.

But HOW do you figure out the target audience that’s THE ONE for your podcast?

We’ve put together 10 questions that can get you as close as possible to finding that all-important target audience. As you answer each one, you should be one step closer to finding the basis of your podcast community.

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How to Grow a Podcast Audience: 5 Effective Strategies

Are you a podcast host looking to grow your audience? You’ve come to the right post!

We’ve found that one of the biggest challenges podcasters face when trying to grow their audience is knowing how to get started. And it’s true! It can be super difficult to know where to begin, especially if you’re new to podcasting, or just feel that audience growth is beyond your realm of expertise.

Today, we’re sharing actionable tips for growing your podcast audience that will work for any podcast. No matter your reason for wanting to grow, your podcast niche, or even the current size of your audience, these tips will work for you!

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Promotion Strategies

Tips for Using Audiograms to Promote Your Podcast

There are many podcasters out there who are finding it difficult to increase their subscriber (or “follower”) numbers and boost the number of episode downloads.

Now this could be attested to the fact that there are just so many podcasts out there, so it can be difficult to be heard above the din.

And while one of the goals is getting featured on the curated lists of podcast directories, such as Apple PodcastsSpotify, and Stitcher, you’re still appealing to the converted there, as those using those apps are already podcast listeners.

So that still leaves the question of how to promote your podcast more widely hanging in the air…

…but not for long!

Today we’re sharing our top tips for a unique way you can promote your podcast content fairly simply and relatively easily across all sorts of platforms!

Today, we’re giving our top tips for using audiograms!

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Top Ways to Boost Your Podcast Discoverability

The hardest part of starting anything is getting started in the first place. And starting a podcast is no different. The build-up to launching your podcast and getting your first few episodes out there is half the battle won. But once you have the ball rolling, it’s time to build momentum – you need to keep getting more and more ears on your unique content. 

And one of the most crucial ways you can do this is by boosting your podcast discoverability. Podcast discoverability is exactly as it sounds – it’s taking the necessary steps to make it easy for potential listeners to discover your podcast.

And we’ve got just the strategies to help you take that action! Let’s dive into some of the tried and tested methods for boosting your podcast’s discoverability. 

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Content Tips

Killer content is key to podcast success. But it’s often taken for granted that just knowing your topic is not enough to produce value-saturated content.

And that’s where these tips come in.

Content That Engages: How To Improve Your Content Creation Skills

You may want to improve your content creation skills because you want to write better articles. Perhaps you want to be able to create high-quality content for your podcast episodes. Or you may also want to improve your skills so that people will engage more with your content and so become loyal customers and members of your community.

People may not know how to improve their content creation skills because they don’t understand what goes into good content, they’re not sure how to reach their target audience, or they struggle with coming up with new ideas. Or it may even be as simple as having the desire to create outstanding, engaging content, but there is a lack of motivation to actually create that content, for whatever reason.

This article offers some simple, actionable tips for improving your content creation skills you can try right now (after reading the rest of this article, of course!) which will help you find your groove and boost your confidence when it comes to creating outstanding content your audience will love!

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How To Improve Your Podcast Storytelling Skills

Storytelling is an integral part of every society and culture. We use stories to share our history, our experiences, to escape, and to entertain. There can be no doubt of the power a great story has to move us, motivate us, or even change us for the better! That’s the magic of storytelling! And because of this power, every podcast host should be developing and improving their storytelling skills.

Right about now, you may be shouting at the screen, “Woah there! I don’t need to improve my storytelling skills, my podcast isn’t an audio drama or fictional procedural.” But I’m here to tell you that every podcaster is really a storyteller! 

Are you using your podcast to promote your personal brand? Guess what?! You need to be a storyteller!

Is starting a podcast one of your marketing strategies to grow your business! Yup! That’s right! You, too, are in fact, a storyteller! Being able to share a great story is a massive part of a successful marketing campaign!

So now that you’ve accepted the fact that you are, indeed, a storyteller, and can see all the reasons why great storytelling skills are so intrinsic to successfully reaching your audience, the big question remains…

How do you develop and improve these storytelling skills?

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Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks

8 Ways to Strengthen Your Niche Authority

In other words, we want to be seen as authorities within our respectives niches – that specialized topic that we’ve carved out for ourselves within a wider subject. 

And I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that having your audience view you as an authority within your niche is critical for building a successful, long-lasting brand, opening up sponsorship opportunities, and helping you achieve ultimate success in whatever your venture is. You know that you need to build authority, the question is, “How?” 

And that’s the reason you’re here! For some actionable ways you can strengthen your authority within your niche! 

We’ve put together a list of eight ways you can really amp up your “authority status” and help you cement your name and your brand within your niche, whatever it may be! 

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How Can I Increase My Confidence On The Mic?

You started your podcast because you have something to say, and whilst you may not necessarily be speaking in public in front of a live audience, our medium is still very much a public one. You have to be feeling good, thinking positively, and acting natural every time you don the headphones and man the mic. Your message and voice is too valued by your listeners and potential followers for you to be rendered tongue tied by a lack of confidence.

If you’ve ever asked the question “How Can I Increase My Confidence On The Mic?” then today’s blog is for you! We’re happy to share 5 ways you can finally beat the nerves in front of the mic. 

But if you’re looking for help with those nerves in front of spiders…we’re sorry but you’re on your own!

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No One is Listening to My Podcast! (Send Help!)

“Help! No one is listening to my podcast!”

If that’s your cry, then you’ve come to the right place!

It can be incredibly disheartening putting so much time and effort into your podcast only to be rewarded with no listeners. You might be asking yourself, “What the heck am I doing wrong?”

“If no one is listening, does that mean I should just quit?”

“Is this podcasting thing even worth it?”


“If no one is tuning in, does that mean I suck at podcasting?”

While the situation may suck, you, my friend, do not! If no one is listening to your podcast (yet!) it just means you may have missed the mark somewhere. And that can definitely be fixed!

We just have to do a little investigating to find out exactly where the problem lies.

Once you’ve found the issue, using your best Ross Geller impersonation yell, “PIVOT!” And then, well, pivot! Buckle down, develop new strategies, and make the necessary adjustments.

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In Conclusion

Remember, there are many small things you can get right to help you make your show the best that it can be.

And getting all the seemingly small elements done well is what can actually lead to long-term podcasting success.

So by making sure that you pay attention to these often-overlooked areas, you’ll help set your podcast on the right path.

Got any thoughts on what else can help you make your podcast the best that it can be? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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