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How to Use Your Email Newsletter to Grow Your Podcast

An email newsletter is one of the best tools to use to grow and nurture your podcast audience surrounding all of the content that you create. It works well on all levels, from the first-time listener to the loyal fan of the show. Email is still the most direct route to reach the majority of people. If you have their email address, you can reach them anytime, offer valuable content, and turn them into die-hard fans of the show.

Keep in mind, taking on email marketing for the first time can be easier said than done. But with the right strategy and committing to consistency, you can make your email list work for you and stay top of mind for any and all listeners of your show.

Entice New Site Visitors to Become Listeners

A great way to direct new listeners to your show is to offer a useful resource such as a PDF checklist or a “how-to” document to help them solve a specific problem. In order for them to gain access to this free tool, a first-time visitor to your website would have to first sign up to your email list. From there, you can easily reach out to them, letting them know more about your podcast and when new episodes are released. For new listeners or email signups, make sure to send out a personalized note to introduce yourself and your podcast to them so that a relationship is initiated right away. Eventually, these new site visitors will listen to enough podcast episodes to turn them into loyal, raving fans.

Keep Casual Listeners Coming Back

The most crucial people to connect with via email are the casual listeners of your show. These listeners might have found you through iTunes and have most likely consumed a few episodes so far. At this point, they are still prone to drift off or get distracted by another new show. However, on the show, if you mention that checklist or helpful PDF document, it will give them another hook and a call to action to sign up for your email newsletter. Now you can keep them updated every week and make sure they don’t forget about you and the show. Keep them connected to everything that’s going on with the podcast and entice them to tune in with sneak peeks of guests that are coming up and exciting topics that will be discussed. Keep in mind, when collecting email addressed and personal information, you have to make sure that you are complying with GDPR.

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Foster Lasting, Loyal Relationships

The key to building a loyal listener base is to foster the relationship! Keep your listeners engaged by giving them new content to consume outside of the podcast, namely through your email newsletter. Deliver valuable content and make sure to pursue frequent communication. Overall, personalized responses take it even further! Use the email newsletter as a gateway to an exclusive community of the most valued subscribers. Share special offers with this specific group of listeners as a way to grow a close-knit community. Once these relationships get even stronger, you can even ask your newsletter subscribers to give the podcast a review on iTunes to boost your ratings. Foster and care for these relationships and you will not be disappointed in the long-term.

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Build Your Brand Awareness

With every email that gets sent out, your listeners and email subscribers get more exposure to your brand. With strategic planning and targeted content, your podcast brand will consistently build value in the eyes of the listener. Get your brand image in front of your audience as often as possible, by including your logo or a special tagline in your newsletter and on your podcast website. Seeing your brand concepts in every issue of your newsletter will build brand awareness and recognition. Constant reminders and updates will help you to stay top-of-mind with your audience. Then, when a listener needs a specific problem solved or a product that you offer, your podcast brand will stand out in their mind, giving you a much better chance of turning those leads into clients and clients into loyal fans.

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Expand Your Podcast Reach

Although podcasts already give you the unlimited potential of reaching new ears all over the world, there’s nothing quite like the power of recommendation from a listener. Email newsletters make it easy for listeners to share your message or special details and offers with their friends, by a simple click of a button. These listeners who share your podcast are acting as brand ambassadors, vouching for your show and the message that you have to share with the world. Every time a subscriber shares it with their friends, your brand gains more exposure and credibility. Using email newsletters as updates helps you grow your network and build your list by allowing you to capture an audience uniquely tailored to your podcast. Expand your reach even further by promoting your email newsletter via your social media platforms, on your website, on the podcast, and even in your email signature. Drive your email newsletter subscribers back to your podcast by promoting recent episodes in every issue that lands in their inbox.

Gain Podcast Sponsors

Growing your email list can also lead to a growing podcast audience. These large email lists and big listener bases create credibility for your podcast and expand your brand presence. Once you become known as a successful podcaster who can reach thousands of listeners, whether, through your podcast or your email newsletter, it’ll open up new opportunities for you to attract sponsors for the show. As you position yourself as an expert in your industry, you will have no trouble finding sponsors who are willing to pay to be featured on your show. As your sponsor network grows, you will be able to collaborate on bigger projects, opening up new doors and even more amazing opportunities. Not only will your podcast become profitable, but you will become a thought leader in your industry, which will give you unlimited potential moving into the future.

Generate Sales & Revenue

Of course, when it comes to growing your email list, the most beneficial thing of all is the potential to generate sales and revenue. As mentioned, you can use your email newsletter to gain sponsors or recommend products, programs, and other services as an affiliate. As your podcast grows, you may even move into creating your own products and services to sell, essentially with the goal of converting listeners into customers. Again, provide your audience with exclusive offers that they too can share with their friends and family. Once your list grows quite large, you can also sell ad space for yet another revenue stream. Be strategic in the way you approach your email newsletter and it will pay off in the long-run.

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