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EP 9 Heather Campbell

009: Leveraging Your Podcast to Open Doors to New Business Opportunities with Heather Pearce Campbell

In the captivating world of podcasting, the real magic happens when the doors to a realm of undiscovered business prospects and boundless potential are flung wide open. Today, we are delighted to introduce Heather Pearce Campbell to the Business Beyond the Mic podcast! Heather is not only a devoted attorney and legal coach for visionary entrepreneurs but is also a warrior mom and a nature enthusiast. She is the driving force behind a legal practice and the host of the Guts, Grit & Great Business® podcast. Heather is also the mastermind behind The Legal Website Warrior®, an online venture that offers brand protection, legal education, and assistance to entrepreneurs around the world. 

In our conversation, Heather recounts the journey of launching her podcast amidst the initial chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and shares the intention and goal she has for the platform. We dive into her love for collecting information (and people) and the importance of planting seeds in business. Heather emphasizes why putting the right systems for your podcast production in place is essential before she expands on how she leveraged her network to support her clients and listeners during the pandemic and even how she used multiplexing to create deep conversations with others. This episode is filled with truly valuable insights and includes great legal advice to protect yourself as a podcaster. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!

Takeaways From This Episode:

She delves into The Legal Website Warrior®, her solution to many of the challenges her clients face in the traditional legal market. She recounts her experience launching her podcast, Guts, Grit & Great Business® right as the COVID-10 pandemic hit and sheds light on the intention she embraced while creating her podcast. 

Heather highlights how having a good strategy around monetizing your podcast is helpful and also talks about her referral tree, her love for making new connectors as a super-connecter, and her love for collecting information and people. 

How she builds credibility and creates multiple clients out of having one single conversation. The importance of building relationships and planting seeds in business. She sheds light on one mistake people make with podcasting. 

Heather emphasizes the importance of having the right systems in place for your podcast production and shares what it was like seeing COVID-19 coming down the life tunnel and how she leveraged her network to support her clients and her audience during the turbulent time of the pandemic.

We dive into how Heather uses multiplexing to create deep connections with others and learn about her the monetization of her podcast and why she waited until she was three years in.

Heather shares her clear goals for her conversations and why she is always trying to find ways to continue building her network. Be sure to listen in as she shares incredible advice and tips for protecting yourself as a podcaster on the legal front.


“My whole goal in launching the podcast was to bring important conversations to small business owners around perseverance, grit, longevity, [and] what it takes to build a business and a really thriving life.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:07:56]

“Please don’t do it yourself, [that’s] the whole point in business or creating anything. We think we have to trudge along, do it ourselves, figure it all out. No. Go to the expert, find out what you need, get good help, get support in place for doing it and it will go so much faster.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:09:25]

“I’m a little bit of a super connector that way. I tell people I collect information and people.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:10:50]

“A lot of the power that has come out of having a podcast relates to relationship building with the guests that then lead to other opportunities I couldn’t have anticipated.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:11:18]

“My overall strategy with the podcast and truthfully with podcast guesting is I see it all as relationship building and planting seeds.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:12:21]

“What I would like for people to take away from this piece of the conversation is about how complex sometimes we make business, but how at its very root, it’s really about having conversations with people where it’s value first — [if] you’re genuine, business is going to happen.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:22:38]

“The power of one tidbit of information to change your viewpoint or your perspective or lead to the next best thing in your life — it’s everywhere, every conversation could change your life.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:25:23]

“Just be aware that we’re all human. We make mistakes. We don’t do a perfect job vetting people. You might end up with somebody who’s not a great guest and you don’t have to publish the episode.” — Heather Pearce Campbell [0:33:17]

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