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EP 23 Steph

023: Insider Strategies to Successfully Launch and Grow Your Show with Steph Taylor

What if your podcast could become your business’s strongest lead generator? Today on the show, we welcome Steph Taylor, an online business strategist helping service-based business owners build businesses that are profitable when they are not at their laptops. She is the host of the Imperfect Action Podcast, which has clocked more than 2 million downloads and counting, and the creator of Podcast Launch Plan, where she equips fellow hosts on their journey to success.

During this conversation, you’ll learn how your life can begin to change when you stop overthinking every choice you make and instead embrace imperfect action. We discuss the many benefits of creating a podcast, facing your fears, and creating content with your dream listener in mind. Steph also shares how the HubSpot Network has bolstered her podcasting journey. With more than 700 podcast episodes behind her, Steph has plenty of insights to share with us today. Tune in to hear more. 

Takeaways From This Episode:

How would you define your secret sauce? Steph Taylor attributes her success to the pivotal moment when she stopped overthinking and finally chose to take imperfect action. Embracing mistakes is often the unexpected path to reaching your goals. 

Hosting a podcast enables you to connect with your audience on a different level. After testing various forms of digital content, podcasting became the strongest generator for Steph’s business, allowing her to build trust and create new relationships. 

While it may feel natural to agonize over every detail of your podcast before you even get started, it’s important to remember that your decisions don’t necessarily have to be final. Some podcasters even choose to include their community in decision-making.

Create your content with your dream listener in mind! There will always be naysayers – whether you get a handful of plays or end up going viral. Stay true to your voice, and don’t let the critic get more credit than the creator! 

The HubSpot Network is behind many podcast success stories. It can provide the accountability you need to show up consistently and level up your show. Imposter syndrome might still show up, but that’s when it’s important just to keep going. 

What if, instead of advertising other people’s products, your podcast could become a lead generator for your business? Instead of being just another item on your to-do list, it can become a game-changing tool to market your services to the right audience.


“As soon as I stopped overthinking everything and overcomplicating everything, and [started] taking action and just figuring it out later, figuring out all the details as I went, that was when things changed for me in my business.” — Steph Taylor [0:04:27]

“Since I’ve joined the [HubSpot] network, I have not missed a single episode because it’s become such a serious grown-up version of the show.” — Steph Taylor [0:14:43]

“You can’t do all of the things and do them all really well at the same time.” — Steph Taylor [0:18:17]

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