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EP 11 Laura and Todd

011: A Journey of Healing and Connection Through Podcasting with Laura Patrick and Todd Adamson

Launching a podcast isn’t merely hitting record—it’s an intricate dance of passion, persistence, and technical finesse. In this episode, we sit down with Laura Patrick and Todd Adamson about the artistry, dedication, and courage needed to craft a meaningful show. Laura and Todd are Founders of Next Page, a podcast that explores the impacts of trauma with experts, celebrities, and influential people to spread understanding and healing.

In this episode, Laura and Todd provide a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the raw and rewarding world of podcasting. From navigating the labyrinth of selecting guests whose narratives intertwine seamlessly with the podcast’s theme to facing fears of rejection and acceptance, they share their podcasting successes and downfalls. We discuss the hurdles they had to overcome, creating meaningful impact through storytelling, measuring podcast success, using podcasts as a platform for connection, and much more. Tune in now!

For more key takeaways from this episode, be sure to check out Business Beyond The Mic Show Notes.

Takeaways From This Episode:

Laura and Todd share details about their businesses, brands, and Next Page. Hear how COVID caused Laura and Todd to reconnect after losing contact with one another and sparked their podcasting journey. Learn how the physiological impacts of COVID inspired them to launch a podcast, what they hope to achieve with it, and how connection forms the foundation for the show.

Hear how Laura and Todd were able to overcome their initial fears and challenges of starting a podcast. From concerns about how their growing community would respond to certain guests to ignoring the haters and persevering. 

What did they wish they knew before they started? Podcasting is a labor of love. Starting a podcast involves far more than just a microphone and platform. It requires time, effort, and dedication. Editing, branding, marketing, and finding quality guests are integral parts that demand commitment and persistence. 

The podcast’s success hinges on remaining authentic and dedicated to its core message of hope and mental health. Gain insights into how they prioritize content that resonates deeply with their audience, how they leverage various metrics and statistics, and maintain a happy medium between monetization and integrity.

Delve into the long-term vision and future plans for the podcast. Despite challenges, they maintain a long-term perspective, envisioning press campaigns and extensive marketing efforts once resources allow. We discuss how podcasting changed the way they do business and life, their top three podcasting tools, the biggest learning moments for Laura and Todd, and they share valuable advice for budding podcasters.


“It’s just that mental health, I think we found is such a powerful niche, especially in the podcast market. We’re so passionate about it. So, every time we get off of a call with somebody, I don’t think we’ve ever gone done a podcast where we both haven’t learned something new.” — Todd Adamson  [0:09:09]

“I’d say my biggest fear was really just that no one would listen.” — Laura Patrick  [0:11:14]

“Ignore the haters, just keep doing what you’re doing. That’s what we’ve done.” — Todd Adamson  [0:14:27]

“For anyone who’s going to go into doing a podcast, it is a labor of love. You have to love it. You have to want to get the message out.” — Todd Adamson  [0:21:55]

“We pick guests based on how compelling we think their story is, but also how important their message is.” — Laura Patrick  [0:27:49]

“As long as our followership keeps going up, our listenership keeps going up. We feel like we’re succeeding.” — Todd Adamson  [0:34:34]

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