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EP 16 Nathaniel Ernst

016: Integrating Your Podcast Experience into the Fabric of Your Business with Nathaniel Ernst

Nathaniel Ernst is a kinesiologist and personal trainer in Calgary, Alberta. He is the owner-operator of NATEFIT Integrated Fitness and Nutrition, taking a sustainable approach to health and fitness. He also hosts the Down and Dirty Podcast, where he delves into health and fitness topics as an extension of NATEFIT’s mission.

Today’s episode explores what it means to infuse your personal passion into your business and truly integrate your podcast into your business model. Nate gives us a welcome reminder that it’s natural to have a list of fears when you first create your own podcast and that everyone has to start somewhere! We also talk about the immeasurable value of time and why it is the greatest investment you can make in your podcast, plus so much more.

Takeaways From This Episode:

Nate’s journey has been all about turning his personal passions and interests into a career, and it shows! His passion for learning and connecting with others inspired the launch of his podcast, Down and Dirty, which acts as an extension of NATEFIT today. 

Beyond interviewing his guests, Nate’s goal is to have a conversation that allows listeners to learn as they get to know each person and hear their story. His primary goal is to equip his listeners with actionable tools and practical knowledge to support their health and fitness journeys. 

The Down and Dirty Podcast might not be what you think of when you think of health and fitness, but that’s exactly why Nate chose the name. It’s a little provocative and sparks curiosity to inspire listeners to press play!

The biggest obstacle Nate faced when starting his podcast was getting comfortable enough to move beyond the fear of being criticized. He also had to learn how to put each guest at ease before hitting record. This is a reminder that we are not alone in those initial fears that we have when starting a podcast. 

Podcasting has changed how Nate interacts with his clients; connecting with them and asking questions to truly understand their experience. He uses his podcast to expand his knowledge to better serve his clients, truly integrating it into the fabric of his business

His most non-negotiable resource is undoubtedly the time he invests in his podcast. His advice is to value your time and recognize that it is the best investment that you can make in your podcast. 


“The primary goal [of the Down and Dirty podcast] is to equip listeners with actionable tools and knowledge. I want to share knowledge with the listeners while I learn.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:06:25]

“I try not to make it an interview. I want people to really get to know the guests and feel a part of the conversation. That’s how I learn best. I think that’s a great way to engage the audience as well.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:06:45]

“Something that I started to notice throughout the podcast is [that] I have this unique opportunity to have these guests on where I probably wouldn’t have had a deep conversation with them before.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:13:46]

“[Know] that you’re not alone. It’s natural to have fears. Everyone is starting from somewhere.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:19:15]

“My biggest piece of advice is just be you. Be authentically you.” — Nathaniel Ernst [0:25:23]

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