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We Edit Podcasts Website Redesign

Introducing We Edit Podcasts Website Redesign and New Updates

They say a change is as good as a rest. Well, if that’s the case, after our recent website redesign, here at We Edit Podcasts, we’re really well-rested! But all jokes aside, we’re incredibly excited by our recent website update! If you’ve been on our site recently, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about! Because our new website is pretty sweet! The redesigned website boasts a fresh and modern look with improved navigability, allowing potential and existing clients to easily access essential information about the services we offer as a podcast production agency.

And it’s not just a few minor tweaks and changes! The whole website had a total revamp! And we truly believe (also based on some awesome feedback!) that the new site provides a more user-friendly experience for our clients. With a sleek new design, improved functionality, and enhanced features, the website update makes it easier than ever for potential clients to find the professional editing services they’re after.

But don’t just take our word for it! We’re sharing some of our newest features and updated designs below…

First up:

User-friendly Interface and Navigation

We Edit Podcasts pricing process

One of the most significant overall changes to the We Edit Podcasts website is the incorporation of a highly intuitive and user-friendly interface and easy-to-navigate features. The site’s new navigation bar makes it super easy to find all We Edit Podcasts offers, with streamlined drop-down menus that categorize all the options. The website’s homepage features a more consolidated view of the company’s services, making it easy for potential clients to find what they’re after.

And speaking of our services, they’ve had an update too…

We Edit Podcasts Offers Updated List of Podcast Production Services

Services offered by We Edit Podcasts, a podcast production agency

As a podcast production agency, we’ve got a full range of podcast production services on offer. Our services page may have been updated. But our commitment to high-quality service remains the same.

This is evident by the testimonials and client reviews we now feature on our website. And no, these testimonials are not just a way for us to brag. (Although we’re always incredibly proud of the high-quality work done by our awesome team!) But it’s one of the ways we can show potential clients that we deliver on our promise of high-quality podcast production services.

Our new services page is streamlined and user-friendly and showcases both our core and specialized podcasting services. You can learn more about each service, and even see live examples of our team’s work! Pretty cool, right?

You’ll also see an overview of clients using each particular service and get to see more testimonials. We’re incredibly humbled to get to work with some incredible podcasters and play a part in their podcasting journey.

Enhanced Branding and Visual Design

The We Edit Podcasts website redesign also emphasizes a more modern and visually appealing aesthetic with high-quality graphics and on-brand images. The website is brighter, cleaner, and showcases our revamped color palette. (Which we LOVE!)

We love that it feels “like us” as we continue to position ourselves as a podcast production agency known for its service and high-quality work.

We’ve also carried this over to our Instagram page, follow us here!

Customer-Centric Approach

We Edit Podcasts’ new website focuses on creating a more customer-centric approach. With easy-to-navigate pages and a broader range of information about our services. This is particularly evident in our brand new pricing page. This page features our new, easy-to-use pricing estimator.

The pricing estimator allows users to select the podcast production services they’re after, and build out a package that’s right for them.

It’s super easy to use. And really customizable! Meaning that you’ll find something that meets your needs in no time!

The page also features a comprehensive FAQ section. Offering detailed information about the services provided, pricing, and more.

We believe that the new website emphasizes the importance of customer satisfaction and the dedication of We Edit Podcasts to provide top-notch audio post-production services.

New Platform for Podcast Community

Podcasters Platform

The updated website also features a link to the newly launched Podcasters Platform. The Podcasters Platform started as a dream and vision for building a place where podcasters could connect with each other and foster a sense of community.

And it’s slowly but steadily turning into a healthy, buzzing podcast community! We’ve heard some incredible feedback from the live weekly meet-ups. And we’ve seen how hard the team behind the scenes is working to make the Platform the best that it can be.

The Platform also offers free resources, interactive forums, as well as fully-fledged courses to equip all podcasters for success on their podcasting journey.

So, if you’ve been looking to find a podcast community, learn more about the industry, or you just want to make some pretty cool podcasting friends, the Podcasters Platform is the place for you!

New Affiliate Opportunities

Another pretty amazing new feature you can now find on our revamped website is our Affiliate Partner Program.

We’re so excited by what this Program offers! By joining our new affiliate partner program, you can add a steady stream of additional revenue to your bottom line, because we offer a 15% commission structure for all your referrals! Pretty amazing, right?

And the best news is that you can create a new income stream in 4 easy steps. And, of course, everything is laid out for you on our new website! Go check it out now! And you’ll be one step closer to earning those commissions and boosting your bottom line!

You can find out more about our Affiliate Partner Program here

Introducing The Podcast Digest

Our blog has also undergone a makeover. We’ve increased the number of posts we share per week. Our layout has been fine-tuned. And I’m sure you’ve seen our very cool, brand-aligned feature images! But we still strive to offer our readers posts that are practical, actionable, and value-rich to help you on your podcasting journey, as well as beyond. Suffice it to say, we’re loving the new look!

But we also love the name rebrand! All our posts are now collected under the banner of The Podcast Digest. And we’re continually striving to make The Podcast Digest the hub of all things podcasting. And the place you turn to whenever you have a podcasting question that needs answering.

Join Us On ‘The Journey’

Finally, our weekly newsletter has also had a glow-up…

While our weekly newsletter is pretty well-established, it’s also had a fun rebrand as ‘The Journey.’ The Journey still shares the top stories from the podcasting and audio spaces, and other cool things piquing our interest. But we’ve shifted our focus and now use the newsletter to also share podcasting tips and tricks, sound strategies, or other info podcasters will find helpful as they embark on their own podcasting Journey.


We truly believe that the website redesign and update made to the We Edit Podcasts website represents a significant “leveling up” in the company’s brand identity. And reflects our commitment to customer satisfaction and experience.

The user-friendly layout, clear breakdowns of all our services, and easy-to-use pricing estimator are simply new ways for us to make podcasters’ lives simpler and continue on our mission to give them back their time.

As podcasting continues to rise in popularity, we, as We Edit Podcasts, strive to continue to offer professional podcast production services and be a valuable resource for any podcaster looking for assistance on their podcasting journey.

So, if you’re looking for professional podcast editing services from an awesome team that is committed to high quality, We Edit Podcasts is the podcast production agency for you.

Head on over and check out our new website, and let us see how we can help you on your podcasting journey.

Have you experienced our new website? Let us know if you have any thoughts or feedback! We’d love to hear from you!

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