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Launch of the Ask We Edit Show

Today is a BIG day for us here at We Edit Podcasts! The secret is out! Today is Launch Day for our brand new mini-podcast, the Ask We Edit Show! The excitement in the air is palpable, as it’s a day we’ve been working hard towards for quite some time now.

And as part of our celebrations, we thought we’d get to know the two key players in this new adventure, our Founder and CEO, Carli van Heerden, and the new host of the Ask We Edit Show, Andrew Delmar.

First up, Carli…

Carli started We Edit Podcasts way back in 2015, with the mission to give podcasters back their time while creating high-quality content without the cost.  When she’s not in work-mode, you can catch her making new memories with her husband and her little boy, or sipping on a locally-brewed latte.

Q: You’ve been in the podcasting game for a long time! How did you first get into the industry?

Carli: It all started when my husband launched his very own podcast, and it all just snowballed from there into the incredible company that is We Edit Podcasts!

Q: You must be so excited for the launch of We Edit Podcasts very own podcast! How did the idea for the Ask We Edit Show come about?

Carli: After many years working with podcasters and processing thousands of episodes, we wanted to create an accessible archive where we could answer the top podcasting questions in the industry. Our hope is to grow the show into a database for our clients, readers, and listeners to use to make their podcasting journey’s easy and problem-free!


Which is something We Edit Podcasts is more than capable of doing! We’ve worked hard to hone our skills over the last 6 years, and the company has continually grown from strength to strength. In 2020 alone, we processed 50,824 episodes, and helped launch 302 brand new shows! And on top of that, the combined number of downloads our clients received in 2020 was 350 Million plus! And over the years, we’ve continued to educate and support a new generation moving into the podcasting sphere.

So we think it’s fair to say that we have learned a lot along the way! And with all this knowledge and experience we’ve gathered, we knew it was time to create a new platform where we could share all we’ve learned with the world. And so, the Ask We Edit Show was born!

We cannot wait for all this new adventure has in store! But before you head off to subscribe and download all the episodes, we wanted to give you the opportunity to get to know the voice behind mic, the host of the Ask We Edit Show, Andrew Delmar. [Insert a hearty round of applause.]

Andrew currently resides in Calgary, Canada, and while he has a degree in Accounting and has worked in the world of finance, he’s since followed his other passion and completed a diploma in computer programming. He’s previously dabbled in blogging and podcasting, but now his attention is focused on his role as Growth Manager at We Edit Podcasts. Not only does that title have a great ring to it, but it entails planning and spearheading some amazing projects, one of which is, of course, the Ask We Edit Show. (But we’ve got a lot more planned! Stay tuned!) 

And  now, let’s hear a little more from Andrew…

Q: So first up, how did you get into the podcast industry? 

Andrew: I actually worked at We Edit Podcasts for almost 2 years before going off to university. So having that experience and knowledge helped when it came time to start my own show and blog, and made coming back to the company an easy transition.

Q: You must listen to quite a number of podcasts, what are your current favorites?

Andrew: Easily Spittin Chiclets by Barstool Sports and, of course, The Joe Rogan Experience.

Q: Tell us about the podcast in a nutshell.

Andrew: We basically cover anything and everything podcast-related in a daily, short 1-2 minute, no fluff episode. Our planned topics range from equipment, to the technical side of things, to facts about the industry, as well as tips and tricks on finding podcasting success. We really want to provide a valuable resource for anyone in the podcasting world.

Q: As the podcast launches, what are you most excited about?

Andrew: I think just gaining some reach and providing value to people who’ve never even heard of We Edit Podcasts and all that we offer. I’m really excited to see where this show is in a year’s time.

Q: We all know that starting a podcast can present a few hurdles, what have been some of your biggest challenges getting the show off the ground?

Andrew: I think one of the biggest challenges has just been getting comfortable in front of the mic! But I’m embracing the challenges! I really believe that this experience will be an interesting showcase on what it actually looks like to start a new show as a new podcaster. Hopefully our listeners can see that if I can do it, anyone can do it!

Q: And the last question, within the podcasting sphere, who do you turn to for inspiration?

Andrew: I think Joe Rogan is the best conversationalist and presenter in the world but in terms of solo hosts, it’s got to be Andrew Huberman, from Huberman Lab. He does a great job of drawing his listeners in, and he just speaks really well! 

Hear more from Andrew by heading over to the Ask We Edit Show. We launch today with 5 episodes!

About the Podcast:

A show focused on all things podcasting brought to you by We Edit Podcasts and hosted by Andrew Delmar. It’s a place where we can share all the knowledge we’ve collected over the past six years of producing hundreds of thousands of episodes. We’ve got technical advice, and product reviews, monetization methods that actually work, podcasting how-to’s, tips and tricks, even some podcast myth-busting, and so much more! With the Ask We Edit Show there’s no fluff, just a daily dose of sound podcasting advice through short informative episodes! 

But you can find the Ask We Edit Show wherever you get your podcasts! 

Got a burning podcasting question? We would love to answer it on the podcast! Please submit any questions at:

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